Chang Sibling Reunification Fund

Welcome to the Chang Sibling Reunification Fund Web Page

This page is dedicated to the reunification of the Chang siblings from Korea, separated in 1976. In the summer of 1950, the proxy Korean War officially began. Nearly 5 million lives were lost and more than half were civilians! Two lives lost during this war were my maternal grandparents. Once my mother, Chang Yong-Ja’s, village was destroyed, she was pushed south with her three younger siblings. Mom was 8 and the eldest of the four. At this point, she became their mother. To this day, Mother still does not talk of the war, of where her and her siblings fled to, the traumatic abusive aftermath that followed.

Fast forward to 1976. Mother comes to America. Almost immediately, another traumatic journey begins. Her money is stolen and all communication with her siblings back home in Korea were lost. After decades of mental and emotional turmoil, Yong-Cha (Yong-Ja) Chang has suffered a couple of strokes and is falling into dementia. Her final wish is to return to Korea one last time and to find her two younger brothers and her younger sister. This is all she has always wanted. Again, she does not discuss the events of the war and her life back in Korea so very little information is known. Spellings and dates may not be accurate.

INFO: Seeking Chang Tek-Ha (born around 1949), Chang Kyu-Ha (born around 1948) and Chang Seon-dok (born around 1952). Parents are Chang Pyong-Hun (born around 1920) and Kim Ok Sun (born around 1921; had my mother Yong-Cha at age 21).

Yong-Cha Chang birthplace (per records): born 30 September 1942 at 30 san Suryangri Korea. Last known address was in Seoul, South Korea.