Welcome to your 2022 forecast, Geminis. If you remember last years forecast, it was on point for many of you. I know it was for me.

To see the 2021 Gemini January-June Forecast, here https://youtu.be/Q0hiuycznuY

For July-December, here https://youtu.be/Yc41xRDQ0Z0


We’re going to whiz through this. In today’s Sadie sesh, we’ll run through terms and definitions (including houses, elements, planets and much more), your monthly previews, then finally charts to help you along your 2022 journey.

Here is today’s itinerary with timestamps in description:

00:33 About Gemini

04:33 Terms and Definitions

08:36 2022 Monthly Forecast

08:44 January

11:04 February

13:03 March

14:56 April

17:15 May

19:27 June

21:26 July

23:32 August

25:48 September

28:40 October

30:47 November (please excuse the type at 31:15. Under Nov 23, it’s “let it motivate you” not “is”)

32:35 December

34:44 Charts (elements, planets, chakras, etc!) (download at https://theknight.site/2022/01/05/%e2%99%8a-2022-gemini-forecast-%f0%9f%94%ae/ )

35:00 2022 Slideshow- Yearly Snapshot (view at https://theknight.site/2022/01/05/%e2%99%8a-2022-gemini-forecast-%f0%9f%94%ae/)

About Gemini

Gemini is the sign of the twins as the zodiac sign indicates. These twins are Castor and Pollux, the former a mortal, the latter immortal. They shared a mother named Leda but had different fathers. Castor’s father was King Tyndarus, a mortal, while Pollux’s was Zeus, immortal. Geminis are yin and yang, light and dark, positive and negative, female and male, all in one. There are 11 different radio stations going on, all different genres, and a Gemini’s swift comprehension enables them to capture every word, every melody, every chord others may not hear. Being ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet of communication, they have to process just as quickly as they think, to speak as quickly as they absorb.

Gemini is in the third house, houses being the key parts of our lives and the things we place most value. Three is the number of communication. Looking at the Roman numeral III, if you look closely, it is you and me with an inclusion of them. It is black, white, the spectrum in between. It is three feet instead of two to lead the way. Geminis are born leaders, never suitable followers.

Gemini is an air sign. Not just an air sign but a mutable one, meaning they can go with the flow instead of remaining stubborn or stagnant. They love nature. To many, if not most, they love all animals big and small, they are intrigued by the sky, by trees and how the roots communicate. They love books that make them feel and see with a wider scope. They appreciate the company of the fun-loving in their younger years, the exploratory in their older ones. Always, they are kids at heart.

Always, they are curious and willing to learn. They have a thirst to learn the deeper aspects of the things that interest them. To Gemini, it is ‘why are the colors of the rainbows always in that order and manifested to the human eye as such?’ To Gemini, kids playing together isn’t about the game they’re playing, it’s about how they’re going about it, how they are to one another, and a slice of hope for the future.

Since Gemini is the color spectrum, they excel at positions in which logic and fairness is necessary. Although they’d make great lawyers, judges, politicians, they don’t. They can’t bullshit you. Even if they wanted to bullshit, their facial expressions wouldn’t allow it. They’re eye-rollers, scoffers, and they’ll LOL at you if they catch you filming yourself twerking at the lake. To Gemini, things like this are just. It is not allowing the asshole or arrogance to overtake deeper meanings. To many Geminis, it also has to do with that they believe in shaming. Life teaches people lessons and if being the nice guy didn’t work while being a dickhead did, when necessary and if you really want to get ‘er done, you get ‘er done. Gemini knows when to be Angel and when to be Satan’s advocate.

Because of all of this, it’s best they stick with projects they hold dear, that way they won’t fizzle out because Gemini’s do get bored. They are flighty as they are accused of but people take that aspect too personally. Gemini already told you in several ways that you suck. If you didn’t check that suckage, Gemini has no problem turning their back on you.

In terms of 2022, Geminis, this year is all about development and growth, new perspectives and speaking your truth. A lot of good will come as long as you’re wise enough to see through all the bad.

Terms and Definitions

You’ll hear many terms in this episode that you’re familiar with but a little brushing up wouldn’t hurt.

Sun sign– Also known as the star sign or zodiac sign. This is our outward personality, our wants, the faces we show the world. It is the us people know.

