Our Hypersexual and Shallow Society | Booze, Babes and (.)(.)’s

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Everywhere I look it’s sex sex sex yet I keep seeing sex being censored. What the fuck is it with society’s ass backwards mentality? It’s constantly ‘do as I say not what I do’. 

Let’s begin with alcohol. People always wanna hit the bar or grab a drink. It’s seen as cool and fun and carefree but it’s not. That lifestyle is full of insecurity and a wish to not just fit in but reign. Almost every mixed drink on the menu has to do with sex. Suck, Bank ‘N Blo; Angel’s Tit; Bend Over Shirley; Liquid Viagra; Sex on the Beach, my favorite mixed drink back in the day by the way along with Bahama Mama. I very rarely drank because I have Asian flush and I haven’t had a sip in over 7-ish years because I just don’t like feeling drunk. Things that shut down the brain as opposed to awaken or exercise it aren’t my jam. Not to mention that alcohol doesn’t seem like something that will benefit my body but rather something that would eventually weigh it down. People never have water guts, right? They have beer guts.

Now, let’s move on to porn. It doesn’t need to be said it’s everywhere and easily accessible. It used to be that if you wanted something, you worked for it. Nowadays, why approach someone for a date when you can swipe? Nowadays, flirting is seen and mis-labeled as ‘harassment’. It is no longer about the person’s vibe, it’s about their persona and appearance. Besides, all their pheromones are covered up with artificial scents and toxins, so now we only have our eyes to judge with instead of using our other senses like in the good old days.

This all affects the youth population. Little girls get into the whole hair, nails, makeup, dress up thing really young. My niece just turned 5 and she’s even into it. This isn’t from instinct, it’s from exposure. How can we encourage our children to love themselves just the way they are whilst layering makeup on our own faces? How can we encourage our children to love thy neighbor knowing those neighbors are all wearing facades while also preaching to them to be selective with their love? We can tell them to grow up and be the change they want to see but unless we do so, as their example, it’s monkey see monkey do. This is how cliques are formed, where the rules of conformity are more rigid. Kids now strive to be hot and hip, dreams full of YouTube stardom, hoping one day to fuck the right person on tape and send that shit viral so that in 10, 20 years they, too, can be a billionaire. How many conservationists do you see go viral? How many BookTubers do you see bank millions? Right.

Then as these children grow into teenagers, things like clothes, hair, makeup, popularity, extroversion, etc become more important. It’s pushing adult things onto them instead of these things developing naturally. No wonder kids are dating so soon and losing your virginity after 16 is seen as weird or uncool. If we say our body is a temple, we can’t be teaching that the public is welcome. We need to be setting the example that only those who share our virtues are welcome in.

Society praising shallow people or things is shifting our internal energy which, in turn, affects the collective energy. Just as each individual carries their own energy, each species or group does too. We know this aspect as ‘culture’. Valuing, desiring, worshipping the materialistic or the shallow shifts energy from the top of the body like the mind and heart – the crown, third eye, throat and heart chakras – to the lower regions- solar plexus and sacral, where anxiety and sex are.

Think about it this way. When you filter water, the gunk lands on the bottom because of gravity. When you do body flushes to release the toxins from your body, they either come out your ass or your feet. The bottom is where life begins and ends.

Think about it like this too. Things grow from the bottom up. A tree, a vegetable, sentient beings. We begin our lives on the ground from within the ground then eventually grow skywards. We grow for a reason. Growth indicates nourishment, health, strength. Humans went through 5-7 million years of development and climbing hills of knowledge just to shrink and sink back down again. We went from caves to houses equipped with luxury like indoor plumbing and heat. By focusing on the sexual, we keep ourselves at ground level instead of higher where flight and fantasy take place. We condone this favoritism of the basic by shielding it with labels like ’empowerment’, and if you aren’t hypersexual you’re a ‘prude’. 

This is making us all materialistic. We care about what we drive, where we live, who we’re seen with, what kind of stuff we have. We add filters to our photos, our faces, our bodies, our voice. We feel we have to, standing out usually has shit repercussions. Ask yourself, in this super sexual society, who do you think your love interest will choose – you with your sweaty pits and hiking boots on or the person pounding booze and dancing surrounded by a group of hooting and hollering fans and simps? Life is hard. Serious things are a bummer. To most, it’s living in the moment with the herd. To a rare few, life is way deeper with deep authentic intention for the greater good of the herd. Change is nice but let’s ask ourselves – is it really possible if we keep wishing and just talking about it instead of making a constant conscious effort for it and actually reach for the star? Actions speak louder than words. If you want to move mountains, you should learn to climb them too. I’d love to see more groups of friends hiking a trail or picking up trash from a beach, no cameras but in person in reality. 

