11 Things You May Not Know About the INFJ | Exploring the MBTI

Please note: Blogs are transcripts of videos seen on Channel 11: INFJ on YouTube. Today’s blog/vlog is not part of the Sadie the Knight Writer Podcast. Scroll to bottom of page to see the video.

Today starts our countdown series. For our first countdown, let’s talk the 11 things you may not know about the INFJ.

1) INFJs adore the purity of nature; it’s their god. Trees and the moon fascinate them.

2) INFJ loves rain and storms, just not for days on end. If it is days on end, their cabin fever will get to them and they’ll crawl out of their caves with ponchos and boots on.

3) INFJs understand and, on occasion, sympathize with criminality. With a clear view of all sides, they understand the hero and the villain.

4) INFJs have fiery tempers even if it takes a lot to get there, and they can be pretty judgy too.

5) They talk like a professor on a regular day but like a sailor on a bad one. 

6) INFJs mainly have dominant right brains, so you can find them reading, learning, creating or admiring.

7) They don’t have many friends and this isn’t due to not being likeable, it has to do with humans as a whole not utilizing their potential and INFJ finds it either annoying or disheartening.

8) INFJs have such respect for other beings that they soak in every detail and listen to every word. This explains the INFJ stare we’re all familiar with when they’re talking with humans.

9) Many, if not most, INFJs used to be an ENFJ but life has a way of altering a person’s perspective.

10) INFJs do celebrate holidays but they find them bizarre. Since they’re very into exploring the world around them and value depth over the shallow, they find most holidays materialistic and wasteful.

11) The reason INFJs love genealogy is their gratitude for their roots. Many INFJs possess extensive family trees they proudly built themselves.

If you’re here trying to gain a better understanding of the INFJ in your life, stay tuned to learn about the things you shouldn’t do around an INFJ and the five types of people every INFJ should avoid like the plague.

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