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Happy 2/22/22!

Sometimes I get some killer weed and start to ponder about life. Then I ponder and I’m blown away by how fucked up things are yet how mind-blowing it all is, life is. It helps me realize why things are the way they are and why humankind is so broken individually and as a whole.

Women are all like “ugh men suck!” It’s biological. They’re only meant to spread their seed. Marriage was created to keep them around. Then divorce was created. And, ironically, divorce prevents crime. Now, ain’t that a fucked up dick to suck on?

When people die, think about all the passwords they took with them to the grave. All those lost journal entries, lost stories, an epic novel in draft stage, little slivers of their life….just poof .

When you put makeup on, you’re clogging your pores in the way that you’re either covering it or placing something into it. What about roads? Maybe the clogging of Earth’s pores is contributing to some of the global warming we’re seeing. See, when you put the concealer on your face, it prevents proper air flow to the skin. Wouldn’t this concrete jungle we’ve built behave in the same manner?

Hepatitis-B. This virus is very peculiar. I was just re-watching an Ali Wong skit the other day and she said it right “it lives in the man’s body but goes boo! in the womans”. How fucked is that?

The auditory and visual spectrum. Humans can only see certain colors and their audible range is roughly from 20-20,000 Hz. That’s a huge range, but not really. Every being is energy. Energy doesn’t die. Every being emits a sound that falls somewhere on the frequency range, most not on our frequency range. If we could hear all the trees, plants, animals, it’d be deafening. Then, there’s color. Imagine if we could see to our fullest extent. It’d be scary as hell. It’d be a bunch of humans with bugs crawling all over them, literally. Just mites and bacteria clinging to cheeks, dangling from eyebrows, scurrying over arms and legs. Weird!

Even weirder, yet astounding, is this auditory-visual spectrum we know. Sounds and color all sit on a certain spectrum. Our senses interpret those frequencies into the color of the rainbow. Nuts.

Now, considering this, speaking of energy never dying- fossil fuels are a bizarre concept. We run modern machines on the sludge of ancient fossils. We pull out of the ground in a matter of centuries what took eons to accumulate. All beings are also interconnected in the web of life. To extract from the Earth the nutrients that millions of years fed her in such a short amount of time seems a little draining, dehydrating. That’d be like removing all the moisture from your body. See how fast that’ll age you!

Young children are absolute geniuses. You’re probably like “huh? Then why do we have to wipe their asses?” Hear me out. We’re walking around with a bunch of Tesla’s and don’t even give them enough credit. Side note: Tesla. I don’t call people Einstein’s unless I mean to insult them. Einstein was a crook and a horrible friend. Take that neuron and fire it. But when it comes to linguistics and speech, that’s some tough stuff! The capacity their brains have to be order to separate sounds into words, interpret intonation with feelings and so on is amazing. Then, the bilingual toddlers or those who also know sign language, wow! That right there is brain power.

Sex. The more you think about it, sex is super gross. It feels amaze-balls but that exchange of microscopic bugs and weird liquids is enough to make you gag (silently barfs).

K, that’s my spiel. See ya next time.



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