I wish we could all be like kids in the playground and run up to a stranger and excitedly say “Hey! Wanna play?!” Nothing sexy, no facades, just unashamed escapes of farts and crusty faces and squeaks of joy. Kids don’t see things like race or social status, what kind of clothes you’re wearing or if you have a cool car, or the appearance or size of ones private parts- they just want to make friends. They don’t care about cleavage or dresses that seem painted on or how many likes they get on Instagram. If you ask me, they’re the ones truly living in the moment. It’s up to us to shape them into people of depth and substance, with big minds and bigger thoughts, to move the herd forward and skywards. 

Sparkle bright. Your lady Sadie peacing out.


The ๐‘บ๐’‚๐’… INFJ: The Bog of Eternal Stench

Disclaimer: All Sadie the Knight Writer blogs are transcripts of the accompanying YouTube video that aired same day. Scroll to bottom to view video.

Generally, sadness is seen as negative, dark, gloomy. People gravitate towards happy, bouncy, carefree, fun people. Sun seems like the magnet, darkness a deterrent. The way I see it, things refresh at night, in the darkness. Life gets renewed. Once you accept the dark and succumb to it, magical things happen. When you succumb to it and sleep, brain and spinal fluids flush the body to repair the damage from the day. Dreams happen. We’re finally at a stillness, a comfortable solitude. The world is finally quiet, at peace.

When you feel sad, toxic chemicals enter the blood which counteracts all that healing we had throughout the night. Our lives seem a vicious chemical cycle of good in, bad in, bad out. While the average person feels sad, the INFJ feels utterly sad. It causes brain fog, an inability to focus then concentrate, and a tendency to dwell. INFJs are deep feelers. Thus, crying is inevitable. Many only weep privately but most can’t help it publicly too. This, by no means, indicates they’re comfortable doing so around others. In fact, most feel embarrassed afterwards. Mostly, this has to do with their past and the company they keep, keeping in mind that the INFJ tends to attract people who aren’t so good for them. The link between somebody’s past and their present INFJ personality is clear. Becoming the world’s rarest personality type doesn’t just happen out of the blue, it happens as a result of the black.

See, INFJs don’t just live within their own feelings, they live within the feelings and energy of those around them. INFJs don’t just dwell on their own hardships, their minds are also on the hardships seen and unseen worldwide. What I mean by unseen is that the INFJ is the type to feel authentic sadness for tribulations others don’t really think about- poor souls in African slums sniffing glue, how humans are responsible for so much devastation yet don’t realize it, wild horses in the western US being rounded up and sold for no reason. INFJs are very investigatory, curious. They need a whole picture – like world news – instead of just a slice- like the local news. All this information translates to emotions. If an INFJ is made to withhold it, it either becomes lava or mud. It either makes them explode, as opposed to trickle out, or wallow, weighed down by heavy gunk. 

This isn’t healthy. An INFJ just can’t brush off that sadness. While it sticks to most people at a surface level or skin deep, it has now become a part of the INFJs internal being. Sadness runs through their veins. Just as a car relies on it’s fluids to operate smoothly, the body does too. Louis CK once said “sadness is poetic”. He was right. A car gets rid of defective fuel or bad oil by flushing it or driving until it runs out. The human burns it off the same, by expending energy. Most people can do this by pounding beer and checking out hotties with the crew or by crying it out by watching sad movies or listening to sad songs. The INFJ cannot. They work differently. 

The INFJ must allow themselves to feel their pain, to live in their sorrows. They have an insatiable need to be heard, understood, yet never or so very rarely getting that adds to their tragedy. It could cause that lava to boil but INFJs lean more toward mud than lava. When you think of mud, most think of swampy places where it’s stinky and they get their shoes dirty trekking through it. Try to think of INFJ more like a bog. Sure, the mud reeks a little but go deeper. That mud nourishes plants which nourishes bugs and birds and other wildlife. A bog is a place of past abundance, current regrowth, and new future landscapes. Once you can allow yourself to feel the sadness, you understand it. Once you understand it, you can find solace in it. New energy, new balance, new life. 

The sadness will still suck. The hurt will still weigh a ton. But once the reasons behind it and the journey that led to being you is truly realized and understood, managing the sadness and not projecting it becomes easier. Use your natural talents to get the energy out. Use it in conjunction with your purpose. If you ever doubt your purpose, dig a little deeper and think about it long and hard, then suddenly it’ll hit you like that a-ha! moment Oprah talks about. INFJs definitely know their destiny. Paint it out, write it out, draw it out, hike it out. Hold it but don’t hold onto it. 

if you’re having a shit day or feeling like the mud, think about the bog. As long as you’re planting the right seeds, one day soon, you too will become a new landscape. Thanks for being here. Your lady Sadie checking out. Until next time.