New Moon– the New Moon is like energetic and emotional manifestation, so what we sow now we reap later. Our Moon sign is the true us, our needs, the us we keep protected and show to the ones we trust. You will know this as the inner us. The New Moon aligns with the Sun as it enters a zodiac sign.

Full Moon– As you’ll see, the moon is a very emotional symbol. The Full Moon represents our emotional compass.

Ascending Sign- Also known as the Rising Sign. This is the first impression of us we display to the world, another known aspect of us. It is kind of like the Sun Sign but less dominant. Our ascending sign is the sign that rose in the eastern skies at birth, the eastern horizon signifying the mind and the power of the sun among other things.

Houses are the key parts of life and the house we were born into indicates which pieces we care about the most

Retrograde– Often times, the word ‘retrograde’ will pop up. It is when a planet appears to reverse direction. Appears meaning it is an optical illusion, but it does still hold significance when it comes to astrology. Since this is an illusion, this means communication and travel plans can only go awry if you allow it to. For non-Geminians, Mercury is the planet of communication and represented by Gemini. It is also the fastest planet in our solar system. Geminis are fast communicators so this makes perfect sense.

Solstice- Solstices happen only twice a year- the Winter Solstice on December 21st which is the shortest day and longest night of the year and the Summer Solstice on June 21 which is the opposite- the shortest night and longest day of the year. This is specifically for the Northern Hemisphere. For the Southern Hemisphere, Winter Solstice is in June and Summer in December.

Equinox- This is when day and night are of equal length. Again, this occurs twice a year, and when the sun crosses the celestial equator. The Spring Equinox which will take place this year on March 20 is all about rebirth and growth. September 23 is Autumn/Fall Equinox represents balance and marks beginnings and ends.

Partial Solar Eclipse- An Eclipse is when one celestial body blocks/obscures the light of another. Partial meaning partially, Solar indicating the light, or the sun. So a partial solar eclipse is when the Moon partially blocks the Sun.

Total Lunar Eclipse- A total obstruction of the Moon, as indicated by ‘lunar’, means one celestial body has blocked all light from the Moon. This is when the Earth’s shadow fully, or totally, blocks the light of the Moon. To keep the symbolism going, the Sun is an indicator of light. It decorates the sky during the day and it helps with growth and clarity. It is a wanting. The moon guides in the dark and symbolizes emotions, self-reflection, contemplation, grit. The moon is our needs.



Worst Month!

This month, Gems, you’re dreaming but it’s hard to put those dreams into actual words let alone implement a plan. After the whimsy of the holidays, the beauty of snowflakes in the forest, Geminis are deeply touched this season. But they feel stuck. How to express these contemplations without looking like a lunatic? I guess, in a way, it is lunacy. Considering the moon is an emotional sign that does lead in the darkness, the toxicity of the day is released in the night. This may appear as LUNAcy, but it isn’t. Instead, it’s much deeper. Depth is hard to grasp nowadays to outsiders.

Communication is very one-sided starting mid-month. Geminis feel that they are also being led astray this month. They’re misinterpreting signs and could be looking too deeply into the actions of others. Not everybody is out to get you but Gemini knows not everybody can be trusted either, so this is making the next step a little fuzzy. Those who are falling in love are questioning the reality of it. Couples are finding it difficult to communicate properly, again an inability to translate the words to the feelings. Arguments could ensure with family or friends this month. Finances are pretty tight to so that is a contributing factor with a lot of those disagreements.

With Mercury going retrograde mid month into early next month, watch your shit, Gems. Dont’ run your mouth too much or take your frustrations out on the wrong people. As always, keep track of things. For example, if your car isn’t running so hot, I don’t recommend taking those long drives up to the mountains. If your worried about paying a bill or two, spend wiser or don’t spend at all.

Key Dates with Translation

Jan 2- New Moon enters Capricorn & Mercury enters Aquarius

Unable to find the right words, be careful of saying the wrong ones!

Jan 17- Full Moon enters Cancer

Write your emotions down in a diary before sharing them with others just yet.

Jan 26- Mercury leaves Aquarius

With your sharp tongue growing softer, remind your loved ones they are loved and feel free to share those bottled-up feelings now.

Jan 14-Feb 3- Mercury retrograde (in Aquarius and Capricorn)

Mid-month emotional rollercoaster, buckle up! Things will be back to normal in February.


