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So, this recent trend of getting back in touch with nature and our natural selves, humanity has turned to the spiritual selves. And once a person feels they’ve done the work for enlightenment, they feel like the ONLY ONE. Nobody else on this planet ever could ever see the light as they have. What in the holy….?

This is why everyone is “coming out”, “speaking out” or “breaking their silence”; it’s not so “other won’t have to go through what I have”, it’s for the attention. It’s for your 15 seconds. It’s so literally everybody gets a shot at the #MeToo love too.

Joe Schmoe is getting love for being Jane Schmoe all of the sudden. Polly Sunshine wants out and tried to hang herself but thought it through so now Polly Sunshine is now Polly Hero. My point is, literally everyone could make a channel or go viral or make it on the news if the right person heard our story. We all have a story. Some stories are yawn and meant for the bargain bin at the bookstore and others are meant to be epics.

All these channels with tarot or communicating with dead celebrities, etc, are total bullshit. Nobody can see your future. Nobody can clearly see what’ll happen tomorrow or next year or a century from now. Nobody can turn a radio on and communicate with Tupac or Elvis or whoever else and to claim you are is so disrespectful. Some people have intuition, yes. But some people mistake their own thoughts as intuition. All these people know they’re full of shit by the way. They release their ‘connecting with Marilyn Monroe or Brittany Murphy’ or whoever videos, which is so fucking disrespectful if you ask me to pretend to talk to the dead. But nobody’s released a ‘connecting with Vladimir Putin’ video telecommunicating questions about the war and receiving bullshit secret mute messages back from him. Wanna know why? Because these people know they’re full of shit and, release those kinds of videos at the wrong time, it’s #CANCELLED.

Then the so-called empaths. After the word came into the mainstream, everybody claims to be one. Just like everybody ever who has ever contemplated life calls themselves “spiritual”. All of the sudden, everyone is awakened, enlightened, spiritual, an empath. To have empathy for certain people or situations is one thing but to be a true empath is another. Human energy is felt. Humans are balls of energy. Some people are more sensitive to energy than others, yes. Also, some energies are so strong that it’s felt throughout, only not all people who feel it can recognize they’re feeling it. Tune into the episode called “A Sadie Solfeggio Experiment | Sound Healing: Raising Vibes 1 Hz at a Time” for more on energy and humans vibing on different frequencies. In that episode, we went through the Solfeggio scale and boosted the same passage at all 6 frequencies to see if there was a difference in dialogue as detected in music. It’s only on my blog.

If you claim to be some sort of guru at something, 9.9 out of 10 times, I’m calling your bluff. You can have all the followers you want, all the believers in the world, but it still doesn’t convince me. If you’re so psychic or in tune with the Gods, why are you where you are? Besides, INFJs never put all their eggs in one basket, especially if that basket looks flimsy. As long as you have conviction in how you portray your thoughts, you’ll get a following and can start that channel where you go through your cards or psychic abilities to interpret the future. Cha-ching, bitches! That is what 9.9 out of 10 gurus are. Do you really think everyone is literal when they claim to have sold their soul to the devil or danced with the devil or whatever? It’s an indication of conquering darkness. Again, something we’ve all done. Your story is unique, sure, but not really. What’s happened to you has happened to others around the world. Now, your individual experiences combined into the experience of You, yes, you own that- that is yours. The rest of the world is not yours.

GENUINE empaths and the spiritually enlightened are very rare. It just seems common because there’s almost 8 billion people jammed onto this glorious rock floating in space.

Hey, just because that was kinda icky and those topics got kinda heavy, here’s a cute reel of my niece being cute. She’s 4. She’s Zoey. Zoey means ‘life’ in Greek. Zoey is life. (please see video for audio excerpt)

INFJ Discussion: ℍ𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕎𝕣𝕖𝕔𝕜𝕖𝕣𝕤 | Topics: Wedding vows, the other woman, ghosting, child support

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Today’s discussion has to do with home-wreckers and heart-wreckers. Speaking of home-wrecker, when your man cheats, who do women tend to blame? They blame the other woman for their own personal reasons. Women are less supportive of other women and the more envious gender, so this makes sense. I don’t see men running around blaming the other man as often as women do.

Here’s my INFJ take on it. The man is the one who made the vows. The man is the one who holds the loyalty. In society, there is a guy code but there is no such thing as a ‘girl code’. That other woman doesn’t owe you shit, especially knowing you’re probably over there blaming her more than you’re blaming your own dude. Also, your man should be able to dismiss temptation. Without meaning to, IF the other woman even knew about you (often times, they don’t), they’re doing you a favor. Now you know your man is a lying shady asshat. Disclaimer for the softies: This is an example. The roles could be reversed, duh.

When it comes to wedding vows, your general vow goes like so:

I blah blah blah take you yada yada yada to be my lawfully wedded so-and-so to have and to hold from this day forward, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish until death do us part.

Repeat after me: Crock. Of. Shit! Nobody follows these rules. If they do believe in God and made these vows to Him, these people are lying sacks of poo-poo. Very rarely is there for richer or for poorer. Richer, yea, but when the poorer part happens, shit hits the fan! In sickness and in health, sometimes. To love and cherish until death​? Now, that’s is asking a lot. If you end up fighting all the time, yea, divorce. See the INFJ Discussion video entitled “The more you think about it….”

Ghosting. When it does come time for Splitsville, because, let’s face it, relationships very rarely last a lifetime, ghosting is not the answer. People do ghost others and sometimes we just get blown off and it’s not really ghosting. True ghosting is when both parties had something a little more meaningful than just ‘skin deep’. If you were in a serious relationship, ghosting is what dickheads do. If love was involved, to just bounce out without an explanation and closure is cruelty. That person will now take months, possibly years, healing after coming to their own conclusions. Especially if it’s found out you moved on so quickly after the ghosting, that cuts deep. You sit there with a sense of unspoken power that you’ve won. Truth is, you didn’t. Everybody who hears the story of how you ghosted will see you as the loser whether you want to believe it or not. A true man or woman can say their piece then move on with grace.

Child support. I’m a mom so for those moms who disagree with my take on it, F you too and learn to agree to disagree. In modern times, if I don’t use birth control and willingly have sex, I knowingly risk pregnancy. That’s on me. When I choose a partner and lay down with him unprotected, I made that choice. Unless he forced me, that’s on me. If a pregnancy results out of this union, two people went into this so two people need to make decisions on this new third human in the mix. Say one doesn’t want anything to do with it. Two people made the choice so who is to say the mother can chase down the father for child support? Child support, when pursued through the government, can literally ruin a life.