7 INFJs Who Made the World a Better Place (Thanksgiving Special 2022)

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Happy Thanksgiving. It doesn’t need to be said to always be grateful for who and what you have, be true to your authentic self, never be afraid to walk alone as long as that path feeds your soul, and, if you’re eating turkey, thank the life on your plate that nourished you. Ok INFJ’s, let’s hit it. Seven INFJs who made the world a better place


Sometimes called “the father of modern linguistics”, Chomsky is also a major figure in analytic philosophy and one of the founders of the field of cognitive science. Talk about paving paths!


Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was an Indian lawyer, anti-colonial nationalist and political ethicist who employed nonviolent resistance to lead the successful campaign for India’s independence from British rule, and to later inspire movements for civil rights and freedom across the world


American former computer intelligence consultant who leaked highly classified information from the National Security Agency (NSA) in 2013, when he was an employee and subcontractor. His illegal disclosures revealed numerous global surveillance programs. A whistleblower who let us all in on the fact that we’re all guinea pigs in this video game we call life.


outspoken critic of communism and helped to raise global awareness of political repression in the Soviet Union, in particular the Gulag system outspoken critic of communism and helped to raise global awareness of political repression in the Soviet Union, in particular the Gulag system


A philanthropist and author of about 25 highly-acclaimed books. She went from functioning poor to drowning in millions. She inspired a whole generation with stories of fantasy and magic, of heroes and villains that look and act just like us.


He joined the African National Congress in 1944 and was engaged in resistance against the ruling National Partyโ€™s apartheid policies after 1948. Apartheidย was a system of institutionalised racial segregation that existed in Southย Africaย and South Westย Africaย (now Namibia) from 1948 to the early 1990s


As an INFJ, who better deserves the #1 spot than this gal? An anthropologist and primatologist. With a love for chimpanzees, she helped us all find acceptance in other species as well as our own. She didn’t just live with the chimps, she walked miles in their shoes. A huge advocate for nature and our Earth, her mission in life is conservation. How much more INFJ can you get than that?

Note: All info has been compiled from Wikipedia.


ACE INFJ’s with cPTSD and/or PMDD, this is for you!

Welcome to the Sadiษ› ี‡ั’ั” ำ„ีผษจษขษฆศถ ีกส€ษจศถษ›ส€ blog, part of ๐Ÿ…ฒ๐Ÿ…ท๐Ÿ…ฐ๐Ÿ…ฝ๐Ÿ…ฝ๐Ÿ…ด๐Ÿ…ปโ‘ โ‘  on YouTube and the ๐Ÿ…‚๐Ÿ…ƒ๐Ÿ„พ๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…ˆ๐Ÿ…ƒ๐Ÿ„ธ๐Ÿ„ผ๐Ÿ„ด ๐Ÿ…†๐Ÿ„ธ๐Ÿ…ƒ๐Ÿ„ท ๐Ÿ…‚๐Ÿ„ฐ๐Ÿ„ณ๐Ÿ„ธ๐Ÿ„ด podcast. Please note: All blogs are transcripts of the accompanying YouTube video or podcast aired on the same day. Scroll to the bottom to view the video!

ACE INFJs with cPTSD and/or PMDD, this is for you! We’ll keep it short and tidy.

In a nutshell, this super rare class of people have learned to perform instead of bond. One or both

parents screwed us over so we see love as conditional and relationships as inauthentic. It’s not just

day-by-day battle, it’s moment by moment.

Childhood is all about discovery and safety, a phase of gaining our footing. If you’re an ACE child,

know that 8 of these are checked off (see video for CHART). Stick a weak seed in raggedy ass soil and not enough sunlight, a tree may not grow to it’s potential. If you’re an INFJ, you know all about this (see video for CHART). Now add cPTSD which means you meet this criteria (see video for CHART) because of this (see video for LIST OF CAUSES), this makes sense as a part of your dark side (see video for ACE & cPTSD charts) and this makes sense as your light side . But because of all this (see video for CHARTS), you’re predisposed to this if you’re a female (see video for PMDD chart) chart. ACE and cPTSD pretty much go hand-in-hand and create cycles of early life. We must keep in mind that a traumatic early start to life leads to a lifetime of hurdles in later life. Trauma changes brain chemistry and biological makeup. Being INFJ with their ability to feel things at their core, the PMDD creates a cycle later in life that consists of slicing, dicing, repairing and remorse. It causes one to look too deeply, to search for the answers in questionable places, to strive to lead when being the first follower holds just as much value, to be skeptical of love, to be shaken by the depth of their hurt, to be cautious of everything and everyone. Common traits: a shoddy upbringing with even cruddier parents/caregivers. These people are old wise souls, trail blazer if only they’d release themselves of these burdens they tow along everywhere.

