Gιʋιɳɠ Tԋαɳƙʂ Eʋҽɾყ Dαყ | Happy Thanksgiving 2021

Welcome to the Sadie the Knight Writer blog, part of the Sadie the Knight Writer Podcast and Channel 11 INFJ Kingdom on Youtube. Today we’ll be discussing some of why society sucks and how we, as INFJs, can put our best foot forward to make it suck a little less.

Happy Thanksgiving, gang! It’s your lady Sadie burning some Meat Breath, an indica-dominant hybrid. In case you forgot, here’s the handy dandy chart I go by (see Forest Whitaker chart). I also have a chill set going on in the background courtesy of my favorite artist Suduaya. Check him out- S-u-d-u-a-y-a. Tell him Sadie sent ya. I left my fave jam in the cards in your upper right so go ahead and get clicking if you feel like doing so.

Let’s begin. Giving thanks, what a concept! Nowadays, let’s face it- society as a whole sucks. People are nasty to each other, nasty to themselves. We’re no longer connected to nature let alone one another. Humans aren’t really big-picture thinkers nor do they want to be. Ignorance is bliss. INFJ’s are different. We don’t go “bah!” or do what others do for the sake of doing something. Our time is more valuable. So, for Thanksgiving, let’s tuck aside the bizarre tradition that you have to eat turkey dinner with all the sides. Facts are, it’s more about eating than spending time with family as they all say. Black Friday, now that was only created to boost sales during a time when sales weren’t so good. Yet we all bought it, didn’t we? But think deeper- do people really want to spend time with insufferable family members only good enough for us to see while we’re stuffing our faces? With that lens, I suppose Black Friday isn’t so bad. Employees get overtime so I’m sure they don’t mind as much as they fuss about.

Today, for Thanksgiving, let’s celebrate it true to its name. Today, tomorrow, next week, next year. I compiled a list of simple things to do that the average person doesn’t really think about. I’m not saying I’m a Goddess but I personally think about these things quite often. They’re simple yet huge, and trust they make a difference. Giving thanks is more than saying ‘thank you’, it’s the things in-between too- the asking “are you warm enough?”, “did you eat enough?”, “tell me all about your day”, things like that while giving the other person their uninterrupted say.

Too often in society people feel suffocated by their own voice. That is partly why the #MeToo movement, BLM, transgender movement, and many other movements are so out of control now. Social media has given otherwise unknown people their 15 seconds. People take advantage of that and cause a fuss, perhaps not entirely because they want to but because it’s the only way to be seen now. There’s almost 8 billion people worldwide so it makes it hard to be seen unless you fit a particular mold. We all know that mold and best believe that’s a conversation for another day in a future episode. Speaking of movements, I also have a video in the near future with another rant session. See this (https://youtu.be/zbgk4Q90Zwo ). In the future rant sesh, we’ll discuss topics such as: the inauthenticity of posting your own good deeds, my rage and distaste over the amount of litter selfish people leave around, how every famous female changes her outward appearance- particularly hair color- to fit a mold and why society worships that mold, fake virtue signaling and how every disagreement with another human consists of these words- “I’m calling the cops”, how there is no longer a vetting process for celebrity so it diminishes the craft, and weird holiday traditions including how haunted house tours are extremely disrespectful. In another video, I’m from New Hampshire USA so I’ll be showcasing unknown gems of my state. Consider that video a sort of bragging right.

Before we hit the list of to-do’s to make ourselves and Earth happy, we’re all human. Every single human alive has done shitty things. Nobody is free of evil. It’s easy to say “go do this, yay!” or whatever but it’s so hard to do. The reasons why aren’t hard to fathom- that if we step up, we’ll be the only ones so that’s a waste of time. We have ego so we refuse to budge even if someone else is right. We hide our true selves so we can fit in because fitting in hurts less than being an outcast. There’s so many reasons people won’t do the right thing. There’s so many excuses we give ourselves to condone why we do the things we do. If we say we lied about something, we’ll always be accused of lying even while spewing truths. If we admit we like something society says we shouldn’t, we’ll be shamed for it instead of the other party or parties understanding the big picture. And so on. You get my point. In essence, humans are far from pure and far from real especially when we know others are around, especially a lens around. There’s a lot of personas going around and very little authentic personality. K, that’s my spiel. If it sounds icy, that’s on you not on me.

