ȶɦɛ ʟɨʋɨռɢ ƈօռȶʀǟɖɨƈȶɨօռ – Gemini INFJ 8w9 (the rarest combo) | Gemini sun, Leo moon, Virgo rising | MBTI Ennegram Zodiac


Being a Gemini isn’t easy- let’s face it, Geminis! Gemini’s are misunderstood. They’re called two-faced or flighty or manipulative. In short, they have a bad rap. INFJs, this might sound familiar to you all too. INFJs also a misunderstood type, often miscategorized. If you 8s are listening, and you 8w9s, this feeling of being misunderstoood, miscategorized is also familiar. In today’s title, you probably noticed the mention of Gemini star/sun signs who also have Leo as a Moon sign and Virgo as their ascending sign. We’re going to get to that in the second half of today’s video.

Being all of these things bundled into one body- wow, talk about exhausting! It’s difficult to explain so I’ll explain it this way. It is like listening to 11 different radio stations at once yet being tuned in to every single one. That may sound all magical or whatever but is it really? Really let that sink in. Imagine sitting there in a crowded room full of people who are all talking at the same time. To many, its a sea of murmurs. To a Gemini INFJ 8w9, being concious of every pluck of a string, every frequency change, every word sung by a singer, all that, isn’t all poppy fields covered in unicorn droppings composed of glitter. It’s frustrating. It can be burdensome to look across the room and catch a glint of lonliness in a strangers eye and to just notice and pick up on things at a much deeper level than most others.

Here is Gemini, sign of the twins and an air sign, in a nutshell. Geminis are dates running May 21- June 20, roughly. Each zodiac sign is split into deacons. Deacon 1 is range May 22-31, 2 is June 1 to 11, and Deacon 3 are dates June 12 to 20. I am a June 15th baby so 3. The sun/star sign represents your core self, the moon sign is your inner/truer self, and the rising sign is pretty much the mask one wears for the world. Each zodiac sign is known for key strengths and key weaknesses. Not one zodiac sign, just like MBTI or Enneagram type, is the exception to weaknesses. As for Geminis, we’re known for being witty, charming, intelligent, adaptable and outgoing. This in itself contradicts with an INFJs introversion. Gemini weaknesses are judgmental (and keep in mind here, there is a fine line between judgmental and being critical, so I’ll take judgmental over critical any day), flighty/indecisive especially in relationships, and can be super obnoxious. This again contradicts with the INFJ essence.

Now, let’s scooch onto Leos, a fire sign. They’re known for being bold and the center of attention, confident, loyal, supportive. Many correlate this with lions. They’re also known for their lesser-liked attributes like being cocky or petty when called for, melodramatic, stubborn and they come off as pretentious. For Geminis with moon sign of Leo, again, this is how you are at your core. The melodrama and feeling things deeply, the coming off as pretentious, it makes sense to those of you who share all this with being an INFJ. Here is the reason behind that pretentiousness. I once had a director of my company pull me in the office. She had to speak with me because some teammates complained I was intimidating. I admit I was. I admit in the most humble way I could that I made the wheels of that rig run at full speed. I was the bandaid that kept the department going. So she told me she knew my issue and she gave it to me straight. She said I was up here and she held her hand up to her neck. She then put her other hand down to waist level and said “and everybody else is hovering around here. You’re problem is you’re constantly waiting for others to catch up. As their catching up, they’re constantly wavering but you’re still steady up here.” She then proceeded to tell me I had to be more patient being up top. She didn’t mean on top with stature and all that, but rather intelligence level and leadership skills. She told me not everybody will ever reach that level and, as a leader, I had to make sure everyone was okay with that. I totally understand. Some of you will get it. Others of you are rolling your eyes but I’m a Gemin iINFJ 8 so IDGAF okay? So, Gemini outer selves air sign and Leo inner self fire sign, this isn’t a bad combo. This is actually a fantastic combo. Air feeds fire and fire cannot exist without the components of air. There is union here. Union with inner and outer self is A-ok in everyones book.

