The Mind of an INFJ: The Worlds Rarest Personality Type

In this video are 13 dominant traits of the INFJ, the world’s rarest personality type. Stick around and learn why. INFJs will relate to this video. If you’re not one but have an Advocate in your life, this guide will help you forge deeper connections with this rare gem. If you’re navigating the INFJ landscape, consider this your compass!

There are 16 personality types in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the INFJ 1-3% of the entire human population. It’s so rare and unique, many have jumped on our bandwagon. Test multiple times and go with your instinct while selecting your answer. If you test INFJ consistently, you are one. INFJs are considered The Advocate, The Counselor, The Sage. Deeply intuitive, highly empathetic, oddly quirky, and a brain on permanent rapid-fire mode, INFJs change the world. We are listening to 11 different radio stations in all different genres yet we hear every chord. Square pegs in round holes.

*This video is completely unscripted so I apologize for all the “like” and “ummms”. The narration is just me conversing with you, one human to another.

I: Where we focus energy (Introvert or Extrovert)

N: How we absorb data (iNtuition or Sensing)

F: How we make decisions (Thinking or Feeling)

J: How we deal with the world (Judging or Perceiving)

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The Mind of an INFJ by Sadie Alexa Knight [The Knight Writer]

Published by The Knight Site

Sadie Alexa Knight (the Knight Writer) ωαη∂єяℓυѕt ცɛყơŋɖ ɬɧɛ ℘ąɠɛ ™

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