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We accept projects from publishers, authors, indies and freelancers. All genres are welcome, including erotica. Only select novels in excess of 50,000 words will be accepted. We are not accepting novels over 100,000 words at this time. No royalty share option available. Turnaround time for audiobooks range from 1 day to 1 month depending on word count and other factors.

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NOTES ON NARRATION: Communication is very important to our narrators! It helps them create the best audiobook possible. Upon receipt of the full manuscript, all books are read prior to narration for numerous reasons. All unknown words and concepts are researched to gain a better understanding. If there are questions related to pronunciation, content, etc., or if errors are spotted, we will reach out! Please try your very best to respond to all inquiries in a timely manner. Communication from the narrator will occur via email or tracking page. Even if you opted for the private page, you will still receive a brief email alerting you that additional info has been added to the page.

Please send only final, fully-edited, polished manuscripts. Books are narrated exactly how they are written unless, of course, the error is an obvious typo. For example, if the sentence read “then Bobby went to the plagground and fetched his lunch pail”, we wouldn’t narrate the typo. Instead, we would highlight the error on a document for you and alert you of the error. It would be narrated how it was intended, “then Bobby went to the playground and fetched his lunch pail”. Please note- we will never assume everything is a typo, however. At times, what could appear as a misprint or error is actually not and was intended by the author. We always do our research!

Acronyms, complex measurements, or anything of the like are read as-is. For example: if the text reads “The company, AEII, boasts a successful score”, it will be narrated just how it is written as opposed to narrating “the company, A E double I, boasts a successful score”. Or, for example, if a formula reads “ddx(f(x)±g(x))=dfdx±dgdx”, it will be narrated as such as opposed to stating what the exact formula means unless it is indicated in the book by the author/rightsholder to do so.

In some instances, a ‘narration copy’ is helpful. Reference, footnotes and appendices are not narrated in full but rather narration indicates to refer to the print and/or ebook. On occasion, errors in the manuscript are spotted during review and narration. If the amount is manageable, the errors are marked on a PDF and uploaded to client tracking pages as suggested revisions but not to be used for exorbitant audio retakes. Please understand this extended courtesy is only to help create the best book possible and never as personal criticism. Up to 3 retakes are allowed based upon the original manuscript submitted to us upon acceptance of your project. Please keep in mind, narration is exactly how the text is written and it is the author/rightsholders responsibility to provide a polished manuscript for narration prior to the project commencing. Thus, we do not allow retakes for an excess amount of corrections or the addition or deletion of material.

All audiobooks and voiceovers are narrated by a human. Knight Narrations will never use TTS (text to speech) software. It is important to us to create the best audiobooks possible for our authors and rightsholders, and to operate with the highest integrity. Literature is our passion and we hope that adoration is displayed in our audio. REQUEST SERVICES.


Sadie speaks in a storytelling tone with articulation. Her voice is mid-tone with emphasis on the high-mids and a bright, airy timbre. All rightsholders have their choice of microphone- dynamic for that in-your-face oomph or condenser for more warmth.

Sadie Alexa Knight narrates ALL GENRES with a specialty in:

  • Personal Development and Meditation. With a warm, engaging, soothing tone, the listener will feel understood and motivated.
  • Memoir. Sadie has the ability to encompass, feel and portray human emotion. Narration is like talking to a close friend.
  • Romance and Erotica. With an extremely feminine and warm voice, turning the heat up isn’t a problem! Flirty, sultry, breathy, your call.
  • Educational/ Instructional/ Technical / How-to. Sadie’s love for learning shines through in educational narration and she keeps the reader listening even if the material is difficult or dull. Plus, she can nail complex words or concepts.

Style: anchor, articulate, ASMR, broadcast, brooding, childlike, comedic, conversational, corporate, deadpan, emotional, engaging, enthusiastic, excited, feminine, flirty, friendly, frightened, girly, host, informational, inspirational, interviewer, mature, melodramatic, motivational, peppy, perky, personable, persuasive, professional, sassy, sensual, soft, soothing, sultry, uplifting, warm

Accents: Long-form: Valley Girl, Northeast (USA), Southern (USA)// Dialogue, short-form: Boston USA, New York USA, Irish, Australian, Scottish, Irish, British, Parisienne

Not ideal for: authoritative, stern


Sadie Alexa Knight Intro

SO, WHAT’S THIS TRACKING PAGE? So glad you asked! It is the preferred mode of communication. We ask that all clients opt for one. And by communication, we mean communication. Everything is on there! Download documents or files at your convenience! All pages are password-protected and only accessible by the rightsholder and Knight Narrations. The link and password will be emailed separately.

You’ll get to see your manuscript details, the book cover image if you provide us with one, notes and questions we may have, track progress on the audiobook (we literally list every step with dates so you’re kept in the loop!), view and download content (the manuscript, contracts and agreements, invoices with payment options and the final audio files!!). You even get your own contact form on the page so you can reach out at any time, about anything related to your book. REQUEST SERVICES.

