Haunted Houses are Disrespectful

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So, lemme ask you a question- if you wanted to rest in peace, would it be cool to you for a bunch of strangers to come barging in without being invited? I don’t see ghosts mailing out invitations saying “hey, Happy Halloween, come bother the shit out of me”, do you? I know Halloween is one of those weird holidays where we do stupid shit like get candy from strangers without regard to if they can afford to splurge on a bunch of ungrateful strangers themselves? Our parents told us not to take stuff from strangers, especially food, so why the hell is this okay? It’s greedy if you ask me. You didn’t ask me but it’s my channel so there’s my two cents anyway. Our society is so crazy, we pay people to go to a place that’s supposedly haunted without regard to the souls who are already there, unseen. Maybe you’re stressing those spirits out. Maybe you’re disrupting their peace, that solitude and quiet they need to sort out what the fuck happened and what the hell to do next. Also, you’re adding your own energy to the existing energy in the location you’re visiting. Ever heard of the fae? Those faeries from folklore that wreck shit up when you disrupt their nature? Natives used to believe if you go into the forest, you take nothing without leaving something worthwhile first. This is the same concept. To go to a haunted location without the correct intent and purpose is disrespectful. Sad part is many see it as merely entertainment instead of something to be respected. It’s like going to the graveyard and having a party without ever paying respects to the dead within that graveyard.

I just figured I’d toss this video out there. Every Halloween, three things make me grit my teeth- expecting strangers to support your candy habit, disrupting the dead at haunted houses and ladies feeling like they need to dress up like a prostitute instead of something cool like a zombie or a banana without realizing those cool costumes would garner them much more attention than wearing barely anything at all. If you’re contemplating partaking in a haunted experience this Halloween, please think about the spirits that occupy that place and leave them in peace. We can’t keep saying “rest in peace” without allowing that to happen. Think with your hearts and minds and not your egos. Thanks.

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