For the women who don’t know, that man can now be arrested out of the blue for a warrant he may not know about. The court determines what he should pay in child support based on his income. Say he has a low income or is in between incomes, what then? He still has to pay. If that man gets pulled over for speeding or gets shot and has to go to the ER, he’ll end up in cuffs because of the warrant. The way they all see it is he helped to create the life. This is true. But there were choices involved. It wasn’t 50/50 to lay down together- it was 100/100- 100% on her and 100% on him. You could’ve came to an agreement after a negotiation when it comes to the baby. If you two were so willing to get naked and exchange bodily fluids, why can’t you two exchange thoughts and honest feedback? Things wouldn’t have to get to court if both parties can say what they truly need to say without the other being vengeful or threatening. There needs to be understanding.

Sometimes in life things just suck. Sometimes we don’t have a say in that suckage. If I got knocked up and the dude didn’t want a kid, that should be okay. I understand the resentment the mother feels for carrying the full load but, again, she had choices. There was birth control before it got that far, and choices after pregnancy- one not so pleasant but, regardless, it was a choice. When I was 10, my bestie was a chick named Kara. We were talking about her dad one day. She mentioned how she missed him and didn’t hold it against him for calling, that she understood her mom would’ve grilled him or prevented him from calling had he done so for being behind on child support. When I asked her if it bothered her her father didn’t pay, her answer was “no, what if he can’t afford it?” To have that kind of acceptance and wisdom at 10 was inspiring. Her mindset has fared her well to this very day. She’s a successful woman with a happy home life and family.

This entire discussion boils down to knowing yourself thoroughly and, from there, making wise decisions on who to share your energy with. One night shouldn’t have to ruin your life or make it harder than it has to be. People can get along if they communicate. They can come to a happy medium if both parties are willing to accept responsibility and negotiate. Besides, you should be caring about who you’re dumping your load in. Loads are strong- they can burn your eye, make you gag or cause you to squeeze another human out of your pee-hole. Cum wisely.

Until next time. We’re doing a Storytime with Sadie 18+ on the podcast shortly so get your clams and sausages ready, as well as ranting about fake gurus and such in an upcoming episode about “empaths” here on Youtube.

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Do the right thing. Jesus is watching 😉 Your lady Sadie checking out of this bitch.

Just because that was kinda blah and depressing, here’s a fun snippet to make you giggle a little. Is it Japanese/Swedish? Is it Arabic/Polish with a little Aborigine thrown in there? Is it French/Korean? Hang out until the end 😉

The jibberish audio excerpt was literally just what I said from 7:29-7:46 played in reverse. Lol!

Ƒմ©ҟ վҽʂ!-Masters of the Shadowlands Book 1:Club Shadowlands| 🅂🅃🄾🅁🅈🅃🄸🄼🄴 🅆🄸🅃🄷 🅂🄰🄳🄸🄴

Welcome to 🅂🅃🄾🅁🅈🅃🄸🄼🄴 🅆🄸🅃🄷 🅂🄰🄳🄸🄴 🄰🅂🄼🅁 18+, part of the Sadiɛ Շђє ӄռɨɢɦȶ աʀɨȶɛʀ ცɩơɠ and the 🅂🅃🄾🅁🅈🅃🄸🄼🄴 🅆🄸🅃🄷 🅂🄰🄳🄸🄴 podcast (see links below). Today, we begin the highly-acclaimed Masters of the Shadowlands Series by bestselling author Cherisa Sinclair with Book 1: Club Shadowlands. Today’s episode includes a special cameo from Sadie herself as she narrates an excerpt live. Watch the full video at LINK. Grab your headphones and feel the tingles as the sound travels through both your heads (headphones with stereo setting required)

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𝓐 𝓢𝓪𝓭𝓲𝓮 𝓢𝓸𝓵𝓯𝓮𝓰𝓰𝓲𝓸 𝓔𝔁𝓹𝓮𝓻𝓲𝓶𝓮𝓷𝓽 | Sound Healing: Raising Vibes 1 Hz at a Time | A Different Take on Audio Analysis

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If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration -Nikola Tesla

I am no audio expert. I won’t even claim to be. I am learning. And, no, I am not using the SADIE system for this audio experiment as the title may indicate. I’m Sadie Alexa Knight, I produce audiobooks since June 15 2021. It’s now almost March 2022 and I’ve narrated over 40 audiobooks, many of which are already published. I love it. I literally had an itch to do it and dove right in. There was no dipping a toe in first to test the waters. I took it on myself and learned myself using the learning techniques that suit me best. I learn best by starting at the trunk of the tree, so by familiarizing myself with the big picture. Then, I list my questions and organize into categories. At which point, I then researching each category until I feel comfortable before moving onto the next. During learning the big picture (or the tree trunk first), of course branches sprout. During my learning process, in which I attacked various angles of audio, my mind was blown away. Since my mind is so blown away, please excuse the length of this video. See timestamp at 12:50 to go straight to the audio experiment section where I’ll be boosting the frequencies of a passage using the Solfeggio scale.

This auditory journey went from a lifetime of compliments on my voice coupled with my love of books. I also hated the mainstream expectations of Monday through Friday 8 to 5. So I jumbled it all together and became an audiobook producer. Without delving too deep, I had a real shit childhood. There was lots of darkness and I was in a constant state of anxiety. To get away, I read about places I wanted to be and people I wish I could become. I then turned to writing and that escape took me further. Not really having a voice growing up, I developed a softer, thinner voice without much saturation. Audio people, this makes sense to you. My love for reading and my nice voice (sorry if that sounds conceited!) led me to the world of audiobook narration. And although most narrators would just stop at learning how to meet the specs to get the files to pass through for publication, I went further. I wanted to know why my voice sounded the way it did, where the issues and perks were, and what I could do to produce a better file for the clients who were paying me. I see clients paying me as exchanging the value I can offer with the labor that takes away from their own dreams and family and takes food from the mouths of their own. It means a lot to me. I knew my files weren’t the best. My goal is to make them the best.