These are all current introverts who are either ambiverts with prominent introversion or former extroverts. These are deep feelers with excellent attention to detail and exceptional intuition. They’re social creatures being that they’re human yet definitely need alone time in order to compartmentalize events and feelings. They’re pensive, a bit melancholy, contemplative, This comes from lived experience. They are hyper vigilant in the now, skeptical of tomorrow, all based on yesterdays. The natural born sparkle had been dimmed by those who hurt them without regard, used them, abused them, left them in the dust. All the hurt that hurt more by being a deep feeler caused cracks in their shells, a bleak outlook. So where does all this hurt come from anyway? And why does it hurt at such a deep level? Because victims of childhood trauma and/or abuse gives us a certain aura. It causes an individuals to turn either dark, with a ‘fuck the world’ type of attitude that stems from a lifetime of bullshit. Monkey see, monkey do. Or to become super soft, sensitive, vulnerable in a way. Not to mention most of the outside world sees us as mysterious and sometimes weird. Being quiet yet vocal when they see good use for their voice and being super tough yet undeniably sensitive all gives off a vibe of inauthenticity. But I absolutely beg to differ. This means these people, if they take the right path, are eclectic not disingenuous. Reminds me of the Gemini stereotype. I’m one. People always go โ€œeww Geminis are two-faced!โ€ without understanding it isn’t being two-faced in the stab-you-in-the-back, shit-in-your-soda, steal-you-man type of two-faced but, rather, having multiple perceptions on things. So, two faces, yes. Two-faced, no.

Being highly empathetic, a ‘been there done that’ thing, causes victims to become a magnet to other broken souls. They attract narcissists, addicts, misfits, the misunderstood. If you are an INFJ, or an NF personality type in general, you want to touch, to feel, to heal. Often times, these types walk alongside the downtrodden or the lost, for miles and miles without regard to their own tattered shoes and calluses. Also, while most people are able to burn bridges so fast, ACE INFJ’s with cPTSD aren’t so quick to do this. We know how it feels to be drowning while watching seas of other humans filming us while clinging to a life raft they never offer to us. The thoughts of others in the darkness never finding the light is daunting to us. If you add PMDD to all this mess, you get all the feelings and emotions time zillion. It adds a blinding rage to the mix that’s difficult, if not impossible to see through while you’re living through it. All that coiled up sadness, anger, etc come spewing out without warning, without reprieve. But, keeping this all in mind while remembering that like attracts like, be conscious of the triggers and actively work at it, day by day. Eventually, you’ll attract whole people who’ve walked through the jungle but made it out instead of broken people who prefer the familiar feelings of pain and loss over fulfillment and hope considering the latter has never proved to pan out in the past. Due to their protectors constantly crossing boundaries, they’re hyper sensitive so every pin prick will feel like a slice from a sword. The depression these people feel come in many forms, particularly chronic depression and reactive.

Being this type of person is misunderstood and those who do get it find all that trauma intimidating and, often times, unflattering. In today’s society, you can say all you want that it’s okay to be broke they’ll always be there should you call but we all know the truth- that being damaged goods isn’t accepted with open arms, that when we call you may not answer because why should anything rain your parade? This “not my monkey, not my circus” mentality is shit yet we all think it. If the Good Samaritan Law wasn’t a thing, I’m not so confident I’d see lives being saved on the news. It’s a dog eat dog world while looking out for your pack.

Now if you’re one of these people, heal yourself first before you even think about procreating. It’s selfish to pass on unhealthy genes. Not all disabilities are visible to the naked eye, some are only visible to a naked soul. To be in a relationship with one of these people, you can’t just talk about the weather. Talk about the meaning behind the storms. You can’t tit for tat. Swallow the tit knowing that redemption does exist. Empathy, support, nurturing, communication and patience go a long way. If you’re dating an ACE cPTSD who’s INFJ with PMDD and they’re pissing you the F off, just say this: โ€œHoney, we’re both seeing red right now and I don’t want to say anything I’ll regret later. I’m going take off for a while until I calm down. I promise I will be back and I love you.โ€ That’s it. That’s all you have to say, then remove yourself from the situation. Here it is again. Take a screenshot or pause this bad boy and grab your notebook and pencil. This way you won’t be tempted to tit for tat. Since when has adding fire to fire fanned a flame, hmmm? And this way the sufferer won’t take it to heart, overwhelmed with a fear of abandonment. Being who they are, experiencing what they have, people tend to leave them- sometimes with a shitty explanation and serious attitude, other times without a single word. Poof! Ghosted. Don’t prove to them their notions of being unworthy are true by leaving without a guarantee of return.

