The 5 Types of People Every INFJ Should Avoid Like the Plague | Exploring the MBTI

Scroll to bottom to view video. All INFJ blogs are transcripts from videos as seen on Channel 11: INFJ on YouTube.

Firstly, it’s common sense not to mingle with evil people like unjustified murderers, child rapists, abusers, liars and snakes but we’re talking about your day to day average evil people in this video. INFJs are prone to hanging on. They hang on to love, loss, anger. Not because they’re petty but because they feel some sort of deep injustice over it. INFJs are all about justice. 

People to watch out for as an INFJ:

1) Soul vampires: many say Earth is the devil’s playground. Others believe the chosen ones are the very ones tested by Satan. Although I’m not religious, I get it. INFJs feel energy. Even if a person constantly plays the good guy yet gives you bad vibes every time you’re around them, heed that warning- it means you’re detecting the grime beneath the surface. You can’t help a soul sucker. No matter how great you are, these vampires have one thing on their radar- blood. 

2) One uppers: if a person’s ego is so big that they can never let you get the limelight, they need to GTFO. A truly secure person has no qualms letting you get a few golden stars too. Most of the time these one-uppers never even have ONE up on you let alone a laundry list of them.

3) Compulsive liars and deniers: it’s true that once you admit to a lie, all other truths are questioned. This diverts people from ownership. INFJ sees it a bit differently because, regardless of an admitted lie or a lifetime of truths, we always question you anyway. If you own your error, we recognize the bravery it takes to admit that fault and we can empathize with the intention behind the lie. It actually makes you more honest in our eyes. If somebody constantly blames others and never takes responsibility for their actions or lies, cut them loose. If you keep them around, you’re only enabling that behavior.

4) The irreparably broken: giving the benefit of the doubt is great and necessary but when a person’s past is repetitive, that’s a red flag. You can’t help people who refuse to budge to save themselves. One day you’ll be the one on that inflatable raft with a hole in it. Don’t expect them to plug that hole with their finger because the only thing on their mind is “hey at least it isn’t me”. 

5) Partiers: everybody likes a good party but the definition of a good party is a bit different with an INFJ. Loud people are obnoxious. People who’d rather go to some dark dingy bar over a walk by a river irritate many of us. It’s not because we’re looking down on you, we’re just wondering where your priorities are and where your soul lies. There are two types of people- the ones who live in the here and now and those who are forward thinkers based on past experiences. It’s a beautiful thing to stay in the present but without forethought for tomorrow or respect for yesterday, there is potential of getting stuck in the now.

See you next time for more unknown and cool facts about the beloved INFJ personality type.

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