Moving on, here’s the list of simple things to do to give thanks:

  • Earth. Nature. These are our friends. They feed us, heal us with medicines, allow us to breathe and survive and thrive. Yet we repay Her by trashing and totally disregarding her. Sure, it’s nice to be one of those people posting pictures of nature as if you truly respect it. Guess what? I go in nature literally every single day. I hike unknown trails. I see things others in my state go “wow I’ve never heard of that place”. I just don’t post it. On Twitter, I’ll post photos and quotes or memories or thoughts, but I never post everything. One day, I was at a rest stop in the White Mountains of NH in a town called Conway. There was a spectacular view and dozens of people. I sat on a rock with my niece in my arms and told her to appreciate the sky, the trees, breathe it in. I looked around and didn’t see that same appreciation. Every other person had a phone in their hand, taking their photos, their fingers ready to press ‘Post’ on social media with a caption like “so beautiful!” when they didn’t really take in the beauty. We have more than just one sense- vision. Breathe life in. Soak it all in. The sounds. And allow yourselves to think of the sounds nature sings that we can’t hear, that we’ll never come close to hearing with our natural senses because we’ve spent our lives clogging them up. Life is toxic but once you get away from humans who cause such a ruckus, there is Nature. She is always there for us- always. We tend to forget all about her. So respect her. Look up, look down. Don’t smoosh ants. Breathe in the pine. Do all you can to respect her. You know I’ll say to pick up litter where you go. Where it’s crowded, it’s so hard to do. I myself have issue picking up litter when I’ve witnessed 50 other people walk right by it, having seen it as well. Why would I want to cater to those assholes? Here’s the thing. This is where your mindset kicks in. You’re doing it for NATURE, not those pesky humans. If anything, know they all see you’re the only one picking it up. Maybe 1 in a thousand will approach you to say thanks for being a stand-up human but know they ALL saw and respected it. Some of them even wished they were spotted doing the same. Difference is, INFJ, you did it for Earth not for attention. They’ll pick it up and post it all over Facebook with a caption “take care of our planet!” even though that’s the only time they did and only for a photo-op. INFJ, you’re different. Be the change. To add to this give Nature her lovins lecture, don’t make Nature viral. If you know unknown spots where the wildlife roam, don’t tell others. Post your pics but don’t post specific locations. We’ve robbed animals and Nature enough. When Nature goes viral, other humans go there and, as we all know, very few humans are the ‘carry in, carry out’ type.
  • Kids. Particularly the ones prior to the age of 13 or so. Specifically the young ones, like under 6 let’s say. Smile at them. Acknowledge the cuties! Sure they whine loud when they don’t have to, they cause their own drama after they hurt themselves not realizing pain goes away, they’re icky with nasty fluids man shouldn’t know. They’re straight up a royal pain in the ass. But we love them! Even if you don’t love them, they are the future. Do you want a shitty one for them? So they can look back on us and wonder why we didn’t have their best interest at heart? If we can’t leave a better world for other kids, and I understand it is difficult to care about a stranger- I have the same issue a lot of times, at least leave one for your own kid. Kid could be blood child, adopted one, even a niece or nephew or little cousin. Personally, when I take my niece who is 4 years and 2 months, she stops to smell the flowers and plants, to touch the ferns and see the difference in texture with other plants, she dips her toes in the stream on a brisk Fall day. Kids do what we do regardless of what we tell them. When my babygirl is older, I still want to study the mud for moose tracks, the soil for mounds of bear poop, show her the old-growth forests of our state, I want her to experience all the beauty I got to as a kid and even now. Don’t you want the same? When our kids are older, we’ll still be kicking around. We’ll be youngens in ancient shells and all we’ll get to see are photos on our kids smartphones of squirrels and bugs because that’s all they’re gonna