So, I started off with a focus on passing file specifications to get the book I was narrating published- peak, RMS and noise floor. So, I first learned to record using a free software- Audacity- and setting myself up there. This preparation stage sent me down a hallway of mics (dynamic vs condenser, and large-diaphragm vs small, XLR vs USB) and interfaces (vs mixers). This led me to learning input gain which led me to EQ, Compression, thresholds, ratios, attack and decay, Effects, wet and dry tracks. This brought me deeper into the rabbit hole to other DAWs where I could sweep the EQ which led me to researching what all those bands on the multiband compressor actually do. This tunneled me down further to mic patching, busses, sample and bit rates, looping. All this brought me to the headbanging experience of converting a 48k wav file to a 41k MP3 until I finally found iTunes for conversion.

Of course, I then dove into the anatomy of a waveform, the spectogram, plot analysis spectrum, formants, intensity levels. Then, naturally, after that, some linguistics, fricatives, the cardinal vowels, speech analysis came into play. I studied Praat software thanks to a YouTube Channel ‘Listen Lab’. Side note: the man who runs that channel is a professor at the University of Michigan and is a genius when it comes to speech acoustics. I studied where certain letters sat on the frequency spectrum. This then prompted me to recognize the relationship between sound (I.e.- energy, frequency) and mathematics. Synethesia suddenly made perfect sense. Tibetan Singing Bowls were no longer just cool bowls that sang. Now I understand what that song was all about. I finally understood what binaural beats were besides just being beats you hear binaurally. I then learned more in depth about Nikola Tesla, one of my few heroes- and what exactly he knew that we didn’t about that quote- energy and frequencies and understanding life. I’d heard of the Solfeggio Scale but I hadn’t really known what it was so I then looked into that. This concept brought me to so many places I wish I could stay forever. The Solfeggio concept was already in the realm I was living in currently- a place of spirituality and healing.

Solfeggio replaced with the modern day Twelve-tone Equal Temperament. These frequencies aren’t really considered healing. They’re quite bogging and some would even call them toxic. Losing touch with those magical frequencies, no wonder societys collective panties are in a bunch. On my own personal journey, as I mentioned prior- I had a shit life. I’m not ‘woe is me’ but, rather, I’ve been finding my own avenues of relief. The woes started at birth but reared their ugly head in early 2018. That year consisted of a deep depression and addiction, to homelessness, heartbreak, separation, suicide, then counseling, self-reflection, and a journey of walking my own path backward to better understand why the things that took me down in 2018 were allowed to shake me so hard. I went back to my roots, my childhood. I’m still kind of healing in that place and I admit it’s a scary place for me. I’ve even quit smoking cigarettes. But, something was lacking.

I still felt an imbalance so I knew I had to go deeper and have taken huge efforts to heal my mind and my heart. I’ve accepted that this effort will be a lifelong part of my life. I’ve done the outward work, the internal work, now I have to focus on the more spiritual, deeper, healing aspects that we can’t see or feel intensely in a way that we notice it. I’m doing sound healing. My niece is my love-bug and those familiar with this channel know the extent and depth of my love for her. I play Suduaya for her. He’s a French guitarist who does psyambient trance music. She loves it. We also enjoy most classical music. Her brain is young. She’s only four. She has a lot of development. A lot of benefit from this type of music and frequencies will help the synapses in her brain fire properly and will help develop parts of her brain that are undeveloped in modern society.

All this contemplation has led me to do a subtle experiment with what basic audio abilities I currently have. I wondered what it would do, if anything, if I took a passage of narration and kept it raw (with noise reduction, of course) but only boosted the frequencies on the Solfeggio scale. 6 notes on the Solfeggio, so 7 different readings of the same passage, each one boosted only at one of the Solfeggio frequencies. This would be comprised of the first reading without any boosts and the 6 readings thereafter boosted at a particular Solfeggio frequency. Will it make a difference? Will it make you feel different things? What if I just played each without telling you which frequency I boosted? Note your feelings for each entry and close your eyes. Music, harmony, frequency/energy is intended to not only be heard but felt. Feel the words and frequencies.

Also, take note that sound healing is widely used. There are even certain areas of the body correlate to a hertz when it comes to healing. An example is 30-100 Hz increasing cognitive functions in the brain and ultrasound, high frequency sound, being used to treat ailments such as chronic pain although, ironically, the ultra sound frequencies can also damage hearing. Even ailments, like depression, can be zoned into a certain frequency range.

My strange Sadie hypothesis is that, based on what I know about the frequency ranges, lower-vibration humans operate at a Hz lower than around 100 Hz, or even in the sub-bass range of 20-60 +/- Hz because this range is felt more than heard; it has a sense of power to it. Sensitive people can feel the energy of that pissed-off coworker or friend who had a shit day. The reason I speculate this is toxic humans would be rumbly, noisy, buzzzzzey, an inner energy and intent of not wanting to share the warnth. To go a bit further, I could see a low-vibrational human vibing at around 250- 500 +/- Hz, too, based on that area being a bit muddy-sounding when boosted. So I could imagine if a person has a lot of negative energy around them, as in ‘boosted’, their ‘song’ would be muddy, bordering on honky. Also, if you envision the loudness scale, the lower you are, there’s all these other frequencies on top of you. That’d be muddy, like a person bogged down. Yet the higher-vibing peeps are floating, like on Cloud 9 like the saying goes.

Enlightened humans would vibrate on a frequency of light, so the sparkle/bright/airy zone. When you get to around 6/7 kHz and higher, there’s clarity, brilliance, presence. I could see the ones on their way to awakening at 10kHz or above and the really enlightened ones at greater than 18 or 20k. Their energy-field would more outward, radiating from inside, a sharing of the light as opposed to a swallowing of it. They’d be floating, flying, all that air and room around them, less noisy frequencies to clog their spiritual pores. Ok, Audio folks, I am so sorry if that was like “what in the fuckeruck?” This is mainly an INFJ channel who just happens to have an audiobook narrator as the person responsible. If something stirs an interest, I attack that shit at all angles and the research sends me down rabbit holes.

Before we begin, here are your Solfeggio notes, courtesy of the Benedictine Monk Guido D’Aresso; also known as “Just Intonation”. As each passage plays, remember take notes on how it made you feel as you listened with your eyes closed.

