Writing Tips- Part 4

Helpful writing, marketing, and publishing tips to get you started, assist in the middle and help as you pen ‘the end’. If you’re preparing for Nanowrimo or just looking to become a better writer, I got you covered!

In the first three installments of the Spilling the Ink: Writing Tips series, we discussed tips on outlining; drafting & organization; series bibles; author/writer marketing; book branding and marketing tips, tricks, and techniques; SEO and search engines; writing sprints; more fast drafting; outlining; story development; and so much more!

Now, we’ll get more into beta readers, self-publishing & querying! Whether you’re looking to to go indie by self-publishing or looking to publish the traditional route, stick around for helpful tips.

Please like, subscribe, share, comment if you’d like to see more in-depth tips and tidbits of the trade. These videos also take time and the information valuable so your support is much appreciated. I’ve been writing for over a decade, am published under a separate pen name, am a freelance editor, and roll with schooled authors. Thanks for watching- hope it helps!

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