As proud believers in reducing, reusing and recycling (in that order) and true nature lovers, the New Hampshire litter-picker-uppers proudly clean up New Hampshire and parts of New England one piece at a time. During every exploration, we are ready with our plastic gloves, litter bags and grabber handles! If you ever see a spot in the northeast USA, especially New Hampshire, that needs some spiffing up, please contact us at narrations@theknight.site!

On this page, you’ll hear stories and see cool photos of our explorations which will include beaches, lakes, trails, bogs, rockhounding, caves, castles, forts, ghost towns, old growth forests, back roads and plenty of wildlife like black bear and moose, plus much more outdoorsy stuff! New Hampshire holds so much beauty and history that we can’t wait to share it with you. This page will always be removed during moose hunting season.

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About us

Every single time we are out and about, we clean up any litter we see. I personally have been doing this for over two decades now. Zoey, now five, has been participating since she was two years old and she loves it! We do it for Earth, our community and children, wildlife and all of nature. Our mantra in life is if you love it, let it grow so we do our very best to take care of our planet in all the ways we can. On top of reducing our carbon emissions, buying better and proper recycling habits, we clean up any trash we see during our explorations. This has many benefits for the soil, wildlife, future generations and mental health. It motivates others to use trash receptacles responsibly and encourages children to participate.

It was only in 2022 that we kept track of our litter hauls and we’d like to share our portfolio with all of you. We never post on social media (besides The INFJ Channel community page) or reveal our full names. We are simply the New Hampshire litter-picker-uppers. None of this is for attention or recognition. This page is simply to motivate others to do the same. Litter has such detrimental affects on all of us and our planet. Some of us are aware but the majority are not, and actions speak louder than words. It is our responsibility as advocates to promote a cleaner, safer home for future generations. One day, the world as we know it may not look or be the same. Let’s work together and plant the best seeds and tend the soil. Remember, if you love it, let it grow.

#LitterChallenge 2022

54 litter hauls total! Keep in mind, the term “litter haul” factors in the entire day. We clean numerous spots per day which essentially equals hundreds of actual litter hauls.

2022 Litter Hauls:

January 2022: Odiorne State Park, seacoast NH

2/17/22- North Hampton Beach, Great Island Common, Ocean Boulevard, Fort Stark, Fort Constitution

2/??/22- Kancamagus Highway, North Conway

3/17/22- Pawtuckaway State Park, Round Pond Trail, Hampton Beach, Salisbury Beach (Salisbury, MA)

3/18/22- Clough State Park, Everett Dam

3/25/22- Sewalls Falls Trails, Merrimack River, Whites Park

4/7/22- Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge, Cherry Pond, Presidential Range Rail Trail

4/10/22- Oak Hill Trails in Loudon

4/12/22- Hannah Duston, Muchyedo Banks

4/14/22- Winnie the Pooh trail, Stonehouse Forest, Overlook Trail, Conservation Center in Concord

4/16/22- Archer’s Pond at Polly’s Crossing, Ossipee, Lower Falls on the Kancamagus. Conway, North Conway, Moultonborough, Ossipee

4/24/22- Madison Boulder, Redstone Quarry

4/27/22- Odiorne State Park, Pawtuckaway State Park, Great Bay Wildlife Refuge, seacoast

5/1/22- Audubon Society trails in Concord, Turkey Pond, Jim Hill Riverwalk

5/5/22- Willy House, Crawford Notch, Arethusa Falls, Diana’s Bath

5/9/22- Schoolhouse Pond, Locke Lake, Alton Bay

5/10/22- Castle in the Clouds, Lake Winnepesaukee

5/11/22- Androscoggin River, Thirteen Mile Woods, Umbagog Wildlife Refuge, Franconia Notch, Magalloway River Trail

5/13/22- Bear Brook State Park

5/15/22- Cathedral of the Pines, Monadnock State Park, Keene Stone Arch Bridge, Cheshire

5/17/22- River Trail and Upland Trail at Sewalls Falls

5/22/22- Fort Stark in New Castle

5/25/22- Merrimack River at Sewalls Falls

5/31/22- Tripoli Rd/Forest Road 30, Russell Pond, Fletcher Cascades, Sandwich Range Wilderness

6/4/22- North Uncanoonuc Mountain, South Uncanoonuc Mountain

6/6/22- Moosehead Lake (Rockwood, Maine)

6/7/22- Kokadjo, 100-Mile Wilderness, Golden Road, Maine HIghlands (Maine)

6/8/22- The Forks, Jackman, Moose River, Old Canada Highway (Maine)