have. There will be no more deer or moose, no more bobcat or coyotes, no more bald eagles to give us goosebumps. No more trees that look like they touch the clouds. No more fish, whales, sharks to make us squeal with absolute delight. They’re gonna miss out on so much if we don’t step up. This again has to do with Nature but it has to do with future generations. If we leave them stuck with pavement and archaic street poles, heaps of garbage, crowded places without avenues to get away to be alone in peace and quiet, noise noise noise, then we’re selfish assholes. I don’t want to be lumped in with selfish assholes. I do my part. My babygirl does hers. @SadieTheKnight on Twitter for receipts because I always have plenty of receipts. If we don’t start acknowledging kids, whether ours or yours, and letting them shine, the future is doomed. Don’t be a pussy either. Who cares what you look like doing it? Jump around, dance, boogie, and participate. I’m sick of seeing moms- yes moms because I don’t really see dads doing it- scroll through their phone instead of play with their kids or at least watch their kids. I get stuck with your kids at the lake or whatever and they ride on my tube when I wanted to FYI, lazy moms! Be a mom. Nobody is that popular to need their phone all the time- NOBODY- so don’t play like your the King of Saudi Arabia with all your connects. Kids are who we are inside and what humans are intended to be- little cuties who fart at will not giving a fuck if you think it’s stinky. That side of kids is great. To add to this, common core education sucks. It is a factor in today’s dumbing down of society. We’re told to do this by this time or else, not to broaden our own creativities or be free. I recommend nature-driven learning or montessori.
  • Animals. Give thanks to animals. Dudes, they’re super awesome to us. Even if some fight us when we set foot rudely into their territories, they’re still respectful. They don’t go ranting and raving around the forest, tossing down trees, fucking up boulders, going “rawwwwwr!” like humans do. They’re not “protesting” in the fields like “furry lives matter!” looting caves and setting fires to pastures. That’s a human thing. We toss down pavement and clog Earth’s precious pores with dumb asphalt. We cut down trees without regard to Mother Nature and how root systems and forests actually operate. We use those cut down trees to build things we could’ve built with other materials like houses and grand churches and whatever else we silly humans construct. We steal the land of the animals that called those places home for who knows how long and give them shit when they set foot back on it. We shoot chipmunks with BB guns because we’re the boneheads who thought “oh this is a good spot for my home, fuck your home”. We chisel, cut, destroy, burn through things to put other things there instead of building around Nature using the materials Nature afforded us. Nature spent millions of years getting to this place yet humans refuse to see Her value and worth. It’s a spit in the face, a biting of the hand that feeds, a stubborn trying to defeat the ultimate God when Earth will always win. We need her- she does not need us. Instead, she’d be better off without us. She’d thrive. Animals would thrive. Trees would be plusher, brighter. New species would evolve. Old ones would evolve. Life would be what we call ‘magic’. The ant has a purpose. The bee. A mosquito. What’s our purpose as humans? Tell me how we are truly, truly needed. I swear humans were sent here as just a test to see how we’d handle paradise and in the record books at Home, next to all our names will be a big bold F in red Sharpie. Furthermore, when it comes to majestic creatures we label ‘animals’, you’re eating a turkey right now, possibly a hen, chicken, whatever. At least show thanks for that life by eating all of it- waste not, want not, and assuring it was killed as humanely as possible and had lived a life worth being born into in the first place.
