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Hi I’m Sadie. I suck at video production, YouTube compresses my audio twice and its annoying AF so i look like I suck balls there too , oh and idgaf about popularity so what i say may offend you. K you’ve been warned. Enough jibber jabber, let’s do this bitch.

Today’s topic- the INFJ and the job market. But you already knew that. See how the whole eyeball thing works. Me, personally, an INFJ- I tell the mainstream job market to eat a floppy dick. Why the F am i going to burn resources whilst assisting in the murder of Mother Nature, fighting traffic with a bunch of buttheads idgaf about? Why would I punch in at a designated time that’s too early for me, let’s be real, and spend my valuable day working for 2 hours and talking to coworkers I wouldn’t choose to talk to on a good day for 6 hours? How about I don’t and when I did I sucked at it.

Oh here’s a confession to every manager ever- my health is totally fine. I called out once every month for my designated mental health day. I earned that shit so i took it. My immune system is fine. All those times I was late, that’s on you for telling another adult when to be somewhere 5 days a week. If I show up at 8:07 then stay 7 minutes later, it’s a wash ok? Y’all HR peeps need to settle down with write ups and all that g@y shit. I get it- rules n shit but I’m a grown ass woman. As long as one gets their work done, it still makes them a good employee. 

Work places also make some of us fake. I don’t know about you but I’ll acknowledge your presence if I can’t stand your ass but, no matter where we are, I won’t go above that. I acknowledge you out of respect for you. I don’t give you my 2 winks thereafter out of respect for me. Manager, Pope, if you’re a dick I’m that chick who won’t pull you aside but who will still say “wow you suck at life for that one”. Speaking of fake, interviews. Seriously blow them out your ass. You don’t want skill. You want someone just like yourself that you can shoot the breeze with while you’re jacking off. I won’t do your Indeed assessment quizzes or write a cover letter. That means shit to most of them anyway. They all ask the same yawn questions- why do you want to work for We Suck R Us? Most say “I’m a people person. I love to help. Blah blah blah”. Some of us are straight up like “oh I’m broke and you’re hiring, plus you’re wicked close”. OMG and those gang bang interviews. I once went to an interview with 3 people. THREE! like WTF? I felt like saying “well damn I should’ve brought some buddies too”. Gang bang interviews aren’t cool. It doesn’t show your team spirit. It’s a crock of crud and y’all need to quit it. At least give people a heads up. 

K, when they whip their questionnaire list, I inwardly chuckle. It’s so impersonal and screams “i suck with people, I pretend I give a rats butthole”. Here’s my INFJ truth bomb- idgaf either. Let’s get this over with. 

Omg and training. You know those jobs that just toss you right in? They dictate the steps behind your shoulder all annoyed waiting for you to click in the right place. Inside you’re all like “bitch I don’t know this software, dafuq!?” How about those group training classes? Ugh 9 other dickheads I gotta wait for to play catch-up. INFJs are wicked sharp, y’all. We excel at our jobs. They want to promote us but they’re afraid of the competition. 

This is a humble brag so here goes. Long ago, I worked in a medical call center. The director pulled me aside and complimented me on my 2 promotions within 4 months and how I was top of the game. She also said I’m up here and held her hand up to her head. She said they were here, her hand held to her waist. “You’re constantly steady up here, waiting for everyone to catch up but they’re wavering,” and she made wave motions with the hand at her waist. She told me my job was to be more patient as i watched everyone wavering around. She was justified in that statement but i disagree fully. I should not have to slow down for you. Catch up or get out of the game. You have an oar; get rowing. When you catch up, I’ll be the first in line cheering you on, best believe that. But no, I won’t slow down for you and you shouldn’t slow down for them either. We all shine differently. It’s ok when you get there first. And we shouldn’t have to hold your hand the entire way.

Since we’re on the topic- training others. Ever train someone dumb as rocks? Yea, me too! 

Jobs can just be weird for some of us. How it’s all set up makes no sense. Ok so remember lockdowns? They rocked! The mtns I’m from were like bare. Was bomb! But animals came out again and reclaimed THEIR shit and environmental experts saw an improvement in air pollution. I remember clearly and even said this won’t last, that humans are too selfish. And look where we are. Let’s all drive to jobs, carry on like before and jab our knives into mother nature’s back right after we gave her a luxurious massage (Insert horror stabbing noise). 

It all boils down to 2 things- other humans and rules rules rules. This is why many of our personality type seek remote work or enjoy fields most others don’t. Me, for instance, I am an audiobook producer and I write. I sit in a studio by myself and read cool books all day! Ummm repeat after me- fuck to the yes. This profession is my ultimate woohoo job. I actually wake up and get right to it. Even after 10, 12 hours I’m all like “aww dang”. No joke, exaggeration, fabrication- this is my shit. I love it more than I imagined I would. 

It’s also reignited some of my faith in humanity since I’ve become witness to genuine talent and passion again. I see crowds of people now and only think 80% of them suck. The stats were running at like 99-100% before. Huge improvement, yay Sadie! In short, we all gotta work to get by. Society robbed us of the ability to feed, shelter and nurture ourselves, so I get the 9-5 grind. We all have to do it. We can do it in healthier ways though. It takes time to get there and plan how to do so. They also tell us to do what we love but I kinda sorta agree and disagree. At times, doing our passion as a job can eventually make that dream feel like a chore. So, if you know it won’t ruin the glory for you, do your passion for your work. Keep in mind, if you aren’t working for yourself, certain politics may interfere with the fire that burns and that fire could start to dwindle. By keeping our passions as side work in a way, more like a hobby, sometimes it works better for us and we won’t resent it. That’s just my humble opinion though. If it provides residual income, all the better! Also, don’t lose patience with it! Nothing great ever comes overnight. Sometimes, we don’t even see progress until we look at the before and after much later on in the game. But, here’s my question- if you don’t start now, then when? Sorry to be negative but sometimes later never comes.

Feel me? Okay, y’all, sending much love. Sparkle bright. Until next time. Sadie Alexa Knight checking out. Please note: this blog is a transcript of the video on Youtube below.

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