Welcome to the Knight Narrations showcase to see some works narrated by Sadie Alexa Knight and produced by Knight Narrations LLC. Visit Sadie’s other profiles to view additional samples. See books on Audible narrated by Sadie by clicking here! Please be warned that this showcase contains excerpts from graphic erotica novels. At Knight Narrations, we don’t discriminate- we’re pleased to narrate all genres from corporate voiceovers to children’s books.

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Religion & Spirituality

Reiki for Beginners by Akasha M Perry

Who can learn Reiki? Anyone, as long as they agree to be attuned. What is Reiki and how do we use it emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically?

Also categorized as Personal Development.

Personal Development

Retroactive Jealousy by Stacy L. Rainier

Retroactive Jealousy cover

Become your best self by breaking old habits and crushing intrusive thoughts. Better late than never!

Health & Wellness

Health Wellness Circle by Timothy Mario Williams

This is a health and wellness audiobook covering exercise, proper rest, diet, and so much more! This includes a complete layout for keeping your body in tip-top shape. 


What If by Rudy Ponder

Love, gain, loss, heartbreak, and all the moments in-between. True love is truly once in a lifetime…


The Stranger’s Touch: A Sweet Love Story by Kristopher Reece

Stranger’s Touch audible edition cover

On a cold December night, Mark, an older and very wealthy New York City attorney and Abby, a young struggling waitress and mother of twins, cross paths on a busy New York City sidewalk. When they innocently touch in passing, a strong and mysterious spark ignites between them…setting fate’s plan into motion.


Alice in Futa Wonderland 1 & 2 by Reed James

Series by erotica author Reed James

Warning: this series is for adults only

What wonderful delights will Alice discover in Futa Wonderland?!

Book 1
Book 2


Pandora’s Naughty Futa Box Collection 1 by Reed James

Warning: this novel is for adults only

Uh-oh! Pandora unleashed something naughty!


Handbook for Clinical Ultrasound by Johns Hopkins University Professor Amir Manbachi, PhD

Cover design by Ian Suk

This book aims to introduce you to the fundamental topics and jargon you will encounter in the world of biomedical ultrasound. It is intended to be a brief, accessible resource for audiences with only very little experience with ultrasound (or perhaps with none at all). 

Also categorized as Educational.


Unbelievable Facts About Fish! by Edward Shelton

book cover

Are you a clueless fish owner who knows nothing about the history of fish? Do you want to bond with your fish and learn more about their origins, what they are truly capable of and how they became our adorable and trustworthy companions?


Beauty’s Release and Beauty’s Kingdom by AN Roquelaure

Warning: this novel is for adults only

Tune into this Storytime with Sadie 18+ erotic episode where we’ll be reading books 3 & 4 of Anne Rice’s Claiming of Sleeping Beauty series.

Also categorized as Erotica.

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