The Year of the Fu©k You | The INFJ in 2022: Collective Band-aids

Good day, band-aids. That’s right. Shit’s too out of whack to rewind time or fix it now. That’s where band-aids come in. We’re used to band-aids as a society, right? Something’s messed up, slap a temporary fix on it. Rarely do humans collectively get to the root of the problems and attack that problem head-on. Climate change, for instance. The oil giants way back in the day when we struck it even knew it’d have harmful effects. Yet very few listened and look where we are. Same goes for the division and friction in society in general. Can’t fix it because if we look at the men in the mirror and change ourselves, we know not everyone will do that, so we’ll be the only ones walking around being Mr. Nice Guy. That right there leaves us prone to being a doormat and taken advantage of. So, we have to be smart about our temporary fixes.

FYI- I ramble a lot. These aren’t scripted. I scribble down notes and spew my thoughts on the topic at the current time. It is after the audio is recorded I transcribe it. So, #1 if you follow my blog, you can tell by now they are the transcripts of videos, and #2 sometimes I ramble oddly and bizarrely so not everybody can follow my flow. I’m pretty weird in general so some of what I say will totally go over heads or leave you utterly confused. Same goes for my real life. I’ll start a conversation about microplastic in our soil and waters then end off with a grisly example of human experimentation of Unit 757 in Japan. How I started at plastic and ended up in intentional torture for sick fun, nobody will ever know. So, yea, that’s that. Let’s continue.

2022 is gonna be a rough one, not gonna lie! Of course, it’s our personal experiences that determine our rough patches. Anyone can say 2020 was the worst year ever but that may not be the case for everyone. However, 2022 is going to be a rough one for most, not all. Really rough. As INFJs, we see much more than the average eye and hear much more than the average ear. The reason is because we use much more than our rods and cones or ear drums, we dive deep and tap into the soul chords and heart strings. Things bug us. People bug us. So much is hard to tolerate. But we’re not the ones running around stomping and crushing along our journeys. We’re the ones being the band-aids. Sure, we can change our inner circles or ourselves but it’s honestly hard to change the collective. Things are so far gone and people are so divided right now, I guess it’s our job in 2022, and now, and beyond, to be a band-aid. One of those cool comfy waterproof ones.

When we think of people who have hurt us or cut us and who truly deserve our wrath, let’s make an agreement to withhold our animosity and think deeper. This person who sucks sucks for a reason. He or she was nurtured in a manner that caused them to suck. But do they suck entirely is the question, and to whom? If they suck only to you, well, that doesn’t count. Humans are complicated, unlike animals that are straightforward and following their biological clocks and instincts. So very animalistic. So, when people try to insult other people by saying “what an animal!”, uh, if you really think about it, that’s a compliment to us and a total insult to animals. Let’s be kinder to animals. Let’s just recognize they’re better than humans in countless ways. Without going too deep on that one, I mean they’re more elevated and are only doing what Nature intended. It’s people misinterpreting Nature’s intentions. Ugh, sorry! See? Another ramble. Let me just try to reposition my brain for a second.

Oh, right, we were talking about the things we can do in 2022 to band-aid the world. So, yes, be kinder because when they say you don’t know somebody else’s story, it’s so on the nail. We don’t, and we can assume all we want but the puzzle we may construct will be missing pieces. Also, children. Too often I see adults at playgrounds not even focus on their own children let alone others. Kids don’t even play with other kids really, so why would an adult? That thinking is a huge problem. It’s bad enough we are stealing Nature from our kids- you know, beautiful million dollar views, expansive forests big enough to share with wildlife, a litter-free Earth, clean water, animals who have been here longer than us but we continue to demolish, stuff like that. Kids want to be noticed. So let’s agree to not steal their sparkle and notice them. See a kid? Smile, give a nod. Better yet, smile and give an enthusiastic wave or a “hello!” They effing love it! My niece for instance was at a lake, standing literally 2 feet in front of two adults in a conversation. Those adults did notice her presence, yet neither looked down and smiled or acknowledged her. It broke my heart so I rushed over and said “hi baby, Auntie sees you” loud enough for them to hear then I turned to them and said “Jesus Christ, there’s a 3 year old right here, at least fucking acknowledge her” then I turned my back on them. Best believe they did feel like dicks….and publicly. I’m glad I made them feel like assholes. They deserved it. Nobody is king of the world so let’s all stop acting like it. Acknowledge kids. They’re better than adults so let’s just own it already.

Ownership. That’s another one. As INFJs, we’re really good at owning our shit and redemption when it counts. We already take ownership for our actions, so I guess in 2022 and beyond, we can gently call people out because by not doing so, it encourages their shitty actions. Sometimes shame does push people to improve. For example, say someone had wicked bad BO. Bad enough to evacuate a room. It does no good by ignoring it. Tell them. Call them out, privately. “Buddy, you stank, whew!” Now they know it’s intolerable and can do better hygienically. Good job, INFJ, for saving the day! It’s not fair for a group to suffer for one person, I don’t care how old they are. If people are in a group, not one can make the decision but all. That’s why I don’t roll in groups. It’s less free that way. Sure, we’ll eat at that dumb restaurant because the group wants to. Sure, we’ll do that dumb community thing at work where everyone pitches in $5 a week for snacks and creamer, yet nobody likes creamer so they decide on half and half which really irks my goat. F that- creamer or bust. But anyway, you catch my drift. If you’re in a group, be a leader. There’s enough followers in this world. It’s so, so sad to see. We need more authenticity! More good deeds, less lenses. Putting a spotlight on yourself for your own good deeds says so much about you, I can’t even go there. It could offend people. But repeat after me: phony narc-face. Yea, that’s right I said it- narc face! What ya gonna do about it?

In short, all in all, what we can do to be band-aids is notice and encourage kids, look out for animals and nature, be authentic even if and especially because nobody else is, and call out dickheads even if you’re the only one doing it. If we can’t promise ourselves, we can at least promise each other. It’s harder to break promises to those we care about. And I care about you. Do good, be good. Do better, be better. Be who you needed as a kid. Be the change you want to see. It’s hard to be the only one stepping up but in the end you win because of it. Not that life is a game but, really, it is. Play wisely. Sparkle bright. Your lady Sadie peacing out.

Please note: this is a transcript- not verbatim- of the Youtube video published on October 28, 2021 (as seen below)

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