Solfeggio Notes:

  • 396 Hz- creates a strong magnetic field of energy which helps and gives power to achieve goals. Liberates guilt and fear. (noted: 21Hz difference from 417)
  • 417 Hz- Wipes away negative energy or undoes situations that held negative outcomes (noted: 111 Hz difference from 528)
  • 528 Hz- “the miracle note” . Corresponds to the MI note (MI- ra gestorum; this means “miracle” in Latin). Self-healing, positive transformation (noted: 111 Hz difference from 639)
  • 639 hz- attracts love and raises energy, the “love frequency”. Balances emotion. (noted: 102 Hz difference from 741)
  • 741 Hz- acts as a magnet to block out negative energy (anger, jealousy…) (noted: 111 Hz difference from 852)
  • 852 Hz- a miracle tone for awakening intuition; helps one gain access to a higher energy source

One thing I noted in this chart is the most common difference in hertz between most of these scales is 111. Does 111 hold significance? Why?

This will probably be a flop with dialogue but here is today’s passage:

Of all endless variety of phenomena which nature presents to our senses, there is none that fills our minds with greater wonder than that inconceivably complex movement which, in its entirety, we designate as human life; Its mysterious origin is veiled in the forever impenetrable mist of the past, its character is rendered incomprehensible by its infinite intricacy, and its destination is hidden in the unfathomable depths of the future… -Nikola Tesla

Passage boosts: 1) raw, no boosts, 2) 528 Hz, 3) 852 Hz, 4) 741 Hz, 5) 396 Hz, 6) 417 Hz, 7) 639 Hz with all frequencies boosted by 6 dB.

So, what did each make you feel? What differences did you note, if any? Was this experiment fun or a flop?

Next, I’ll be using a passage and boosting at the 7 chakra levels. I’m now wondering why there is a difference of 48Hz in between most of these scales, or if that holds significance. So, from bottom up:

  • 432 Hz- root chakra- redefining; super soothing and healing. Creates a sense of peace and well-being. Strongly correlated to 440 Hz. (noted: 48 Hz from 480)
  • 480 Hz- sacral- orange (noted: 48Hz from 528)
  • 528 Hz- solar plexus- yellow (noted: 66Hz from 594)
  • 594 Hz- heart- green (noted: 78Hz from 672)
  • 672 Hz- throat- light blue (noted: 48Hz from 720)
  • 720 Hz- brow/third eye- indigo (noted: 48Hz from 768)
  • 768 Hz- crown- purple

INFJ Discussion: Aƚƚαƈƙ σϝ ȶɦɛ Kαɾҽɳʂ | Topics: misanthropy, snowflakes & redefining terms

Please note that all blog posts are transcripts of the YouTube video. Scroll to the bottom for the video.

It’s hot topic time and I mean hot. So, you’ve seen the title and description; we have a lot to talk about in a small amount of time.

Misanthropy. We know this term as a hate for humankind and what it stands for. Misanthropists see what humans stand for as just a pair of scrawny ass legs that can’t hold up shit. Let’s face it, humans have a tendency to mess up and fall. Most times, those falls aren’t graceful like those whimsical quotes “make the fall part of the dance” but, rather, clumsy face-first plops in the mud. In the last rant video “I’d rather deep throat barbed wire than be an extrovert”, this was discussed further.

So, what is there really to like about humans? Mainly, it’s not that I personally hate humans. I don’t. I just prefer not to be around them. One in a million give me hope even if they don’t restore my faith. My faith in humans has always been there and will always be there, all because of the few good deeds I do witness that nobody talks about. It’s an old man holding the small of his elderly wife’s back as she climbs the stairs. It’s a mom smiling at her baby without whipping her phone out to film it and planting a butt-ton of pecks on smooshy cheeks in a beautiful moment between mother and child. It’s every time I see another person bend down and take the time to grab that piece of litter. #LitterChallenge2022, don’t you forget it. Pick a spot and maintain it regularly. Mother Nature granted us all these beautiful magical things. Let’s show we appreciate these gifts.

Everywhere I go, it’s the humans being obnoxious or shitting on things. I don’t see animals stomping around the forest all moody, projecting their bullshit onto all the other animals, or ramming down all the trees in an effort to protest for animal rights. Their not the ones building stuff out of unnatural materials and leaving all that stuff laying around everywhere, too lazy to take care of it ourselves even though it belongs to us, full of narcissism that someone else will take care of it. There’s lots of other reasons humans piss me off, like posting your own good deed is inauthentic, how every person changes their hair or their style once they get a little confidence so instead of looking original they look like everybody else, how everyone virtue signals and screams “I’m calling the cops” when there’s the slightest disagreement, how we celebrate weird holiday traditions like going to haunted houses at Halloween which is soooo disrespectful, cheating and blaming the other woman (subscribe; we’re getting to this topic next time), how people whine about the schoolyard bully when in the 80s and 90s the bullies were bigger, beefier and kicked ass harder yet we didn’t cry to mommy for her to call the cops or start a protest at the next school board meeting. Kids duked it out. Parents talked it through. It happened. By saying it is the cause for suicide and depression isn’t entirely true; it’s a trigger. Humans rely too heavily on the trigger and not the root of the cause. They repeat cycles. All of this causes a huge distaste in my mouth.

Snowflakes in particular cause a distaste in my mouth. I like to call them Pansies. If you haven’t seen ‘The Detriment of Cancel Culture’ knock yourself out. I was wicked stoned, jamming out and just pressed Play then ranted about how cancel culture is a soul-sucker. Snowflakes, or what some call Liberals, the Left or Bleeding Hearts, are ruining human progress. Due to their sensitivity, discussion is off the table. Say something that hurts anybody, it’s “off with her head!” It’s not only “off with her head!”, it’s off with their familys heads and say bye-bye to all their careers and dreams and everything they ever worked for. See, someone can be an asshole yet still be a good mother, sister, worker, community service worker, etc. Every human being on this planet is part Saint, part Sinner. How you gonna judge somebody for sinning differently than you do? We no longer point the finger at the wrongdoer but everybody around them. Someone fell, now we gotta sue the company they were visiting, the building they were in and the city for not fixing their sidewalks 24/7/365 as if shit doesn’t just happen. We no longer point the finger at the mother who didn’t jump in the pool when her kid was drowning, we now point the finger at the lifeguard who had 15 other kids to watch, we blame the institution and ask they all get fired instead of pointing the finger at the mother whose job it was to be watching. We get hurt and say “hide it! Get rid of it! Pretend it never existed!” Guess what? History and people are full of evil. We need to accept that. We need to accept it’s within ourselves. Only then can everyone stop running around projecting their own insecurities, hurts and fears onto others. In our society, if somebody does a crime, we all demand public ownership and retribution. It’s not our place. The punishment should be between the criminal and the victim or the victims side. Yet there’s 8 billion of us running around so we need all these rules. Why? Mainly, to protect the softies. Let’s go back to wildlife again for this example. I don’t see this kind of chaos, all these rules and regulations, these punishments and caging one another up out there. Out there, if there’s beef, the two parties go head to head. One comes out the winner, one the loser, and both walked away owning it. Nobody cried. Nobody demanded payback. There was no trial. It just is. Humans ruin it.