With Mercury back to normal on the 3rd, you won’t need to vent to your journal so much. After meditations, whether physical yoga or sitting by the window to watch the trees and the clouds, you feel a bit more balanced. With that refreshment, you may enter la-la land. If things start to look up, it could cause an adrenaline rush that transfers to arrogance. Stay grounded. Give others their say too. You know what it’s like to feel like your voice is muted so don’t project that onto others, especially the ones you truly love. After the 16th, Gemini is busily drawing up those plans they neglected last month with a promise to not neglect them next month.

Geminis have a lot of foresight and they plan for the weather. Create your checklists and stick those post-its all over the fridge. If it helps keep you aligned, it’s a win/win for everybody involved because, as we know, an unhappy or disappointed Gemini is a bitchy Gemini. Let’s prevent a bitchy Gemini. Valentines just passed. For most Geminis, it caused a lot of disappointment. Not because it was yet another holiday that went just okay but because the thoughtfulness wasn’t there. To Gemini, love isn’t money and fun isn’t a crowd. A one-on-one with romantic nothings whispered by a fire would’ve done the trick. Instead, many Geminis got stuck with nothing or a lot of bitching and moaning. The good news is, Gemini, you remember how things were in past years and are adamant to put your best self forward, mentally and physically. You’ll be either hitting the gym or doing at-home workouts.

Key Dates with Translation

Feb 1- New Moon in Aquarius

You feel balanced again but still feel as if something is off.

Feb 14- Mercury enters Aquarius

Communication seems iffy again but the bad vibes weren’t on you this time, Gemini!

Feb 16- New Moon in Leo

You’re planning ahead again, this time with a clearer vision, but don’t let that vision outweigh the intent behind your actions!


March is a month of manifestation, not just of yesterdays but for tomorrows. Once brighter days have snuck in through our curtains and days have become warmer, a new bounce is in your step. Geminis are feeling healthy and atop their plans for a kick-ass Spring and Summer, they’re planning for a kick-ass next year too. They know they got it this time. They’ve done a lot of work in the past three years. The lessons are crystal clear.

Karma can sneak up on some Geminis this month and bite a buttcheek. It will send a mini scare throughout your body and set you right for a better year ahead. For those who bite back, you’re in for a rude awakening come Autumn. The word ‘Fall’ will be literal for you. Since this is a month for manifesting, conjure up brightness not darkness. This is not the month for anything petty. As I said, it won’t reward you at all in the end even if it feels good in the moment. For those who follow their life plan and stick to the goals, the rest of the year will pay you back. Geminis in a rocky relationship or at a job that makes them want to kick the morning alarm five days a week, the end is near. For those in good relationships and jobs they kinda like, things will only get better for you. Nothing is perfect but Spring-time is sure to bring new life to those relationships and new respect. You’ll see why in August.

Key Dates with Translation

Mar 2- New Moon in Pisces

Your dreams for the future are deep but make sure you know what you’re manifesting.

Mar 10- Mercury enters Pisces

Those closest to you are dealing with a lot. If you can’t handle the emotional baggage right now, be there for them from a distance. Your mental health matters too and you’ve already dealt with enough.

Mar 18- Full Moon in Virgo

You can see the fruition of your goals and know the blood, sweat and tears on the way will be worth it.

Mar 20- Sun enters Aries (Spring equinox)

Spring is approaching and with that comes new hopes. Last summer was wonderful but it could’ve been better, you could’ve acted better. You’re making promises to yourself to soak it all in and leave the bitching behind.

Mar 27- Mercury enters Aries

Conversations with others are more fair than they’ve been. After time to think, people are seeing your way of things and respecting your mindset.


You are coasting at the start of April, Gems. With Mercury entering Taurus toward the middle of the month, the smooth sailing comes to a screeching halt for a couple of weeks, but gets more smoother at the end of April. Here’s the scoop: With Spring fast approaching, our birthdays in the horizon, the sunnier days means Geminis are feeling themselves….a little too much. Those outside of their circle see them as braggarts during this time and, as a result, Geminis can fall out of their favor. It’s petty but ’tis life. Actually, after April 11th, Geminis get a little petty themselves.

With Mercury entering Taurus on the 11th, with the Full Moon going into Libra less than a week later, then Mercury coasting into Gemini at the close of the month, April is full of good vibes that turn sour fast. If you’re not into Sour Patch Kids, I’d keep that mouth shut so that there’s room for something more palatable. Geminis are very humanitarian this month with good intention. It isn’t until that New Moon hits Taurus on the 30th that the darkness rears its ugly head again. The difference this time is Gemini can handle it. They’ve seen much darker and are much wiser because of it.

