ᎦᏒᏋᏋ ᏰᎥᏒᎴ- The Value of Independence as an INFJ | Less is More! | Independence Day 2021

The Value of Independence as an INFJ. INFJ, of all types in the MBTI, values freedom. In a place where freedom is so hard to find, they find themselves constantly navigating rough terrain. In their eyes, it seems nothing comes easy, no feat without failure. As children, INFJ explored. They went further down the trails and encouraged others to find out what was beyond it. They may not have been scholars in the subjects shoved down their throats but they absolutely excelled in the topics they found interesting.
As they aged, they were labeled as a rebel and viewed as reckless adolescence all for not bending too much or as much as everyone else. In their latter years, their words and perceptions were called upon to start discussions and to get the rest of the class or group going. They’re like oil to the gears. In adulthood, especially once they find themselves- rather, own who they are- they’re a force to be reckoned with. Still a rebel, still reckless, but with more wisdom and realizations; also, with less expectation. Their words carry weight. Their actions carry merit. This all boils down to free will.