Author Confessions

For Preptober and to gear up for NaNoWriMo, here are secrets of the writing industry from published authors themselves. (VIDEO BELOW)

Hear what keeps us motivated, how we bang out our drafts, and how we develop our characters, plus more. Stay tuned for the Whisper Edition where we’ll really get into the dirt and divulge the darker secrets.

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Authors in this video:

1- Sarina Dahlan

Twitter: @sarinadahlan

2- William F. Aicher

Twitter: @WFAicher

3- Jeremy Fabiano

Facebook: Jeremy Fabiano, Author

Amazon: Jeremy Fabiano

4- Rudy Lopes

Twitter: @RudyLopes5

5- Jenny Ainslie-Turner

Twitter: @AinslieTurner

6- Veronica Christopher

Facebook: Veronica Christopher- Authoress

Instagram: veronicachristopherauthor

7- Sadie Alexa Knight

YouTube: Sadie Alexa Knight [Sadie the Knight]

Twitter: @SadieTheKnight

Soundtrack: Hero by Magnus Moone

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