Ascending sign is, as discussed, is kind of like the mask we put on. For you Gemini sun, Leo moon, Virgo risers, listen up. Virgo, symbol of the virgin to indicate wisdom, innocence and goodwill, is known for being super analytical, with soft hearts and strong minds, with an affinity for literature, animals, and nature. Weaknesses that they’re known for include being shy which can be seen as weak, easily agitated and take things to heart. Bleeding hearts, some would say. All this nature, animal stuff makes total sense being Virgo is an Earth sign. Some of you may be thinking “well she just said the rising sign is the masks we wear then listed off all these cool things about a Virgo”. You are right yet having Virgo as your ascending sign doesn’t mean your goodness is a mask or fake. Far from it. It just means those Gemini suns and Leo moons don’t show as much as their rawwwwr to the public, that’s all that means. They show what matters and that is their kindness, that soft timidness, that ability to only make noise when it matters, that introversion and intuition.

Got all that? Okay, so, moving onto Enneagrams for a bit. Enneagram 8 are known as ‘the challengers’ and oh boy yes they are! INFJ 8’s are super rare. Enneagram 8s are, in fact, the rarest type, along with type 4 the individualist. This all depends on source. INFJs as we know are 2% and the rarest of MBTI personality types. So, MBTI and Enneagram are both personality tests, MBTI focusing on how one perceives and judges the world around them and themselves, Enneagrams focusing on the deeper levels of existence like how one handles traumas, the level of spirituality, ego and so on, 16 MBTI types, 9 Enneagrams. Like MBTI types, with their subtypes and clusters like the A, B, C and D personality clusters and A (assertive) or T (turbulent) categories.

If you are a Gemini sun, Leo moon, Virgo rising, INFJ-T, 8w9- listen up! This is special for us…or me? I don’t know. If you are one, PLEASE comment. I’d like to not feel so alone, like such an alien. And not one of those cool aliens like E.T. So enneagram 8s are the challenger and INFJ is the advocate. So what is an 8w9? Well a subcategory called ‘The Diplomat’. Advocate, Diplomat, I see a correlation! 8w9s are confident, like a Leo, and very protective and loyal to their people, like a Virgo and INFJ. 8W\9s are more gentle than other 8 types. 8 wing 9s want to control their own lives and futures, walk their own paths, fly the current without someone clipping their wings. They’re bleeding hearts and deep souls with a huge desire to protect themselves, knowing hurts hurt them deeper than all others. They can come across as dicks because of that barbed wire they’ve put up. They will never follow a crowd or take orders. They’d rather you make mention and let them rise to the occasion because they will. There will be no rising though if you don’t shut your face.

8w9s see all perspectives. They can walk a mile in most shoes. Since they do feel deeper and get irritated over the injustices of the world, much like INFJ, they have quick tempers and flaring tempers. They don’t follow the leader or jump on because you say so. Due to this straying from the norm and inability to bend to the unjust or immoral, others see them as assholes or narcissists. It’s not that they dislike authority but they dislike authority. We don’t dislike the title of authority. We loath how others could ever have the audacity to think they’re smarter or wiser or better when 8 wing 9 knows that’s most likely not the case. It isn’t an arrogance, it’s a wider scope on everything. Others need to deal with that or move on and get our of the Gemini INFJ 8 wing 9 way. So, not only is Gemini INFJ 8 wing 9 confident not cocky, intelligent, and the center of attention in a crowded room due to their aura, they’re the rarest. Living, walking, talking contradictions, yet it all fits together perfectly in one imperfect bundle.

Fellow Gemini INFJ 8w9s, I got you, fam. Thanks for listening, everyone. This was super fun! Peace, love, sparkle bright, your lady Sadie checking out!

You are now officially viewing Channel 11: INFJ KINGDOM. ꜱᴜʙꜱᴄʀɪʙᴇ ᴛᴏᴅᴀʏ and enter ȶɦɛ ӄɨռɢɖօʍ 🤝💞

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