6/15/22- Cheshire Rail Trail

6/18/22- Lake Winnepesaukee, Squam Lakes Science Center

6/21/22- Hampton Beach, Fort McClary and Chauncey Creek in Kittery Maine

6/28/22- Odiorne State Park

7/9/22- Chocorua Lake, Glen Ellis Falls

7/10/22- Pittsburg and Moose Alley, Lake Francis

7/22/22- Cricenti Bog, Bradford Bog, Lake Sunapee

7/24/22- Cog Railroad on Mt Washington, Crawford Notch, Bretton Woods, Franconia Notch

7/26/22- Turkey Pond, Webster Lake

7/31/22- Audubon Society

8/1/22- White Lake, Cathedral Ledge, NOrth Conway

8/3/22- Long Sands at York Beach Maine

8/7/22- Odiorne State Park

8/27/22- Moat Mountain mineral site

8/29/22- White Lake, Lower Falls on the Kancamagus

9/2/22- Wildcat Falls Conservation Area, Cedar Swamp

9/6/22 and 9/7/22- Fort Ticonderoga, His Majesty’s Fort, Mt Defiance, Schroon Lake (Adirondacks, NY)

9/8/22- Quechee Gorge in VT

9/18/22- Spruce Hole Bog Conservation Area

10/2/22- Franconia Notch, Crawford Notch, Falls Pond, Rocky Gorge on the Kancamagus, Silver Cascade

10/8/22- Androscoggin River, Thirteen Mile Woods, Umbagog Wildlife Refuge, Route 16, New Greenough Pond Road

10/15/22- Governor Wentworth Mansion site, Fort Stark, Great Island Common

10/23/22- Kancamagus, Pemigawasset River, Sabbaday Falls

11/5/22- Pawtuckaway State Park

11/11/22- Cawley Pond, Hill ghost town, Hermit Pond in Hermit Woods

**Please note: the photo gallery above does not include all 54 litter stops

#LitterChallenge 2023

2023 Litter Hauls:

01/01/2023- Hampton Beach State Park, Hampton NH; various spots on the seacoast

04/09/2023- Pinkham Notch, Jackson, NH (White Mtns)// wildlife spotted: 4-6 moose, a few turkey, 1 fox

04/15/2023- Pinkham Notch, Jackson, Kancamagus, NH (White Mtns)// wildlife spotted: 1 black bear, 1 otter, a few turkey

04/16/2023- Grafton Pond, Bicknell Brook and Colette Trails, Mt Cardigan, various spots in the Mascoma Valley/Sunapee region// wildlife spotted: 1 black bear, several turkey

04/22/2023- Searles Castle, Windam NH; Winnekenni Castle, Haverhill, MA; Bancroft Castle, Groton, MA; various spots in southern NH and northern MA// wildlife spotted: 1 blue heron, 1 falcon (a peregrine or possible an American Kestrel), several turkey

5/6/23- various spots in the white Mountains, Kancamagus, Pinkham Notch, Umbagog Wildlife Refuge, 13 Mile Woods, Great North Woods// wildlife spotted: 3 moose (1 in 13 Mile Woods, 2 in Umbagog), turkey, an Eastern Cottontail

5/7/23- numerous spots in the White Mountains, Franconia Notch, The Basin, Great North Woods, Dixville Notch, Beaver Brook Falls, Pittsburg, Moose Alley, Fourth Connecticut Lake trail (NH/Quebec, Canada)// wildlife spotted: 1 moose (Moose Alley), 2 deer, the usual turkey, 1 really neat rare bird I’m still looking up

5/13/23- Ossipee Pine Barrens, White Lake in Tamworth, Moose Mountain Reservation in MIddleton

5/14/23- Hampton Beach, Odiorne State Park

5/21/23- the Kanc, Crawford Notch, Tripoli Rd/Thornton Gore ghost town and Livermore ghost town. Only a few pieces of trash! // Wildlife spotted: 2 bull moose in Crawford Notch


The most common question we get during litter hauls is “do you work here?”

When kids ask what we’re doing, they mostly always want to help!

The elderly are very appreciative about litter pick-ups and thank us the most

The most common items we find are: beer cans, cigarette butts, water bottles, bottle caps, doggy poop bags, snack wrappers and paper

Wherever we go, the parking lots are always the messiest

The most toxic trash is on the seashore right after the snow thaws and it starts to warm up (lots of flies and I’ve gotten sick once or twice after a pick-up)

We always celebrate Earth Day- it’s one of the holidays I personally hold dear