As you will see, on the 30th when that New Moon is in Taurus, there’s a Partial Solar Eclipse. To refresh our memories, an Eclipse is when one celestial body blocks/obscures the light of another. Partial meaning partially, Solar indicating the light, or the sun. So a partial solar eclipse is when the Moon partially blocks the Sun. With that moon taking the forefront, the things that bug you have the opportunity to weigh you down. Don’t let that happen. Remember all that thinking in March and the planning from April and go with it.

Key Dates

Apr 1- New Moon in Aries

Airy Aries and a New Moon coupled together means emotional balance, at one with oneself and the universe.

Apr 11- Mercury enters Taurus

Interactions with others can turn a little snippy. If you need to bark, bark. If you need to bite, allow yourself a little nibble.

Apr 16- Full Moon in Libra

Feeling lucky? Well, Geminis, you should! After all, the stars are in your favor right now.

Apr 29- Mercury enters Gemini

Communication is at its finest. Don’t let that Partial Solar tomorrow ruin all your progress!

Apr 30- New Moon in Taurus (Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus)

You’re usually up and down, Gemini. Today, you may find yourself feeling melancholy or moody. Do not hit Send on that email or text message right now, leave it in your drafts!


Happy Birthday, first and second decan Gems! You’re really hustling this month, Gemini! It’s not only because you didn’t save as much as you wanted to in early 2022, it’s also because you know without the hustle, Summer is going to suck! You’ve already been outdoors since March, soaking in the brisk air. Now, that air is turning warm and life is all around. It brings life back into yourself. You’re not just grinding, you’re kicking ass and taking names.

Work is very important to you right now. Relationships are at a high. Those that matter have stuck around and you’re paying them back in subtle and big ways. You’re grateful and it shows. You’re still working out a bit since you started a couple months ago and it’s showing. Your body is looking good. Your confidence is growing. Arrogance threatens to rear its ugly head but somehow you keep it at bay. For those who do let the monster out, others will have no qualms cutting ties with you. It may not affect you from the get but it’s going to hit you hard around the holidays.

Also, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Everyone likes boobs so I only see pink ribbons being displayed. What about those green ribbons? Tits are not more important than the mind. Both can take your life, so it’s only fair, if we say we truly care, to look out for our fellow man. Depression isn’t really a wild thing. Animals don’t go through it like we do. Humans take small things and turn them too big. Cut that shit out. Gemini, you’re so good at reminding your tribe how you feel for them. Keep it up. The world needs more of it.

Key Dates with Translation

May 16- Full Moon in Scorpio (Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio)

Be kind. Treat others like crap right now, they’ll treat you like diarrhea later. You may see red at times but do not let those emotions get the best of you!

May 23- Mercury leaves Gemini

Your ability to express yourself maturely and with class is at risk now. When they go low, you have to be firm with yourself to go high. It’ll be hard but it’ll be worth it!

May 30- New Moon in Gemini

Future is looking bright and the name ‘Gems’ is super fitting right now!

May 10- Jun 3- Mercury retrograde in Gemini and Taurus

Your spiritual progress could be high risk if you allow those deep thoughts to come to the surface. What you do and say now cannot be undone and will leave its mark.


Happy Birthday, third decan Gems! You’ve earned the limelight that you’re receiving right now. Wear those bikinis. Wear that short skirt. If you don’t, you’ll still get attention anyway. You worked hard for the attention you receive this month. That attention isn’t only coming from your birthday either. It’s coming from within you. If you’ve played your cards right up until this point and kept your humility in check, this month you could win the jackpot! I’m not talking the Powerball but a different kind of lottery. Others are paying attention to you now, others with the moral compass you have as well. They’re just not letting it be known right now that they are. So, single Gems, something romantic is a-brewin’!

You’re a role model, Gemini. The kids worship the ground you walk on. Your lover is even super intrigued by you now too. You’ve taken on new hobbies and kept your health in check. You’re making power moves and although you may not speak it, it speaks for you. Even if you’ll never be rich, recognition isn’t always monetary. With the abundance of love and life around you, things all month look great. All the good deeds you did in months and years passed, even the ones you didn’t receive a thank you for, Karma totally has your back. Good vibes, Gems, good vibes.