These people need to talk it out, write it out. Let them feel. Let them write it out first, toss that word salad around. Then eventually they’ll run out of dark clouds and start dwelling on the stars and the sunshine. Proper love, though still conditional, will help bring the magic back. If we’re patient and understanding with our house plants, why can’t we be that way with our trees? (see video for QUOTE). Don’t block the sunlight and be the soil. We are the seedlings.


Haunted Houses are Disrespectful

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So, lemme ask you a question- if you wanted to rest in peace, would it be cool to you for a bunch of strangers to come barging in without being invited? I don’t see ghosts mailing out invitations saying โ€œhey, Happy Halloween, come bother the shit out of meโ€, do you? I know Halloween is one of those weird holidays where we do stupid shit like get candy from strangers without regard to if they can afford to splurge on a bunch of ungrateful strangers themselves? Our parents told us not to take stuff from strangers, especially food, so why the hell is this okay? It’s greedy if you ask me. You didn’t ask me but it’s my channel so there’s my two cents anyway. Our society is so crazy, we pay people to go to a place that’s supposedly haunted without regard to the souls who are already there, unseen. Maybe you’re stressing those spirits out. Maybe you’re disrupting their peace, that solitude and quiet they need to sort out what the fuck happened and what the hell to do next. Also, you’re adding your own energy to the existing energy in the location you’re visiting. Ever heard of the fae? Those faeries from folklore that wreck shit up when you disrupt their nature? Natives used to believe if you go into the forest, you take nothing without leaving something worthwhile first. This is the same concept. To go to a haunted location without the correct intent and purpose is disrespectful. Sad part is many see it as merely entertainment instead of something to be respected. It’s like going to the graveyard and having a party without ever paying respects to the dead within that graveyard.

I just figured I’d toss this video out there. Every Halloween, three things make me grit my teeth- expecting strangers to support your candy habit, disrupting the dead at haunted houses and ladies feeling like they need to dress up like a prostitute instead of something cool like a zombie or a banana without realizing those cool costumes would garner them much more attention than wearing barely anything at all. If you’re contemplating partaking in a haunted experience this Halloween, please think about the spirits that occupy that place and leave them in peace. We can’t keep saying โ€œrest in peaceโ€ without allowing that to happen. Think with your hearts and minds and not your egos. Thanks.

The 5 Types of People Every INFJ Should Avoid Like the Plague | Exploring the MBTI

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Firstly, it’s common sense not to mingle with evil people like unjustified murderers, child rapists, abusers, liars and snakes but we’re talking about your day to day average evil people in this video. INFJs are prone to hanging on. They hang on to love, loss, anger. Not because they’re petty but because they feel some sort of deep injustice over it. INFJs are all about justice. 

People to watch out for as an INFJ:

1) Soul vampires: many say Earth is the devil’s playground. Others believe the chosen ones are the very ones tested by Satan. Although I’m not religious, I get it. INFJs feel energy. Even if a person constantly plays the good guy yet gives you bad vibes every time you’re around them, heed that warning- it means you’re detecting the grime beneath the surface. You can’t help a soul sucker. No matter how great you are, these vampires have one thing on their radar- blood. 

2) One uppers: if a person’s ego is so big that they can never let you get the limelight, they need to GTFO. A truly secure person has no qualms letting you get a few golden stars too. Most of the time these one-uppers never even have ONE up on you let alone a laundry list of them.

3) Compulsive liars and deniers: it’s true that once you admit to a lie, all other truths are questioned. This diverts people from ownership. INFJ sees it a bit differently because, regardless of an admitted lie or a lifetime of truths, we always question you anyway. If you own your error, we recognize the bravery it takes to admit that fault and we can empathize with the intention behind the lie. It actually makes you more honest in our eyes. If somebody constantly blames others and never takes responsibility for their actions or lies, cut them loose. If you keep them around, you’re only enabling that behavior.

4) The irreparably broken: giving the benefit of the doubt is great and necessary but when a person’s past is repetitive, that’s a red flag. You can’t help people who refuse to budge to save themselves. One day you’ll be the one on that inflatable raft with a hole in it. Don’t expect them to plug that hole with their finger because the only thing on their mind is “hey at least it isn’t me”. 

