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So, this recent trend of getting back in touch with nature and our natural selves, humanity has turned to the spiritual selves. And once a person feels they’ve done the work for enlightenment, they feel like the ONLY ONE. Nobody else on this planet ever could ever see the light as they have. What in the holy….?

This is why everyone is “coming out”, “speaking out” or “breaking their silence”; it’s not so “other won’t have to go through what I have”, it’s for the attention. It’s for your 15 seconds. It’s so literally everybody gets a shot at the #MeToo love too.

Joe Schmoe is getting love for being Jane Schmoe all of the sudden. Polly Sunshine wants out and tried to hang herself but thought it through so now Polly Sunshine is now Polly Hero. My point is, literally everyone could make a channel or go viral or make it on the news if the right person heard our story. We all have a story. Some stories are yawn and meant for the bargain bin at the bookstore and others are meant to be epics.

All these channels with tarot or communicating with dead celebrities, etc, are total bullshit. Nobody can see your future. Nobody can clearly see what’ll happen tomorrow or next year or a century from now. Nobody can turn a radio on and communicate with Tupac or Elvis or whoever else and to claim you are is so disrespectful. Some people have intuition, yes. But some people mistake their own thoughts as intuition. All these people know they’re full of shit by the way. They release their ‘connecting with Marilyn Monroe or Brittany Murphy’ or whoever videos, which is so fucking disrespectful if you ask me to pretend to talk to the dead. But nobody’s released a ‘connecting with Vladimir Putin’ video telecommunicating questions about the war and receiving bullshit secret mute messages back from him. Wanna know why? Because these people know they’re full of shit and, release those kinds of videos at the wrong time, it’s #CANCELLED.

Then the so-called empaths. After the word came into the mainstream, everybody claims to be one. Just like everybody ever who has ever contemplated life calls themselves “spiritual”. All of the sudden, everyone is awakened, enlightened, spiritual, an empath. To have empathy for certain people or situations is one thing but to be a true empath is another. Human energy is felt. Humans are balls of energy. Some people are more sensitive to energy than others, yes. Also, some energies are so strong that it’s felt throughout, only not all people who feel it can recognize they’re feeling it. Tune into the episode called “A Sadie Solfeggio Experiment | Sound Healing: Raising Vibes 1 Hz at a Time” for more on energy and humans vibing on different frequencies. In that episode, we went through the Solfeggio scale and boosted the same passage at all 6 frequencies to see if there was a difference in dialogue as detected in music. It’s only on my blog.

If you claim to be some sort of guru at something, 9.9 out of 10 times, I’m calling your bluff. You can have all the followers you want, all the believers in the world, but it still doesn’t convince me. If you’re so psychic or in tune with the Gods, why are you where you are? Besides, INFJs never put all their eggs in one basket, especially if that basket looks flimsy. As long as you have conviction in how you portray your thoughts, you’ll get a following and can start that channel where you go through your cards or psychic abilities to interpret the future. Cha-ching, bitches! That is what 9.9 out of 10 gurus are. Do you really think everyone is literal when they claim to have sold their soul to the devil or danced with the devil or whatever? It’s an indication of conquering darkness. Again, something we’ve all done. Your story is unique, sure, but not really. What’s happened to you has happened to others around the world. Now, your individual experiences combined into the experience of You, yes, you own that- that is yours. The rest of the world is not yours.

GENUINE empaths and the spiritually enlightened are very rare. It just seems common because there’s almost 8 billion people jammed onto this glorious rock floating in space.

Hey, just because that was kinda icky and those topics got kinda heavy, here’s a cute reel of my niece being cute. She’s 4. She’s Zoey. Zoey means ‘life’ in Greek. Zoey is life. (please see video for audio excerpt)


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