Key Dates with Translation

Jun 13- Mercury enters Gemini

Communication at an all-time high! It’s crystal clear and in alignment with your moral wants and needs.

Jun 14- Full Moon in Sagittarius

You are emotionally well balanced at this time. You’re sharing that knowledge with others and inspiring even those who secretly have a Voodoo doll with your face on it.

Jun 21- Sun enters Cancer (Summer solstice)

Everything touches you. The depth of life leaves you breathless with goosebumps.

Jun 23- Venus enters Gemini

Secret admirers are plentiful! Your beauty is unlike any other and it runs deep. You are the epitome of the dream man or woman.

Jun 29- New Moon in Cancer

Your wishes not only include your own goals but those of the ones you love. Your plans always include your babies.


Since things are going so well and you’re getting a lot of attention, like in May, you’re encouraged to stay grounded. It’s great to dream or to have 15 seconds of fame but it does not last. The things you do and the words you speak, especially now, could have long-lasting effects. Forgiveness may not come easy, if at all. If you wrong others right now when you are up, they’ll always remember you as the girl (or guy) who seemingly had it all with little gratitude as to how you got it. Rewards are splendid but if you don’t respect the journey you walked to get you there, do you deserve that reward after all?

Somebody close to you may be suffering right now whether it be mentally or health-wise. Doctors appointments could be scribbled onto the calendar. This could shake your foundation but it will not shake your core. With a tool box well equipped, you know it’s your responsibility to share those tools, what they are, how to use them. You’ve recently taken First Aid, CPR or Heimlich, or looked at videos about it, and some of you will have to use those skills this month.

Last month, Gems, it was all about you. At the end of this month, starting the 13th when that Full Mon hits Capricorn, then later on when Mercury and the New Moon enter Leo, this will fade. It’s now all about either your partner or your foe. If it’s your partner, they are so punchable right now but keep those fists to yourselves! Let that asswad be a fuckboy all he wants, just don’t sink to his level. It’ll pass. During this slice of time, it’s all about them, and you’re resenting it. Not because you’re jealous or used to having all the lovins, but because they’re not taking it with a grain of salt like you did. Their egos will flare and it’s up to you to fan those flames with gusto and class.

Key Dates with Translation

Jul 5- Mercury enters Cancer

Intimate moments with loved ones will hold a tender specialness.

Jul 13- Full Moon in Capricorn

Make sure to wish good things upon not only your people but for your enemies. At this time, they’re the ones who need your understanding the most.

Jul 19- Mercury enters Leo

Loved ones or enemies become fanatically conceited! Don’t kick them down but definitely do deflate that ego!

Jul 28- New Moon in Leo

In subtle ways, be a good role model to those narcissists during this time. Show them that you can be a winner without thinking everyone else is a loser. Show them you can be a boss without being a dick!


Best Month!

Geminian eyes are wide open now. They’re reminiscing on all the sweet moments of the Summer and seeing their people in a brighter light. You saw how your niece kissed that dragonfly on its deathbed. You witnessed your lover brake hard as to not hit that skunk. You saw the way your grandmothers eyes teared up as she watched her grandbaby try to swim for the first time. You saw more this year than you ever did. You’re not just a great role model for others, you can now look in the mirror firmly and call yourself a good person.

You’ve done a lot of goodness, especially in Spring and Summer. You stuck to your word and adhered to your morals. This pays off now. Big time! It may not be monetary but, again, recognition and reward isn’t always on paper. However, it could absolutely be monetary! If it is, it’ll be bigger than you’ve ever seen in one lump bundle before. Be wise. Plan before spending. Stick to that plan just as you are to your life plan. Nowadays, you’re thinking long-term. You know what you spend or choose to do now is how your children or the future you will live later. You feel it’s up to you but this does not weight you down; it inspires you to work even harder if that’s possible!

Your lover and children genuinely see you as a hero. You see yourself as one but you’re not going around bragging about it. After all, a lion doesn’t have to say they’re a lion- everyone just knows it. Gemini, you’re a force to be reckoned with and good news is, not many are reckoning with you. Karma seemed to turn her back on you in years past but now she’s a firm ground to stand on. What you put out comes back to you threefold. Let it motivate you to continue on your path.

