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Where is the Knight Writer from? Sadie Alexa was born, raised and still resides in the beautiful state of New Hampshire, USA. She currently lives in a secluded location in the White Mountains- luscious land of dense forest, breathtaking views, lakes, fresh air and melodious birdsong.

What are her roots? Sadie is French-Canadian, Scottish, Korean and Native American (Abenaki). Her father’s family arrived from France and Canada. Her mother, a survivor of the traumatic Korean War where she lost birth parents when she was 9, was born in a South Korean village by Seoul and arrived in San Francisco, USA, in 1977.

What does she do? As of now, Sadie’s an author (under a pen name), audiobook narrator and voiceover artist, blogger and vlogger, and podcaster.

What did Sadie do before the narration company? She’s always had side hustles on top of full-time work. From 2004-2010, she did voiceovers for small business and narrations as well as freelance editing. In 2021, after starting her YouTube channel in 2020 with great feedback, she was again inspired to join the world of voiceover and narration. She recently also worked as a mental health counselor to her peers (depression, anxiety, domestic violence) and medical biller and coder.

How did all these ventures begin? After a few intense hardballs, it was now; later no longer existed. In short, after her own struggles with mental health, the bounce back was super bouncy!

What are Sadie’s hobbies and interests? Easiest question! Reading, writing, narrating, anything to do with Nature (yes, even bugs!), and being with her son and niece. She also loves researching and learning about any and everything that sparks an iota of interest, genealogy (she’s traced 4 trees, 2 to BCE!), and absolutely always has a notebook and pencil with her! Her favorite being is the tree, her fave animal is the moose, colors are blood red and sunshine yellow, and her favoritest sounds in the world are birds tweeting and her niece giggling.

Is Sadie an ‘influencer’? No! In textbook terms, she’s a “micro influencer”. By no means whatsoever does she consider herself above anybody but, rather, equal. She dislikes some of the mainstream and social media aspects of society and believes the ‘Follow’ button should say ‘Friends’.

Knight Narrations LLC

When did Knight Narrations open to the public? June 15, 2021, but we started taking clients in April.

What is Knight Narrations anyway? An incorporated business entity that provides audio and digital services such as voiceover, audiobook narration and production, ebook formatting and conversion, and creation of forms for small businesses. Knight Narrations legally operates as an Information (51) Audio Studio (240). Entities operating under the business: Sadie Alexa Knight, Channel 11: INFJ Kingdom on YouTube, the Sadie the Knight Writer blog, and the Sadie the Knight Writer podcast.

Why should companies and writers choose Knight Narrations? The administrative staff is outstanding- professional and prompt! To date, no files have failed specifications on any platform and client reviews are phenomenal. Other companies charge an arm and a leg but Knight Narrations doesn’t see dollar signs. The company and all its members take this industry serious out of respect and passion. It’s all about creating wanderlust beyond the page™!

How did the tagline come to fruition? ωαη∂єяℓυѕт ცɛყơŋɖ ɬɧɛ ℘ąɠɛ…™ just hit Sadie out of the blue one day while thinking about a tagline for her new series, The Spellbound Series. Since so much of her being consists of literature and art, it seemed to fit her brand in all aspects.

Where is the studio located? Is there walk-in service? Knight Narrations is registered in NH with an operating studio headquartered in the northern region of the state. Due to its secluded mountain location, there is no physical public address or walk-in service. All orders are digital.

How do I pay for services? Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover accepted upon invoicing. Options- PayPal or Cash App QR, or PayPal, Cash App or Buy Me A Coffee link. (PayPal guest checkout available; account not required!)

What’s ahead for Knight Narrations? As of June 2021, there are three audiobooks in queue, four already created and two currently in production! As for videos, podcasts and blogs, uploads are added weekly to biweekly. In short, there’s lots to do but Sadie makes sure it all gets done according to schedule.


What’s the audiobook market like? It’s hopping! The trend was ebooks and nowadays people want to listen on the go. They’re costly to create but books that want a larger audience or are doing well already in other formats should become audiobooks too. Of course, to many, there’s still nothing like a good old paperback in hand.

Why are PFH rates so steep? The time it takes from preparation, narrating, and editing to mastering, exporting, retakes, QC, and metadata can be lengthy. Equipment and softwares are also factored in.

How does the narrator prepare the book to start recording? Each book or story is analyzed by the narrator for tone, pacing, style and any questions for the rightsholder (like name pronunciations, character accent and clarifications). On top of that, if the narrator comes across an unfamiliar word or concept, there’s research involved in order to capture the proper tone.

Are rates negotiable? No. The rates listed are floor rates (minimum charge). All projects are quoted based on word count, complexity and other factors involved. Knight Narrations charges half of what most others in the industry want you to pay.