5) Partiers: everybody likes a good party but the definition of a good party is a bit different with an INFJ. Loud people are obnoxious. People who’d rather go to some dark dingy bar over a walk by a river irritate many of us. It’s not because we’re looking down on you, we’re just wondering where your priorities are and where your soul lies. There are two types of people- the ones who live in the here and now and those who are forward thinkers based on past experiences. It’s a beautiful thing to stay in the present but without forethought for tomorrow or respect for yesterday, there is potential of getting stuck in the now.

See you next time for more unknown and cool facts about the beloved INFJ personality type.

11 Things You May Not Know About the INFJ | Exploring the MBTI

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Today starts our countdown series. For our first countdown, let’s talk the 11 things you may not know about the INFJ.

1) INFJs adore the purity of nature; it’s their god. Trees and the moon fascinate them.

2) INFJ loves rain and storms, just not for days on end. If it is days on end, their cabin fever will get to them and they’ll crawl out of their caves with ponchos and boots on.

3) INFJs understand and, on occasion, sympathize with criminality. With a clear view of all sides, they understand the hero and the villain.

4) INFJs have fiery tempers even if it takes a lot to get there, and they can be pretty judgy too.

5) They talk like a professor on a regular day but like a sailor on a bad one. 

6) INFJs mainly have dominant right brains, so you can find them reading, learning, creating or admiring.

7) They don’t have many friends and this isn’t due to not being likeable, it has to do with humans as a whole not utilizing their potential and INFJ finds it either annoying or disheartening.

8) INFJs have such respect for other beings that they soak in every detail and listen to every word. This explains the INFJ stare we’re all familiar with when they’re talking with humans.

9) Many, if not most, INFJs used to be an ENFJ but life has a way of altering a person’s perspective.

10) INFJs do celebrate holidays but they find them bizarre. Since they’re very into exploring the world around them and value depth over the shallow, they find most holidays materialistic and wasteful.

11) The reason INFJs love genealogy is their gratitude for their roots. Many INFJs possess extensive family trees they proudly built themselves.

If you’re here trying to gain a better understanding of the INFJ in your life, stay tuned to learn about the things you shouldn’t do around an INFJ and the five types of people every INFJ should avoid like the plague.

INFJ: ๐“ฃ๐“ฑ๐“ฎ ๐“ข๐“ฎ๐“ฎ๐“ญ๐“ต๐“ฒ๐“ท๐“ฐ, The Basics of INFJ Intuition

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Today, we’ll be going over the bare-bones basics of the INFJ intuition, what intuition is, an example of how we use it in our everyday lives, and how it benefits us. Life is the best teacher, INFJ the perfect student. This comes from the natural empathy we possess and also our own experiences. Lots of INFJ’s have had rocky lives. Often times, it’s the deepest souls who feel the most and the INFJ’s depth surpasses oceans.

Intuition is defined as the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Often, what we assume is intuition is really just speculation. True intuition is that gut instinct that comes on so strong, there’s no choice but to follow it and there is no questioning it. Out of all 16 MBTI types, the INFJ is more prone to this. This comes from a lot of people watching; self-reflecting; our understanding of higher realms, being and ideas; and our appreciation for absolutely everything- the good, bad and ugly.

For instance, this summer I got to watch my garden grow day by day, excited at the stages of plant life. I got to see baby moose and mama’s in their own skin in their own environments with their own priorities and dominant senses. I watched a bull moose suffer from brainworm and get shot twice right in front of me. I got to watch the birds at my five feeders all day, any day, everyday and study each of their songs and personalities. Everywhere I look, there’s so much beauty, so much magic and it honestly hurts when I realize not everybody is appreciating and respecting it. There is also so much darkness and lessons to be learned from it, brightness to be had if only we could be wise enough to see it. It’s bothersome to see litter by the lakes and in the forests, because I know those same litterers are the same people on Facebook everyday boasting about how much they love nature. If you love it, I tell my 4-year old niece, let it grow. This is a mantra we live by.

INFJs, we are the seed of a tree. Appreciated by those who need or respect us, crushed by those that don’t. We bud and it takes a while for us to bloom … But when we bloom….oooooh weee! If you’re going through a tough time right now, remember this- it takes a while but we always get there. The world may not see the preparation but they’ll surely see the show

The INFJ intuition is dictated by deep love, breathtaking appreciation and unshakable respect. We feel wrongdoings before the wrongdoer even realizes they F’d it up. We are able to see the mistakes of yesteryears and crave to make things right again but we get discouraged knowing many others need to step up too because, no matter how much we wish otherwise, we can’t go it alone. It takes a group of like-minded people to hold weight and cause some sway. The INFJ being safe in their solitude have trouble finding that group. The good news is, once we find the courage to plant the seed, the group finds us.