Key Dates with Translation

Aug 4- Mercury enters Virgo

The words both spoken and otherwise are heard clearly. You’re leading the way and being what a good leader is supposed to be.

Aug 12- Full Moon in Aquarius

You’re not only looking out for nature and animals now, you see your fellow man as worthy. No good deed goes unpunished but some go a longer way than others. Choose wisely where to put forth the effort.

Aug 26- Mercury enters Libra

Interactions with others hold much depth now. Some people will say things you never imagined them to say; remind them of the beauty in it! They’ll remember your recognition and compliments for years to come.

Aug 27- New Moon in Virgo

With your newfound love for self through and through, new opportunities will find you. It could be new hobbies you always wanted to try or a call from an agent from that query you sent out three months ago.


September is Suicide Awareness Month and Gemini is no stranger to suicide. You’re spreading the word right now, Gemini, and good on you. You’re reminding others to check on their people. But you do this anyway, not just this month. Gemini is the best as owning their shit and making amends. This month, that tradition keeps going strong. Reach out to those you’ve hurt or those who think you’ve hurt them. Now is the time to set the record straight. Tell your truths and be prepared when you have to back those truths up because the other party may not be able to handle them. You know though that lies don’t help but, rather, they hinder growth. Safe wrappers don’t always mean the gift inside is safe.

Geminis are deep souls who vibe high. Not many can roll with them in that aspect. Even younger Gems who still do the party hardy thing have a ‘wise old soul’ aura about them. Older generations always tell them they seem so much older than their chronological years. Gemini, you’ve always known this. You’ve always been different and as you get older, you don’t even try to be anything other than yourself anymore. It’s not worth the effort. You know whose true to you. You know whose true blue inside. You’ll fight for them. You will not put forth your energy for your enemies, those who have done you morally wrong, unless they are 100% drowning. You know that deed would go unappreciated so it isn’t worth your time. You have no issue sitting back to watch the karma play out.

Your spiritual journey is going smooth right now, Gems. You’re learning new things, remembering old ones. Many of you started your awakening process around 2019 and now that process has officially turn to enlightenment. The real lessons don’t always display themselves right away. Your patience has led to a lot of resolution. You finally have your closure now, Gemini. How beautiful is that?

Key Dates with Translation

Sep 10- Full Moon in Pisces

Not everybody can take it on the chin like you can, Gem. Remind others to strap on their helmets and they’ll get through the battle.

Sep 23- Mercury leaves Libra & Sun enters Libra (Autumn equinox)

Spirituality takes on a new meaning right now. A higher one, if that’s possible!

Sept 25- New Moon in Libra

If you didn’t believe in God before, you do now. Or, at the very least, you believe in something.

Sep 9- Oct 2- Mercury retrograde in Libra and Virgo

Even though communication, travel plans or electronics have the tendency to go awry during retrogrades, this one is different. It is tame. It can handle the pressure like Virgo and Libra can. Virgo is August 23 to September 23 and Libra is September 23 to October 22.


The enlightenment increases at an alarming rate this month. You may feel overwhelmed by it, by the a-ha moments that leave you weeping in your room late at night, but allow all that beauty to push you further in your process. Keep it up, you’ll reach the skies where your soul calls Home. This soulful awakening has fine-tuned your talents. Your creativity is mind-blowing right now. You no longer live in the moment like in past years, you live for the moment. Life has a new meaning. You are a new you.

No cloud is ever a total blanket of blue though. Manipulation lives strong this month. If you don’t hold an emotional connection to the one doing the manipulating, you could be in trouble. You could misread the signs and twist things around in your head. You won’t mean to but it could happen so heads up, Gemini! Your good nature is not to be taken advantage of. The trouble is, your manipulator is most likely someone close to you. Toxic friend check! So many other signs say Gemini is two-faced due to the sign being dual in nature, or the fact Gemini can change their mind the deeper their well of knowledge gets. Gemini is flighty but it’s not what others think. Instead, the more Gemini learns about all sides, the more they see. It’s that seeing that widens their knowing. Knowledge is power and the more they know, the more things benefit Gemini.

Gemini is wise now. Use this wisdom to benefit not just your circle but every circle. You don’t always get the credit you deserve, Gemini, but keep on keeping on and next year, your rewards may beat out the ones you got in June!

Key Dates with Translation

Oct 9- Full Moon in Aries

Your emotions are strong right now and you’re feeling just bold enough to express them.