FILES: Our default is MP3 unless a .wav file is preferred. We record in mono, 41000 Hz sample rate. All books are narrated (recorded), edited and mastered in-house. Since most audiobook platforms, such as ACX and Findaway Voices, require individual files for each section of the book, we will provide you with downloadable MP3s with specs (peak, RMS and noise floor levels) as well as a rendered copy of the full audiobook as a courtesy.

All files have 1 second of room tone at the start/head/beginning and 2.5 seconds at the end/tail/close. Each and every file is run through an analytics process which ensures accurate spacing, the correct amount of room tone at the head and tail, the files are free of erroneous noise, correct metadata is encoded, and that all files meets universal audiobook standards relative to peak, RMS and noise floor values. REQUEST SERVICES.

Your audiobook package includes:

  • Opening Credits (title, author, narrator)
  • Front and back matter (dedication, quote, Coming Soon…, etc.)
  • Individual chapter/section files with specs (peak, RMS and noise floor)
  • Closing Credits (title, author, narrator, copyright (publisher and year), audiobook production copyright (year))
  • Retail Sample (1 to 5 minutes of the final audiobook to use as a teaser for the book or to publish on Amazon/Audible per their requirement)
  • Full audiobook via Google Drive link or downloadable MP3 depending on length (as a courtesy and to save you the trouble of mixing and rendering on your own)

Don’t forget to add friendly and superior customer service, fast responses and clear, concise communication to the list! REQUEST SERVICES.

PRICING: Keep scrolling to see how costs are calculated.

These are floor rates and non-negotiable. However, special discounts do apply for recurring clients (2 or more audiobooks) and bundled services (2 or more services in one transaction to consist of voice-over, audiobook production, ebook conversion, form creation or proofreading).

Due to the time-consuming nature of audiobooks, payment is due upon completion. Upon completion, all files will be sent to you or uploaded onto your tracking page with the final chapter file withheld until final payment is received, and then sent immediately upon payment receipt. All clients receive a copy of our Terms & Conditions as part of our welcome packet, Service Agreement (contract listing rates, due date and other pertinent details), Invoice(s) (requesting payment) , and Final Service Agreement (receipt of payment and project completion confirmation).

The average production costs can start at $200/PFH! This means an audiobook of only 2 hours could cost you $400 or more (ouch!). Knight Narrations LLC produces high-quality, professional audiobooks that meet standard requirements at nearly half the cost! Each finished hour entails well over 2 actual hours of labor, so consider this PFH rate a bargain. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind steal. Prices are expected to increase in 2022. REQUEST SERVICES.

To calculate how long your book may be, use this formula: book word count divided by 9,300 (which is the average spoken words per hour). So, a 50,000 word novel at 9,300 words spoken per hour would be approx 5.38 hours of audio. To put that into perspective, .38 of an hour is roughly 20 minutes. This equals an estimated audiobook length of 5 hours and 20 minutes.

Put this into your calculator- 50000/9300= 5.38

To calculate the estimated cost of an audiobook, use the formula above to find the estimated audio length. Then, multiply length by the PFH (per finished hour) rate. So, an audiobook at roughly 5.38 hours at a rate of $125 PFH would total $672.50. Since Knight Narrations always rounds up to the nearest dollar, the total cost of the project would be $673.

Put this into your calculator- 5.38 * 125= 672.50

OUR STUDIO: Our in-house studio has recently been renovated!! Voiceover and audiobooks are recorded using high-quality interfaces and dynamic and condenser microphones from award-winning brands such as Audio-Technica, PreSonus and Rode. All audiobooks are edited and mastered by Knight Narrations using state-of-the art professional DAWs including, but not limited to, Black Magic Design, PreSonus, Audacity and Adobe. REQUEST SERVICES.

BOOKS UNDER OUR BELT: Since our virtual doors opened June 15, 2021, we’ve narrated dozens of audiobooks for multiple clients ranging from independent authors to small publishing houses. Lead narrator, Sadie Alexa Knight, has produced children’s books, contemporary fiction, non-fiction from memoir to instructional, adult/erotica, even medical and technical books! REQUEST SERVICES.

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To Request Audiobook Services:

Our process is quick, painless, and you’ll be kept in the loop every step of the way. You have the option for email communication or access to your own private password-protected tracking page. Since all payments are final and non-refundable, we recommend using the ACX platform. Visit Sadie’s profile.

  1. Use the Request Form below. We will email you a questionnaire within 2 days to learn about your project
  2. Email us back the completed questionnaire and any text sample of your project (1 chapter for audiobooks)
  3. An mp3 audio demo/sample (up to 15 minutes) and contract will be returned to you via email within 2 days for review and approval
  4. If the demo is approved, return the signed contract and production begins immediately. (See ‘Payments’ for options)
  5. Upon project completion, you will be notified and final payment is due within 7 days. The final chapter file for audiobooks will be withheld until final payment has been received. If you opted for your own private web tracking page, payment options will be posted there along with a downloadable copy of the invoice and all agreements. Final file(s) will then be sent/uploaded. All files and pages will be deleted after 48 hours of project completion.

Service Request Form:

Current Specials:

Note: Sales listed are valid for new clients only. Offer expires Feb 14, ’23