Redefining Terms. Terms that pop out at me that are currently being misused or their definitions altered or changed entirely:

Hero because if somebody films you doing it, you’re suddenly a hero; it doesn’t even matter if what you did was heroic

Brave because you can just be a dude who wears a dress nowadays and be called brave

Bully because everybody who’s not nice to you is called a bully

Attacked because if somebody does something to you, you call it an attack

Assault because even that walk-of-shame regretful night long ago is labeled an assault

The R-word because that used to just be “no”

Harassment because if somebody does something you don’t like, you call it harassment

Male and Female considering these are the only two sexes and genders and if gender orientation wasn’t important as some communities claim, what’s the point in sex-change operations? Hypocritical contradiction and they don’t even realize it yet.

Beautiful because everybody is called beautiful. This word is meant to describe something outwardly. Inner beauty is entirely different. It’s now considered nice to call a woman beautiful even when she is not. This hinders that woman just so you know and it takes away from people who are because when they’re called it, they don’t believe it. It’s just something you say nowadays. It no longer holds meaning.

Phobia and Shaming because if you don’t like something or somebody, they use it against you and call you fatphobic or transphobic and label it ‘shaming’

Racist because if you’re not into a certain group of people, it all of the sudden means you’re racist. If you make a stereotypical quip, you’re suddenly racist. 100% of humans possess racial or stereotypical biases. If you say otherwise, you are a liar.

So, K, that’s my spiel. Tune in next time where we’ll get to other topics like the other woman, ghosting, shitting in public, how the keyboard on a computer is set up so fucked, and so on. Also, just so you know, this channel is part of the Sadie the Knight Writer blog and the podcast Storytime with Sadie where I get frisky with a mic while I read you kinky erotica books. Once in a while, I’ll be narrating adult books live so you get to see me give a mic a blow-job pretty much while I breathe all hot and heavy into it. It’s a different side to your lady Sadie that some of you won’t approve of. Just search ‘Storytime with Sadie’ on your favorite platform today or visit anchor.fm/sadietheknightwriter to choose from there. The sexxxy podcast is available on Apple, Spotify, and so many more! See you all there.

Storytime with Sadie 18+ | 𝒴𝑒𝓈, 𝒟𝒶𝒹𝒹𝓎!- Daddy/Daughter Escapades | “Schoolgirl Uniform” by Perverted Me

Welcome to 🅂🅃🄾🅁🅈🅃🄸🄼🄴 🅆🄸🅃🄷 🅂🄰🄳🄸🄴 🄰🅂🄼🅁 18+, part of the Sadie the Knight Writer blog and podcast (see links below). Today we’re reading an excerpt from Schoolgirl Uniform. Jenny, Chapter 1 by Perverted Me on literotica.com. Link https://www.literotica.com/s/schoolgirl-uniform-jenny-ch-01 in case you’d like to read along.

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𝕋𝕒𝕚𝕟𝕥𝕖𝕕 𝕃𝕠𝕧𝕖: How Adverse Childhood Trauma Affect the INFJ | When the A.C.E Becomes the Ace

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This video will be useful for those of you who are ACE children or who love one. See, ACE kids are different. It’s obvious. Some can hide it. Some display it in the wide open. Some are on the journey to healing. Some want to but don’t even know where to start.

To begin, an ACE child is one who was engulfed in toxic stress growing up. This entails neglect, abuse, witnessing or being the victim of violence. Commonly, per resilientchildfund.org the 10 ACES are:

Physical abuse

Sexual abuse

Verbal abuse

Physical neglect

Emotional neglect

A family member with a mental illness

A family member with a substance addiction

A family member incarcerated

Domestic violence in the home

Losing a parent to separation, divorce or death

The higher the score- meaning, the more boxes you check off- the more you are likely to suffer from:

Mental illness

Fantasies or thoughts of ending ones own life or actual attempts

Stroke or other heart issues

Other chronic health problems like cancer and diabetes

Substance abuse/misuse




Common traits of the ACE child as an adult include but are not limited to:


Abandonment issues

Dislike for humans or misanthropy

A disbelief in eternal or unconditional love

Adoration for animals and young children

A negative outlook on life and/or a feeling of constant hopelessness

Inability to distinguish between the promises of love or the reality of it

IED or spurts of anger/rage

What gives me the right to speak on this topic? I was a former mental health counselor to my peers as well as a mental health sufferer. I was treated for the s-word where one wishes to take their own life (I can’t say the word or Youtube will scold me) once but the s-word was a part of my life in a very serious manner twice. I was a drug addict. I’ve been homeless. I had PTSD from my neighbor beating me near-death when I was 24. My ACE score is pretty high- an 8/10. I was not sexual abused as a child nor did I have a parent incarcerated, but I did have an ex who used to play pretty dark games with me when I misbehaved. I had the living shit kicked out of me since I was 6ish and called Bitch since I was four. I got beat for spilling paint or losing a barbie shoe. My entire existence was in fear. Even now, the abuser is still so. She is elderly now.

Kids are not born jovial but it isn’t long until they get there. If you truly think about it, an animal can fall out of their mom’s vagina and land on the hard ground yet start to walk within hours, barely bitching and moaning the way human babies do. When a human baby enters this world, it’s a struggle from the break. There’s this teeny weeny canal that the baby smooshes their entire head in trying to squeeze through. Once they get out of that crazy tunnel, it’s an outburst of crying. The bitching starts right away. But, like I said, that slows down and the baby turns cool. It’s said that joy is a baby’s natural state. This joy usually dwindles when a child begins school, as this is when rules and others dictating parts of our lives begins, and tapers off in adolescence.

