The Mind of an INFJ: The Worlds Rarest Personality Type

In this video are 13 dominant traits of the INFJ, the world’s rarest personality type. Stick around and learn why. INFJs will relate to this video. If you’re not one but have an Advocate in your life, this guide will help you forge deeper connections with this rare gem. If you’re navigating the INFJ landscape, consider this your compass!

There are 16 personality types in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the INFJ 1-3% of the entire human population. It’s so rare and unique, many have jumped on our bandwagon. Test multiple times and go with your instinct while selecting your answer. If you test INFJ consistently, you are one. INFJs are considered The Advocate, The Counselor, The Sage. Deeply intuitive, highly empathetic, oddly quirky, and a brain on permanent rapid-fire mode, INFJs change the world. We are listening to 11 different radio stations in all different genres yet we hear every chord. Square pegs in round holes.

*This video is completely unscripted so I apologize for all the “like” and “ummms”. The narration is just me conversing with you, one human to another.

I: Where we focus energy (Introvert or Extrovert)

N: How we absorb data (iNtuition or Sensing)

F: How we make decisions (Thinking or Feeling)

J: How we deal with the world (Judging or Perceiving)

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The Mind of an INFJ by Sadie Alexa Knight [The Knight Writer]

Writing Tips Video- Part 3

Preptober time and almost time for NaNoWrimo! Helpful writing, marketing, and publishing tips to get you started, assist in the middle and help as you pen ‘the end’.

In this episode, we’ll go over more fast drafting and editing tips, some marketing and branding stuff, plus a bunch more. Before editing, it’s great to step away for at least a week or more, work on something else (like marketing), then go back to the book with fresher eyes.

Don’t forget to check out Part 1 where we focused on outlining, drafting & organization, series bibles, plus more! In this part, we’ll go over more of the marketing aspect. Part 2 went over helpful author/writer and book branding and marketing tips, tricks, and techniques; SEO and search engines; writing sprints; more fast drafting, outlining & story development advice; plus much more.

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I’ve been writing for over a decade, am published under a separate pen name, am a freelance editor, and roll with schooled authors. Thanks for watching- hope it helps!

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Writing Tips Part 4 by Sadie Alexa Knight

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Author Confessions

For Preptober and to gear up for NaNoWriMo, here are secrets of the writing industry from published authors themselves. (VIDEO BELOW)

Hear what keeps us motivated, how we bang out our drafts, and how we develop our characters, plus more. Stay tuned for the Whisper Edition where we’ll really get into the dirt and divulge the darker secrets.

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Authors in this video:

1- Sarina Dahlan

Twitter: @sarinadahlan

2- William F. Aicher

Twitter: @WFAicher

3- Jeremy Fabiano

Facebook: Jeremy Fabiano, Author

Amazon: Jeremy Fabiano

4- Rudy Lopes

Twitter: @RudyLopes5

5- Jenny Ainslie-Turner

Twitter: @AinslieTurner

6- Veronica Christopher

Facebook: Veronica Christopher- Authoress

Instagram: veronicachristopherauthor

7- Sadie Alexa Knight

YouTube: Sadie Alexa Knight [Sadie the Knight]

Twitter: @SadieTheKnight

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Spilling the Ink by Sadie Alexa Knight

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Writing Tips Video- Part 2!

Writing Tips- Part 2 by Sadie Alexa Knight

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Writing Tips Video

Fast draft in no time with these tips. Writing on a budget? Writer’s block? New to the craft? Want to learn new tricks? See tips from a seasoned writer and editor.

Writing Tips by Sadie Alexa Knight (Part 1)

Free Resources For Writers

Being a writer costs money and pays little. To help other writers out, I’ve compiled a brief list of free resources. Yes, free. The most some sites require is a simple sign-up using your email address. Enough jibber jabber… let’s cut to the chase!

Document/Word processor:

-Open Office

It functions like Word and saves as an .odt file and can be saved in different formats, even Word. Plus you can export your document as a PDF.



Find a ton of free photos to use for book covers, etc.!


You can create newsletters, social media posts, posters, bookmarks, create animated designs, create videos, and so much more!

-Music for videos: Bensound (sound effects), Tribe Pro, Free Music Archive


Helpful if you plan on having a mailing list and Square

If you’re slinging books, you’ll need a link to post on your website to collect payment. You can send and request money with the link they provide, collect donations, as well as create invoices.

-WordPress or Wix to create a free website. You’ll have to upgrade for a custom URL. The free version gets you a site address that will end with “” Example-

There you have it, a basic list of freebies to get you started. Happy writing. Stay tuned for more free tips soon…!!

Writing Sprints During the Pandemic

Let’s face it, writing any time can be a task. It’s tedious, time-consuming and there are no promises of reward. Writing is a risk. Regardless of the lack of payday, some of us love it. Some of us live for it!

It’s much more than pen to paper or fingertip to keyboard- it’s exploration…wanderlust… We read to feel the characters, visit new lands, and place ourselves in another alternate reality. Writers write for those very same reasons. I know I do. So, what better thing to do during the pandemic than shut ourselves in our caves and scribble away the stories that play in our minds like a movie???

Lately, I’ve been doing writing sprints to get a first draft for a new novel onto the page. By setting deadlines and committing, it became a habit and I finished the first draft- about 54k words- in 14 days. Does it shine? No! Is the storyline and premise there? Yes! For a ‘barf draft’, that is what matters. I got that sucker out of my brain and into actual words on the document. Writing was the easy part. Now comes the toughie- the endless rounds of edits.

To develop a writing habit and complete the first draft, this is how I managed my sprints:

  • I put aside time prior to writing to outline and develop the concept so I knew what to write. This included maps, drawing characters, writing the synopsis, blurb and chapter summaries. I had visual diagrams as well as my notes on a spreadsheet. (I’ll get more into this process in a future blog.)
  • I got a large whiteboard and jotted down my 70k word goal and my weekly writing goal of a minimum of three chapters per week. This way it was in my face and, by seeing it all the time, it motivated me to write more and to beat my own goal in a way.
  • On the whiteboard, I created two columns, one where I listed the chapters. In the other column, I’d keep track of the word count I accomplished in that chapter/day. The more chapters I crossed off and listed a word count besides, the excitement grew. To see the progress daily inspired me. (see my crazy whiteboard below)

When I typed ‘the end’ of my barf draft, I felt so accomplished! But I knew the journey had just begun. Lucky for me, although I truly love the writing part, I don’t mind revisions. After all, the end product isn’t for me, the writer- it’s for you, the reader. You matter.

So, during your down time, design your goals and do some writing sprints too. I didn’t time my sessions like sprints are designed for. I did it a little different- I set a weekly/daily goal then I made sure I reached that goal. For now, word count and perfection isn’t what’s important yet. Execution is a well-crafted plan. *well-crafted plan in the works!

Thanks for reading! Join me in two weeks where I’ll fill you in on my process and how it works! Please support me on Patreon where you’ll get access to exclusive content.

Whiteboard Madness

Sadie Knight