INFJ doesn’t need to pick up that litter and get constant praise. We do it because it needs to be done, because the thought of animals choking or getting hurt by it does not sit well with us, because we want children to get into nature and see how clean it is and grow to be passionate about keeping it that way. INFJ believes in doing the right thing whether someone is watching or not. Mankind’s past connection to nature has not been forgotten to INFJ and knowing how it once was blesses us with the gift of intuition.

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INFJ Discussion: อฒีฐาฝ ิฑีฒีชาฝษพีชึ…ึ| Recent cases (Rogan, Chappelle, Roseanne, Duggar, the Oscars slap, Depp v Heard)

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Cancel culture and societal biases, you say? This may be long but there’s a lot to cover if we’re going to attack most, if not all, angles. That’s how we roll. For those of you who can’t handle the truth or a differing opinion, as in โ€œGI Jane 2โ€ offended you too, click off now. Thanks for the 30 seconds of your view time- it counts toward YouTube algorithm so you rock. For the rest of you, for today’s session, we’ll be blazing some Durban Poison mixed with White Truffle. Here is your handy dandy chart for reference :

K, let’s hit it, folks.

Joe Rogan versus Spotify: This has to do with โ€œracismโ€. I put that word in quotes for a reason. This is a case of some basic perusing very old material looking for something, anything to tarnish ones character. It seems as if this peruser, this Karen, couldn’t find anything else the public would bite on to turn against Joe. As a result, they went to old videos or posts and found something โ€œracistโ€ knowing recent movements like #BLM and advances in civil rights are hot trends right now. This, by the way, is what happened to that midget on 90 Day Fiance. Those of you familiar with Alina and Caleb know what I’m talking about. If you are familiar, the only thing Alina did wrong was catfish Caleb and poke fun at a few stereotypes that we’ve all poked fun at at some point in our lives. If you say you’ve never said a stereotype aloud, you’re a liar. Keep in mind, stereotypes are here for a reason; they didn’t just come out of thin air. Google the definition of ‘stereotypes’ and get at me. To keep it real, we do see appearances and things like color and race are characteristics of appearance. It’s a fact of life and you need to fucking deal with that.

Now, Joe Rogan. As of now, Spotify still stands by him and he hasn’t been canceled. His fan base may have actually grown from it. The only thing Joe Rogan did wrong, and it wasn’t saying the N-word a few times, was apologize for it. People have been inadvertently taught to not say truths, that human emotion and feelings and reactions hold greater weight than facts. People believe lies or withholdings of truths hinder people. They may hurt feelings, sure, but hinder, no. The truth, no matter how ugly, can only benefit you. It’s up to you to overcome it. In the 90s, I got bagged for giving some dude shit for making oriental eyes at me. My best friend, Shelley, cornered him in the music room and slapped his ass silly a few times. To cover her ass, she exaggerated and was all like โ€œhe called her a chink!โ€ Well, the assistant principal goes something like โ€œthey’re just words. It’s like someone calling someone a big fat Irish man. It’s not something to get physical about.โ€ At the time, I was all like โ€œinsensitive prickโ€ because he wasn’t in my favor. But, thinking back, he was right. They’re just words. Sure, some people put venom behind words but sometimes we just say them if the situation fits. This whole racist thing has gone too far. Nowadays, if I dislike another woman for being an uber bitch, it won’t be because she sucks, it’ll now be because she’s black or asian or Middle Eastern or whatever. If one dude is just an asshole and punches another guy square in the jaw, it won’t be because Dude Number One is just a psycho, it’ll now be because Dude Number Two was of a different race. Besides, we’ve all said a slur that would be considered racist. All of us. If you say you haven’t, better get an extinguisher because your pants are on fire. Disclaimer: I’m not taking away from true race issues. I’m only seeing the other side to it and that is that not everything is racist or personal.

Dave Chappelle versus Netflix: Another case having to do with a sensitive minority. Dave Chappelle put LGBTQPNJKLUY+’s community panties in the biggest bunch. I can’t go deep into this one because, well, it’s simple- I’m Gen X and don’t believe in 9,736 genders and using all kinds of pronouns. Yea, your feelings matter but so do mine. People are too busy to have to walk on eggshells for you. If you look like a dude, and someone calls you a dude, don’t fly off the handle or cry. If you look like a butch (yea, sorry, like I said, I grew up in the 80s and 90s, and we said words like ‘butch’) and we squint at you in wonderment like โ€œahhh, hotdog? Taco?โ€, don’t take offense. If you were born a guy, you’re a guy. If you feel like a woman, you’re a guy who feels like a chick. And, guess what? That’s perfectly okay! You’re the only one making it a big deal. As for the related topics of transition surgery, I say chill your grill, Cousin Will, and think about it! You don’t need to go slicing and dicing body parts or taking pills that alter not just your sex organs but your actual brain when you could just own your shit and BE YOU.