The child already doesn’t want to be here. It’s not as if they asked for this life anyway. Once they go home, if that home is not safe, if their caregivers do not evoke the feeling of safety, trouble brews. The first few years of life are so crucial for brain development. Synapses need to fire. Things need to get worked in order to develop properly. Sometimes if some parts don’t develop, other parts can’t flourish either which can lead to an even bigger problem- i.e. an even bigger imbalance in brain development. Every part of the human body is connected. So if neurons and such don’t get exercised properly, it could affect other parts of the body. Hence, chronic illnesses being a possibility for ACE children.

A child does not learn from words but by action. It is a natural biological instinct to need that caregiver and to behave in ways to appease them. If that caregiver- most times, the parent or parents- yells without explanation, acts out without apology, does not hide their own pain and sadness, projects their own woes onto their children emotionally or physically, the child lives in a world of darkness. The body is releasing all the stress hormones into the body. Eventually, all it takes is a sneeze from that offending caregiver for those hormones to flood into the developing body. After a while, that’s their constant mode- a fight or flight hypervigilance because they never know when it’s coming. All they know is it is coming. It being the abuse they are victim to or witness and the other traumas they’re exposed to.

It is also said that as a person grows up, they seek relationships and partners that are familiar. ACE children have a tendency to seek or attract friends just as broken as they are and lovers who are familiar but incompatible. Until they realize their past, reflect on it, and truly start to heal, cycles get repeated, feelings get bottled up or keep spewing out of the surface like a volcano, and humans put more stock in the darkness than the light. It’s what people know. As INFJ, or any highly sensitive individual, the ACES from childhood shape how we love now. Sure, life teaches us this too and the experiences throughout our entire lifetime, but it’s those traumas we hadn’t yet healed from or faced from the start of us/our beginnings, our roots, that truly shape our mindset. We can want or dream all we want but what we believe in or put stock in is what we knew. One warm fuzzy moment out of 100 by no means compensates for it.

For INFJ, or highly sensitive souls, the more you see, the more you know- and, mind you, you know all this from firsthand experience- the more things hurt. The more the darkness seems to outweigh the bright. It’s not us being negative, it’s our reality. The grown ACE child in our NF predicament finds it hard to trust. We’ll always speculate if the “I love you” from others is genuine. We doubt most humans have the right intentions. The ACE child grown up understands the serial killer, the rapist, the child abuser, the criminal. The few times they witnessed a good deed or an authentic smile still keeps that inkling of hope within them. It’s why they may not hate humans entirely even if they do feel so much better without them. It’s why they still believe in angels too and not just demons. The ACE INFJ chooses to be alone. It’s far from lonely. They’re with the one person they can trust. They know animals and young children- before the world gets the chance to taint them- are their true selves and it’s why ACE INFJ respects them like none other.

Once the ACE NF personality does take those first steps to healing, they realize they may never be wholly happy but they do give their full love and loyalty to their beloveds. A cognizant ACE NF stops cycles even if they still dwell on things every once in a while. You can remove a person from ACE situations but, once exposed, you can never erase the ACES from that person. An ACE NF all grown up is half saint-half sinner. They’re super sensitive with eyes wide open. This makes them difficult to date…until you begin to understand their brain chemistry and learn what makes them tick. The last thing anyone should do to an ACE NF is to persecute them for their honest feelings or to leave them in your dust. ACE NF’s need closure and acceptance, to be heard not healed. Once the holes of their childhoods get filled in slowly, they’re the biggest lovebugs and the deepest souls you’ll ever meet.


𝑯𝒂𝒏𝒅𝒔 & 𝑯𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒔 𝑼𝒑 𝒇𝒐𝒓 𝑼𝒌𝒓𝒂𝒊𝒏𝒆, INFJS, our light is needed right now! | Rewinding the war timeline to 1950…

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Why this video? Well, we all know about the invasion on Ukraine. We all know what kind of evil is going on right now, as we speak. Some of us, INFJs in particular, are feeling it. This feeling of sadness is super heavy. I’m personally shook. There is lead in my gut. In short, I feel if leaders want to fight one another, they need to get into a ring and leave the rest of the world out of it. It’s a disgusting narcissistic petty act of whose dick is bigger. The one who swings the hardest obviously has more to prove, now doesn’t he?

So this Russia-Ukraine War has me feeling lots of sadness and a kind of despair easily put into words. It’s familiar. See, I am a direct descendant of war, a daughter of a Korean War victim. In 1951 South Korea was invaded. My mom was a teeny weeny kid. 8. Her village got blasted. It’s not even on the map anymore. It does not exist. Her birth certificate is on rice paper. She got pushed south from the north, her now the leader of the Chang sibling tribe 4-strong with 2 dead parents. I don’t know where the kids hid, when they reached safety or if any adults looked after them once they reached South Korea. I don’t know what Ma ate, where she slept but I do know, now at near 80, those war cuts still run deep. Those scars from 8 lasted her a lifetime. Now her brain is attacking her and she’ll never see Korea or her 2 brothers and sister again. All her history will be lost.

Knowing how civilians suffer makes this war hurt deeply. When I heard of the invasion on Ukraine, it was real. So far away, just some chick in America, I still felt like an 8 year old stuck in Korea. I cried. I felt it in my chest. My stomach twisted. I pictured being a child, with glitter-coated eyes still believing in magic dust, hearing bombs, seeing flames, watching the adults around them worry. They don’t understand what’s really going on, the games being played, the power involved. They’re kids. They’re bundles of snot who sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star out of the blue while playing a game of make-believe. They are curiosity, mischief and imagination on two legs. They hug new friends on the playground and feed their last grape to their favorite stuffed animal.

Children have faith in our world. As grown-ups, we need to keep that faith going because we need their unique kindness and their song. Adults- we’re already jaded. The glitter coating dissolved from our eyes long ago. Even as an adult though, there’s still that kid in all of us. The thought of all those people big or little, scared, trapped as pawns on a shady ass chessboard, cracks my heart.

Here’s a chart that always stuck with me (chart: cycle of war):

In a world with so many people and ideas, beliefs and ideologies, discussion and negotiation falls off the table. We’re too busy validating our worth while proving everyone else is wrong. If you dwell on the fact that humans repeat cycles all for the sake of a win, it’s enough to shake you. Dwell too long, it’s enough to cause your loss of faith in humanity.

