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It’s hot topic time and I mean hot. So, you’ve seen the title and description; we have a lot to talk about in a small amount of time.

Misanthropy. We know this term as a hate for humankind and what it stands for. Misanthropists see what humans stand for as just a pair of scrawny ass legs that can’t hold up shit. Let’s face it, humans have a tendency to mess up and fall. Most times, those falls aren’t graceful like those whimsical quotes “make the fall part of the dance” but, rather, clumsy face-first plops in the mud. In the last rant video “I’d rather deep throat barbed wire than be an extrovert”, this was discussed further.

So, what is there really to like about humans? Mainly, it’s not that I personally hate humans. I don’t. I just prefer not to be around them. One in a million give me hope even if they don’t restore my faith. My faith in humans has always been there and will always be there, all because of the few good deeds I do witness that nobody talks about. It’s an old man holding the small of his elderly wife’s back as she climbs the stairs. It’s a mom smiling at her baby without whipping her phone out to film it and planting a butt-ton of pecks on smooshy cheeks in a beautiful moment between mother and child. It’s every time I see another person bend down and take the time to grab that piece of litter. #LitterChallenge2022, don’t you forget it. Pick a spot and maintain it regularly. Mother Nature granted us all these beautiful magical things. Let’s show we appreciate these gifts.

Everywhere I go, it’s the humans being obnoxious or shitting on things. I don’t see animals stomping around the forest all moody, projecting their bullshit onto all the other animals, or ramming down all the trees in an effort to protest for animal rights. Their not the ones building stuff out of unnatural materials and leaving all that stuff laying around everywhere, too lazy to take care of it ourselves even though it belongs to us, full of narcissism that someone else will take care of it. There’s lots of other reasons humans piss me off, like posting your own good deed is inauthentic, how every person changes their hair or their style once they get a little confidence so instead of looking original they look like everybody else, how everyone virtue signals and screams “I’m calling the cops” when there’s the slightest disagreement, how we celebrate weird holiday traditions like going to haunted houses at Halloween which is soooo disrespectful, cheating and blaming the other woman (subscribe; we’re getting to this topic next time), how people whine about the schoolyard bully when in the 80s and 90s the bullies were bigger, beefier and kicked ass harder yet we didn’t cry to mommy for her to call the cops or start a protest at the next school board meeting. Kids duked it out. Parents talked it through. It happened. By saying it is the cause for suicide and depression isn’t entirely true; it’s a trigger. Humans rely too heavily on the trigger and not the root of the cause. They repeat cycles. All of this causes a huge distaste in my mouth.

Snowflakes in particular cause a distaste in my mouth. I like to call them Pansies. If you haven’t seen ‘The Detriment of Cancel Culture’ knock yourself out. I was wicked stoned, jamming out and just pressed Play then ranted about how cancel culture is a soul-sucker. Snowflakes, or what some call Liberals, the Left or Bleeding Hearts, are ruining human progress. Due to their sensitivity, discussion is off the table. Say something that hurts anybody, it’s “off with her head!” It’s not only “off with her head!”, it’s off with their familys heads and say bye-bye to all their careers and dreams and everything they ever worked for. See, someone can be an asshole yet still be a good mother, sister, worker, community service worker, etc. Every human being on this planet is part Saint, part Sinner. How you gonna judge somebody for sinning differently than you do? We no longer point the finger at the wrongdoer but everybody around them. Someone fell, now we gotta sue the company they were visiting, the building they were in and the city for not fixing their sidewalks 24/7/365 as if shit doesn’t just happen. We no longer point the finger at the mother who didn’t jump in the pool when her kid was drowning, we now point the finger at the lifeguard who had 15 other kids to watch, we blame the institution and ask they all get fired instead of pointing the finger at the mother whose job it was to be watching. We get hurt and say “hide it! Get rid of it! Pretend it never existed!” Guess what? History and people are full of evil. We need to accept that. We need to accept it’s within ourselves. Only then can everyone stop running around projecting their own insecurities, hurts and fears onto others. In our society, if somebody does a crime, we all demand public ownership and retribution. It’s not our place. The punishment should be between the criminal and the victim or the victims side. Yet there’s 8 billion of us running around so we need all these rules. Why? Mainly, to protect the softies. Let’s go back to wildlife again for this example. I don’t see this kind of chaos, all these rules and regulations, these punishments and caging one another up out there. Out there, if there’s beef, the two parties go head to head. One comes out the winner, one the loser, and both walked away owning it. Nobody cried. Nobody demanded payback. There was no trial. It just is. Humans ruin it.

Redefining Terms. Terms that pop out at me that are currently being misused or their definitions altered or changed entirely:

Hero because if somebody films you doing it, you’re suddenly a hero; it doesn’t even matter if what you did was heroic

Brave because you can just be a dude who wears a dress nowadays and be called brave

Bully because everybody who’s not nice to you is called a bully

Attacked because if somebody does something to you, you call it an attack

Assault because even that walk-of-shame regretful night long ago is labeled an assault

The R-word because that used to just be “no”

Harassment because if somebody does something you don’t like, you call it harassment

Male and Female considering these are the only two sexes and genders and if gender orientation wasn’t important as some communities claim, what’s the point in sex-change operations? Hypocritical contradiction and they don’t even realize it yet.

Beautiful because everybody is called beautiful. This word is meant to describe something outwardly. Inner beauty is entirely different. It’s now considered nice to call a woman beautiful even when she is not. This hinders that woman just so you know and it takes away from people who are because when they’re called it, they don’t believe it. It’s just something you say nowadays. It no longer holds meaning.

Phobia and Shaming because if you don’t like something or somebody, they use it against you and call you fatphobic or transphobic and label it ‘shaming’

Racist because if you’re not into a certain group of people, it all of the sudden means you’re racist. If you make a stereotypical quip, you’re suddenly racist. 100% of humans possess racial or stereotypical biases. If you say otherwise, you are a liar.

So, K, that’s my spiel. Tune in next time where we’ll get to other topics like the other woman, ghosting, shitting in public, how the keyboard on a computer is set up so fucked, and so on. Also, just so you know, this channel is part of the Sadie the Knight Writer blog and the podcast Storytime with Sadie where I get frisky with a mic while I read you kinky erotica books. Once in a while, I’ll be narrating adult books live so you get to see me give a mic a blow-job pretty much while I breathe all hot and heavy into it. It’s a different side to your lady Sadie that some of you won’t approve of. Just search ‘Storytime with Sadie’ on your favorite platform today or visit to choose from there. The sexxxy podcast is available on Apple, Spotify, and so many more! See you all there.

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