What if I don’t like what I hear? Feedback is very welcome! We aren’t happy until you are! Up to 3 retakes are allowed and must be requested in writing.

What’s it like to narrate and produce an audiobook? How long does it take? As discussed, it’s time-consuming and, thus, costly. It’s fun producing one and the narrator has to remain focused and healthy in both mind and voice and be familiar with the material or manuscript. They can take anywhere from a couple days to a few weeks depending on length. Each finished audio hour can take up to four times that amount to produce. I.e.- one finished hour of audio from a highly technical manual could take four or more actual hours to create (meaning prep, record, edit, master, export).

How long is the process on my end? As long as you reply to our necessary inquiries timely, production could take a day or two to begin. Clients are kept in the loop the entire way!

What software and equipment does Knight Narrations produce with? Various. Based on factors, softwares used could be Black Magic Design, Presonus, Pro Tools, Audacity or Adobe. The professional studio is equipped with high-quality microphones, computing system and all other necessary production items.

How do I contact the narrator? Is customer support any good? By using the contact form on your private tracking page if you opted for one, the contact form on the Contact page, or by emailing Narrations@theknight.site. All inquiries are responded to within 48 hours.

How can I be assured files meet standard requirements? Knight Narrations runs each file through an analytics process to assure there is proper room tone at the head and tail of each file; peak, RMS and noise floor levels meet universal standards; the file has been exported properly with correct metadata added; and is free of erroneous sounds and interferences. Files that fail analytics will never be considered complete. To date, no files have failed!

What is the private tracking page all about? Everything you need is there- service agreements, invoices and other documents to download or view; final mp3 files to download with specs; notes or questions for the author/rightsholder; a contact form to reach us in a jiffy; manuscript details or typos/errors noted during narration; payment options; and notes on the progress of your project. Pages are always private and protected by password.

Ebooks/digital books & Forms

What exactly does Knight Narrations do when it comes to ebooks? Forms? Digital book formatting and conversion to ebook form. Professional forms, including fillable, for businesses.

Why ebooks anyway? Knight Narrations just loves loves loves all things books! We even sell print books in our bookstore to represent authors we’ve narrated for and have a shipping agreement with.

Is it worth it to create an ebook for readers? Yes! Readers come in all forms from paperback and hardcover lovers to digital divas to audiobook aficionados.


Is the channel monetized? YouTube does not allow for monetization until a creator has been active for one year. The one year anniversary for Channel 11: INFJ Kingdom is in September 2021!

How many subscribers does INFJ Kingdom have? Channel 11 is almost at 1,000 family members as of June 2021. The channel is far from mainstream and dives deep. INFJ is also a rare personality type (about 2% of the population) so the climb is rougher than other channels that cater to mainstream audiences.

What’s the community atmosphere? Super warm, positive and inspiring! Although Sadie does love the compliments received by viewers on the content and her voice, what touches her the most are the “your videos help me” accolades. To make a difference to one feels as if it’s a million.

Why types of videos are published? INFJ info, Gemini tidbits, writing tips and adult storytime ASMR.

To date, what is the most popular video? Top video as of June 2021 is the June 24 2021 Storytime with Sadie ASMR episode titled “Lez Be Honest”. Prior, contenders for number one were “The Darker Side of an INFJ?/ An INFJ is Mad at You? Uh-oh!” and “To the INFJ Who Walks Alone”.

What’s up with the funky titles and descriptions? To be unique and different from all the rest. The titles and fonts will catch on; other similar channels have already started to publish nearly-identical replicas of Channel 11’s very catchy titles as well as starting to also use decorative fonts. Sadie also likes naming things, like Minerva the houseplant fern, Millie the Moose, Hank the bird, and her two bingo daubs Mister Daubelina and Mister Bob Daubelina.

Blog/Vlog & Podcast

Are all YouTube videos available on the blog and podcast? Yes and usually the same day as the video is uploaded to YouTube. Videos go live at 5am EST on the day of release, blogs are published at 6am and podcasts at 8am. This gives each platform time to catalog the data for their algorithms by late morning/early afternoon.

Where do I read the blog? theknight.site/blog

What’s in it for me with monthly premium content? Usual storytime ASMR episodes are short and mildly tame. Premium episodes are long enough to get the job done and the content much more graphic and customized to listeners. Access is granted to subscribers only and are not showcased anywhere else.

Where do I listen to the podcast? Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Radio Public and Pocket Casts. Visit this page to see platforms and links.

Where can I send my suggestions for future topics? infjkingdom@theknight.site

What’s the most viewed blog and podcast episode? “Bend Over Baby” and “Bang Me…Harder!”, two Storytime with Sadie ASMR episodes, and “The Oubliette: INFJ Shadow Functions”, “INFJ Vs the Narcissist” and “The INFJ Luck Dragon/Manifesting Tomorrow/Now is Better Than What If?” for INFJ content.