In my teeny tiny world, from the smallest channel in youtubeland, I send so much love and warmth to all those involved in this war in Ukraine. The secrets of the universe are locked within vibration, frequency, energy. So, everybody watching, if we all send our bundled energy balls of love, we could create a protective energetic field around the most vulnerable. Look at the power all those prayers worldwide had for the Cokeville disaster. All those individual prayers got bundled into protection for those children. We can do the same for Ukraine. We can at least try. Crazy or not, that’s the most common regret in life- not trying.

One by one, let’s send our loving energy to Ukraine. Hands and hearts up, INFJs, our light is needed right now.

If you’d like to learn more or help out with the Chang Sibling Reunification Fund, please visit theknight.site/changreunification . It may seem like it’s too late to reunite the Chang siblings of the Korean War but only time can tell. All I can do is try. If I was that 8 year old, I’d want someone to try for me, someone to restore my faith in humanity before I go. Knowing how much my mother loves her two brothers and sister, I’d want to see my loves in my final chapter too.


Now, for the ones who need this message, you landed on it for a reason. I understand life gets dark and it can dim our faith. Oddly, the sadness proves we stand a chance. Buddha said life is suffering. Tesla believed life is energy. Both were right- we gotta use our sufferings wisely. Keep caring, just balance the scales and care more about yourself too because you’re fucking worth it and don’t you forget it.

Thanks so much for listening. Sparkle bright. I mean it.

All my love, Sadie Alexa Knight

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The more you think about it…. | Life’s little oddities you rarely think about | INFJ Discussion

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Happy 2/22/22!

Sometimes I get some killer weed and start to ponder about life. Then I ponder and I’m blown away by how fucked up things are yet how mind-blowing it all is, life is. It helps me realize why things are the way they are and why humankind is so broken individually and as a whole.

Women are all like “ugh men suck!” It’s biological. They’re only meant to spread their seed. Marriage was created to keep them around. Then divorce was created. And, ironically, divorce prevents crime. Now, ain’t that a fucked up dick to suck on?

When people die, think about all the passwords they took with them to the grave. All those lost journal entries, lost stories, an epic novel in draft stage, little slivers of their life….just poof .

When you put makeup on, you’re clogging your pores in the way that you’re either covering it or placing something into it. What about roads? Maybe the clogging of Earth’s pores is contributing to some of the global warming we’re seeing. See, when you put the concealer on your face, it prevents proper air flow to the skin. Wouldn’t this concrete jungle we’ve built behave in the same manner?

Hepatitis-B. This virus is very peculiar. I was just re-watching an Ali Wong skit the other day and she said it right “it lives in the man’s body but goes boo! in the womans”. How fucked is that?

The auditory and visual spectrum. Humans can only see certain colors and their audible range is roughly from 20-20,000 Hz. That’s a huge range, but not really. Every being is energy. Energy doesn’t die. Every being emits a sound that falls somewhere on the frequency range, most not on our frequency range. If we could hear all the trees, plants, animals, it’d be deafening. Then, there’s color. Imagine if we could see to our fullest extent. It’d be scary as hell. It’d be a bunch of humans with bugs crawling all over them, literally. Just mites and bacteria clinging to cheeks, dangling from eyebrows, scurrying over arms and legs. Weird!

Even weirder, yet astounding, is this auditory-visual spectrum we know. Sounds and color all sit on a certain spectrum. Our senses interpret those frequencies into the color of the rainbow. Nuts.

Now, considering this, speaking of energy never dying- fossil fuels are a bizarre concept. We run modern machines on the sludge of ancient fossils. We pull out of the ground in a matter of centuries what took eons to accumulate. All beings are also interconnected in the web of life. To extract from the Earth the nutrients that millions of years fed her in such a short amount of time seems a little draining, dehydrating. That’d be like removing all the moisture from your body. See how fast that’ll age you!

Young children are absolute geniuses. You’re probably like “huh? Then why do we have to wipe their asses?” Hear me out. We’re walking around with a bunch of Tesla’s and don’t even give them enough credit. Side note: Tesla. I don’t call people Einstein’s unless I mean to insult them. Einstein was a crook and a horrible friend. Take that neuron and fire it. But when it comes to linguistics and speech, that’s some tough stuff! The capacity their brains have to be order to separate sounds into words, interpret intonation with feelings and so on is amazing. Then, the bilingual toddlers or those who also know sign language, wow! That right there is brain power.

Sex. The more you think about it, sex is super gross. It feels amaze-balls but that exchange of microscopic bugs and weird liquids is enough to make you gag (silently barfs).

K, that’s my spiel. See ya next time.



INFJ Discussion: 𝔈𝔯𝔯𝔬𝔯𝔰 & 𝔈𝔳𝔦𝔩 | Topics: recent cases of 2021 (Laundrie, Chauvin, Aguilera-Mederos)

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Today’s episode should be called What in the holy BLEEP because this isn’t going to go over well. When shit gets real, it doesn’t usually pan out very well for the whistleblower or the truth-teller. Fuck it though; let’s hit it.

A lot has been on my mind as usual. I always have so much to say but I rarely say it all, if at all, because people in general can’t handle the truth. If they were given two choices- comfortable lies or truths- they’d go for the comfortable lies. Me? I want hard truths. Truth, although it does hurt at times, is not a detriment. It’s a push forward. It’s a discussion yearning to be had.

Humans are very judgmental. We won’t even bother to walk a mile before casting stones. When it comes to recent cases that hit hard in the mainstream media, I wonder if anybody is looking at all angles and truly analyzing what went on, why, how to fix it. If not fix it, how to make it better for tomorrow because obviously yesterday was shit. I’m gonna really get it for this but two human beings come to mind- Derek Chauvin and Brian Laundrie. I won’t go into the politics nor am I condoning violence or bad behavior but it must be said. So, hate me if you want, but I’m going to say it.

Derek wasn’t by any means right in what he did. It wouldn’t have mattered what George did in his life here on Earth to make what happened to him right. But when I saw Derek’s photo after his arrest, I saw a lot. It was written all over his eyes. Most people, if not all, believed he was only upset because he was caught. They see him as an ego-maniac who couldn’t control that ego and killed a man without remorse out of spite. I saw otherwise. I saw a man who learned somewhere along his journey how to be neglectful of others. I saw a man whose wife left him, who society persecuted to the fullest. I saw a man who had already been led astray in his earlier years further led astray by mainstream injustice.