Roseanne versus Hollywood: Here is supposed โ€œracismโ€ again. Hey, are we seeing a trend? First of all, to take the show she created away from her over one human moment is gross. Guess what? Cancel me, IDGAF but that lady really does look like Planet of the Apes. It isn’t racist. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen look like apes and they’re white. What now? Did you also know that some facial recognition software was pulled because it was deemed โ€œracistโ€ after identifying some black people as monkeys? It’s nothing against black people. They rock, duh. But I’m not the only one who sees ape-like facial characteristics; I’m just the only one admitting it. Oprah, for instance, she’s awesome but she looks like an ape. I’m not sorry because I’m not intending it offensively and because it’s true.

Josh Duggar versus the Duggar family: Another trend: #MeToo. How are these claimants defining words like abuse, attack, assault and rape? Should a curious sexually-confused man pay for that curiosity from his adolescence, and for how long? There was no rape, no assault, no attack, just copping some feels. Weird and creepy, absolutely. Utterly shameful, disgusting, perverted? OMG, yes!But does it warrant his future ruined and his faith in justice or rehabilitation shattered? The underlying factors are he was curious with pent-up hormones. His religious upbringing made it so he couldn’t really fulfill those desires with others. This is one of the short list of reasons why child p-word that rhymes with corn- which does exist, by the way- may not be harmful. Teal Swan agrees with me on this. If those with sexual curiosities toward children can’t speak on it without receiving understanding and without being punished, why would they speak up about their desires? Child p-word that rhymes with corn already exists and it absolutely shouldn’t. If it’s passed around a few sickos on the dark web, maybe they can just satiate themselves with those images so that they won’t be tempted to act on it. So many men watch crazy p-word that rhymes with corn and don’t act it out.

A random comparison is โ€œbeastialityโ€. In quotes again. But say a guy is so horned up he smears peanut butter on his cock and wants his dog to lick it? We’ve all seen or heard of this. This is weird but not unheard of. So the dog didn’t have a say, as in it didn’t go โ€œI want to suck your dick, Masterโ€. Some may say this is beastiality which, in many places, is punishable by law. However, it was just a few times, something private, nobody’s forever scarred from it. Should this horned up guy suffer for it or should he have been given other avenues of release, say blow-up dolls or fleshlights? The Duggar punishment may have been too large because he is human and humans should know better, right? Forget about things like upbringing and personal experiences. Perverts aren’t born, something in their environment just brought it to life. What we should be doing is questioning what, not crucifying as harshly as we do.

The Will Smith/Chris Rock slap: If you condone the popular guy with lots of power and connections to walk up to the weaker dude whose used to getting bullied and slap him in front of millions of people, you’re an asswipe. So often you see the really good-looking or the popular get their butts sucked. Look at YouTube. Find a good-looking blonde and click on her channel. Many times there’ll be like 20, 50, whatever number of subscribers with zero videos. They’re dudes horned up or other chicks following what appears to be the cool girl. Of course Chris Rock stood there. Of course he didn’t press charges or insist Will be removed. Not only would it be a hassle, it didn’t appear to be in Chris’ favor at the time. After all, the suave popular bully hit him on stage on live TV in front of Hollywood’s most famous people, people he may look up to, people he has to compete with, and nobody consoled him, nobody stopped the show to put Will in check. Instead, the audience laughed and clapped. That did not incentivize Chris to want to go against Will. It was obvious to him everybody was already on Will’s side. Until the public got involved. Then everybody turned against Will knowing the only ones who still condoned it were โ€œin the clubโ€. Can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right? Will holds mega power. He can blacklist you. Chris needs to eat. It was a risk to go against Will without a plan in place.

The Depp v Heard defamation trial: Again, my opinion will be unpopular but we don’t have enough time. When we discuss other recent cases in a future video very soon, we’ll add this one in there. There’s a lot I have to say about it and I’m not #TeamDepp either so it’ll be interesting.

All right, let’s close this session. I haven’t even hit all points but don’t want to make it too lengthy. Most people nowadays have short attention spans and who the fuck am I? I’m just some girl who lives in a mountain town with only 2,000 residents in New Hampshire who’s more comfortable behind the lens than in front of it. It’d be a waste of my time to create a lengthy video where most people will bounce out after 5 minutes anyway. It’s a waste of your time too. Time is money. Plus, I’m high. So, until next time, your lady Sadie peacing out.