Oct 25- New Moon in Scorpio (Partial Solar Eclipse)

If you’re thinking of plotting revenge on somebody who pissed you off recently, scratch those plans! It isn’t worth it, Gemini!


If the ones who tried to manipulate you succeeded, your heart is really broken right now, Gemini. If the ones who tries weren’t able to, your heart is still broken right now because you saw the betrayal, you just didn’t let them know you know. It is now your ammunition in case they ever try it again. With the holidays right around the corner, you’re feeling stressed again, Gemini. Finances tend to bog down your energy and wear you out. Even if you’re not broke, it wears you down for other reasons. Societys inflation and expectations of spending money on petty bullshit still gets to you even if you’re above it. You want your familys’ expectations to be met so even if western holiday tradition is bizarre to you, you still rise to the occasion.

Come mid-month, when Mercury glides into Sagittarius on the 17th, cans of worms are opened. The outcome depends on your view on worms. Worms nourish the soil and do a lot of good. To others, they’re slimy and squirmy and super nasty. If you’re the Gem who sees the benefits, open communication occurs and it benefits everyone who partakes in it. Everyone will be stronger in the end and uplifted in the here and now. To the Gems who see those worms as icky, icky is what you’ll get. When your people tell you how they really feel, you may take it to heart instead of taking it to mind.

Key Dates with Translation

Nov 8- Full Moon in Taurus (Total Lunar Eclipse)

Don’t be so hard on yourself, Gemini. A setback is just that, a setback not a failure.

Nov 17- Mercury enters Sagittarius

If you’ve been holding back on your truths, speak them! The other party is ready to hear them now.

Nov 23- New Moon in Sagittarius

Others may speak their truths to you around this time. Take it on the chin and let is motivate you. Don’t take it to heart. You’ll see later on it was meant to build you.


Intuition kicks in again, less bogged down by last months blah. You’re following your gut again and many times it’s leading you to the good things instead of the bad ones you expected it to. You made it through Thanksgiving with your head screwed on securely. See, the second week of the month really did you good because you got the rest you needed and certain cycles came to a close. With Christmas upcoming, you’re out there again spreading the word, Gemini. “Buy those Christmas trees with the roots in tact” come out of your mouth. You are now one with your own being and with nature.

By the end of the month, you’re not jumping on the New Years Resolution bandwagon. You believe resolutions should be made not just when years change on a calendar. With more substance in your life, your claws aren’t out so much. Or at least they aren’t out as sharp even when need be. You still say your piece and keep your stance but it’s about the greater good of your tribe now. You are building walls now though, Gemini! You’re building them higher than ever before. Those who did you wrong and continue to do so aren’t able to get back in anymore. You’re sick of the bullshit and the bullshit is sick of you. This year shit stops messing with you so much or trying to knock you down. See, now, you don’t let it.

Happy 2022 and here’s to a great 2023, Gemini! We made it!

Key Dates with Translation

Dec 6- Mercury enters Capricorn

Shit’s going to hit the fan so keep that bad boy on low so it doesn’t end up flying everywhere!

Dec 8- Full Moon in Gemini

If two outcomes or two answers seem of equal importance, give them both the energy they deserve. You’re not always right, Gemini. Let your intuition lead the way and it’ll never send you astray.

Dec 21- Sun enters Capricorn (Winter solstice)

The longest night of the year seems just that- long and dark. Like all your other depressed episodes, this too shall pass.

Dec 23- New Moon in Capricorn

Lift that chin, Gemini. You’ll find yourself down around the holidays, mainly because of society’s ignorance toward their true meanings. Not everyone is as deep as you, Gemini, so you can’t keep letting it bug you!

Dec 29- Jan 22, 2023- Mercury retrograde in Capricorn

Oh. My. God! Heads up, Gemini, things could get hot around this time! Remember, not all heat is good. Have your hypothetical fire extinguishers nearby in case you have to put any fires out.

Charts, in order:

Gemini Cheat Sheet, including dates for each zodiac sign

Zodiac Signs and meanings in Nature

Directions and meanings

Planets and meanings

Chakras- colors and meanings

What Chakras Align to What Planets

Meaning of Houses

Houses and Elements

Signs and Elements

Spiritual Meanings and Houses

Download your 2022 Forecast here



PDF will be uploaded upon official publication on January 5, 2022!

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