It is not a right of any of ours to need details of a crime. It’s not our business. Yes, we are citizens and this is a society with laws, but what he or she does is not us. Their story is not ours. We have no clue all the aspects involved. It’s like those movies about criminals that really get into their life. Often times, the viewer eventually sympathizes and gains an understanding of that crime and all the whys that nobody ever bothered to ask or analyze. Life isn’t a movie but movies hold aspects of real life.

In that photo of Derek, I saw a man who lost it all because of a moment of ego. But do his moments of ego say he should be persecuted and dragged through the mud over and over and over again? How long does a person pay for what they did- forever? Until their last breath? After they die? When does persecution end and rehabilitation begin? Say I was Derek. I could picture myself acting a fool with a crowd barking orders at me. I’d lived a life of orders barked at me. Maybe Derek did too. I could see how he did what he did without intending to hurt or harm. Sometimes if you have a dark life, it overtakes your logic. I’ve acted a fool but I’m not one. My terrible disgusting moments don’t define me. It’s how I redeem myself that matters. But guess what? We didn’t give Derek that opportunity to learn and live better tomorrow, to do better. I honestly fear by the public persecution and hate, we may have created more of a demon than before.

We all live our lives asking to be heard, to be seen, understood. What makes any of us so special that it’s only about us? Why can’t we hear, see, understand others- even the bastards and assholes?

This brings me to Brian Laundrie. I may not have followed the case but I do use Youtube so it’s safe to say the case followed me. It was always on my feed. I understand the pain and heartache and injustice of what happened to Gabrielle. What I do not understand is why his parents got the shit shaft. I don’t know about you but I know I personally love my kids more than anything and more than everything combined. I would rather die than lose them. If I was at a cliff and both my babygirl slipped along with the kid next to her. Say I was there and I was the one who held onto both of them- like that scene with Elijah Wood and Macauley Culkin in The Good Son. Say I had a choice of who I had to let go of to benefit the other, or else everybody loses. Without hesitation, I would hang onto my child and let go of someone else’s child.

This is what the Laundries did. I read the comments on videos. I pray Brian’s parents didn’t. Most people, if not all, were condemning the Laundries, like “what if it was your kid?” or “they owe the Petitos answers”. I always sat back and said “Why?” Yes, you would want somebody to step up and speak up so it benefits you. The facts are it wasn’t their child. They chose their child over anothers. We all would do the same. I also put myself in Brians shoes. I wondered what I’d do in a particular scenario. All I can say, in this life, in this kind of world, with this kind of insensitive society, I would’ve stayed quiet too. All I can is they lost a lot in this too. I guarantee you they did grieve Gabrielle too. Even if they showed it, it’s too late- the public already chose whose side they were on. The other side held no chance. Their tears or grief would’ve been called “fake” or “lies”. Now, they lost their son. Now, the public of against them. Life is so different now. I can understand that loss, that kind of pain. As a society, it’s not our place to judge or scorn or dictate what they should have done. I can say it’s rule #1 to shhhh when questioned by the police and get an attorney. That is what they did and we cannot fault them for that. To also see a society that grieved for the death of the girlfriend with no regard to their son, I don’t know if I’d feel I owed anybody anything either.

Last but not least, Aguilera-Mederos, the truckers whose 100-year sentence got reduced. Many say, not all, that he could have done differently and was responsible for the other lives lost. I disagree. I know my situation is not as severe but when I was a kid I was going down this big hill on my new bicycle. I saw the car coming. I saw it. All I did was close my eyes and brace myself for the impact. I knew it’d happen anyway. Due to this minor incident in my youth, I can damn well picture myself closing my eyes and saying my last prayers before the blackness came, before nothingness came. If my truck lost its brakes and I was in a panic flying down a hill thinking I’d die, I truly don’t think I could scan my surroundings for a way to spare the lives of others. It’s not selfish, it’s reality.

Fast forward to court. He was truly remorseful. The majority was right with him. An accident is just that sometimes, an accident. Not all loss needs someone to pay for it. Sometimes losses happen, accidents and mistakes happen. It’s as if you can’t take any job now where there’s any interaction with people. It’s too much of a risk. They could sue. You could have a bad day and say the wrong thing and someone could film you. There was a case of a lifeguard who didn’t rescue a child quick enough although the mother was right there and swimming, like all else you choose to do, is at-your-own-risk. Why only point the finger at the lifeguard who had 15 other kids to keep an eye on instead of the mother who only had one? It’s bullshit. You can’t even have a CPR-certification without being responsible for literally everyone’s life around you. These kinds of things make sensible logical people not want to be a trucker or a lifeguard or get that certification, etc.

That’s my rant. Most of you probably disagree. But that’s ok. How do you think society has gotten as far as this in what little time we had- discussion and trial and error, right? If we can’t disagree on things without you wanting to cancel me or fuck my life up, ruin all the stuff I built in my yesteryears for one horrible moment or two, we don’t stand a chance. Regarding the first two men I mentioned in this video, I see all sides, I feel for ALL parties involved. I can imagine what it’d feel like on both sides. However, disagree or not, you want me on your jury if ever you fuck it up. And you will. We all do. Some of us just don’t get caught. Having a person with an open mindset and knowledge of mind and matter, nature and nurture, lifes woes and what can cause a human to turn into a devil on your jury benefits everyone. I wouldn’t scorn you for your crimes or wrongdoings. I may judge a little but, eventually, I absolutely would want to learn about it. So, if you fuck it up later on, and I’m on your jury, you’ll be like “I should’ve never been an asshole to that chick for seeing all sides”. Also, it’s a huge detriment to society to get rid of everything that hurts you or reminds you of bad stuff. That’s not real life. You can’t say “ouch” then snap your fingers and poof! It’s gone! Life isn’t like that.

K, that’s it. Until next time when I’ll be bitching and moaning about snowflakes, bullshit movements, pedophiles, hit & runs and stuff. Pedophiles and hit and runs?! Dafuq? Yea, you heard it. I have an opinion. Only one other person on this planet that I have heard agrees with my take on it and that is Teal Swan. I don’t follow her. I just stumbled on a couple videos that I agree with so I gave a listen. Remember, to understand and see all sides, sometimes you give a listen to even the things you don’t want to.

Your lady Sadie checking out of this bitch.