  • Water usage. Only an imbecile believes resources are finite. Keep tearing shit down or using precious drops when we don’t need to and see where it gets you. Like I said, Earth will recover somehow some way, like she did during Covid 19 lockdowns but y’all forgot that didn’t you?, but we’d all be fucked without Her. Harvesting rainwater is not a crime in most places. Anybody who’s like “ugh! We have to ration water because we used it all!” like a pretentious jackass is not an out-of-the-box thinker sheesh! It’s not hard to grab a bin and catch the free water that falls from the sky. You know, rain- the most natural water, like, ever? You know, that stuff that’s been nourishing every sentient being since the dawn of sentience. If you’re so full of yourself you think drinking or bathing in it is weird, at least use it to water your gardens. You have gardens, right? No. So, okay, if you’re one of those people bitching and moaning about starving or living off breadcrumbs but smoke a pack of butts everyday, you’re a big girl, you had every opportunity to use your money on seeds to feed yourself. Don’t know how to garden? Youtube videos, the internet. Seriously, there is no excuse. I learned how to compost, harvest rainwater, and change car brakes and my EGR valve by myself in 5-inch heels thank you very much! all by looking into it. I know OMG shocker! You mean research can get you answers? Somebody call the fucking press! Don’t be taking like 3 showers a day. Any doctor will tell you you shouldn’t be dehydrating yourself that often anyway. It may sound weird that washing your hair with water every single day can dehydrate it but guess what? There’s more to life than meets the eye, and once we all grasp that simple concept we’ll all be better off individually and as a whole. Water also isn’t just ours. Why the fuck do I see beer cans and bullshit trash in the waters in NH at all? I say this because we’re one of the least populated and one of the most forested states, so it shouldn’t even be in Nature. I am sick of getting my socks soggy just to dig out the trash from the waters I didn’t even leave behind, but I do it- again, for Nature not humans. Never for humans, sorry. I gave humans countless opportunities in my lifetime to return the good deeds I bestow upon them and very few have. I see bullshit everywhere I look, betrayal, hurt feelings, lashing out. It’s a huge turn off, so yea I officially don’t like humans. Does that make me a misanthrope?
  • Be a steward. I am a proud steward of the environment, for Mother Earth, for Nature. I honestly do my part. I use very little, a true believer in reduce and reuse first then properly recycle later. PROPERLY recycle- most people do it wrong. If it goes into the recycle bin all mangled and dripping with God knows what, it won’t get recycled. I only use electricity when I need to, like if I’m reading in the dark. I won’t buy items that use excessive plastic and try my best to avoid it to begin with.
  • You all are probably wondering when I’ll throw people-pleasing in here. This will be my final point in today’s particular episode. Be awesome. Be weird. Be all the things you feel like being just don’t shove it down my throat. There’s certain things we’ll all do and won’t do and everybody does have a price. I will be respectful to you but not after you destroy that respect or trust. I will give you the shirt off my back but I will take it back if you felt entitled to it and didn’t at least smile a small ‘thank you’. Reward those who deserve it and not those who don’t. Don’t kiss ass just because you wish you had their life that they portray or because everyone else is doing it. Don’t kiss ass at all. Stop worshipping “celebrities” and keep in mind that crackhead asshole Joe Schmoe from down the block could be one of these arrogant fucks on social media playing like he has a life when his life truly only consists of his four walls and his laptop. Look up to those who deserve it. Think bigger. Have boundaries and voice those boundaries. But be a soft place to land for those you love. That’s all I can say about it. I can’t say as a whole mankind has earned this kind of empathy but as INFJs it’s in our nature to still hand it out, even if very few refuse to keep their hand to themselves and work on their own foundations.

Keep grooving and sparkle bright, ladies and gents. Again, Happy Thanksgiving 2021. Thanks for tuning into the Sadie the Knight Writer blog and podcast and Channel 11 INFJ Kingdom on Youtube. If you’re a writer or know of one, contact me at Knight Narrations for audiobook narration at theknight.site. You can even google ‘Sadie Alexa Knight’ and other audiobooks I’ve done will pop up. There’s a bunch. Your lady Sadie checking out of this bitch.

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