ᕵᑘᕵᕵᘿᖶ ᘻᗩSᖶᘿᖇ: The INFJ Judge, Jury 𝘢𝘯𝘥 Executioner | The Scales of Justice

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Welcome back, INFJers and guests. It’s your lady, Sadie. Catchy title, right? Don’t worry- it’s not clickbait. The INFJ personality type truly is all three- the ideal jury of your peers, fair judge, just executioner. An eye for an eye isn’t really an INFJ thing as they believe in lessons and growth. INFJ does have faith that one can become better the next time around. Other personality types- like ESTJ and ENTJ- can be quick to persecute and trade that eye for an eye. ENTJ may even take other organs or limbs on top of it and it still wouldn’t be considered an even trade-off.

An INFJ can be a total dick- still not to an ST or NT extreme- depending on the vibrations they’ve accumulated throughout their day or based on how they truly feel about someone. They’re very straightforward. They want things clear and cut so there’s no confusion. Yet, a human quality is to confuse the concise, to complicate the simple, and things can get lost in translation. This can bunch INFJ panties or cram INFJ thongs further up their ass. This does not equal a pretty, chipper INFJ. Regardless, when it comes down to justice, trust the INFJ has your back. Even if they want to spit in your milk or rumble with you in the schoolyard, if your life is on the line, you better call upon INFJ. Even your “friends” wouldn’t be as fair. INFJ may not like you- and trust it’ll be known- but they’ll fight for you if the fight is worth it and if you’re worth it.

INFJ believes even the devil has a valid claim in his story and a right to feel the way it does. ‘It’ because evil is an entity of emotion, not a person. If a person whose viewed as bad or defective by the masses enters the INFJ courtroom- hypothetical or not- INFJ has very specific questions. They want to know the background, the foreground, and all the things in between that caused a crime to transpire. They’ll tackle all angles and see things from the point of view of every side. During this process, the perpetrator will be thoroughly analyzed and all the yuck on their surface will be scratched. If what they find is highly unsavory and most bridges of life burnt, the execution will be harsh but swift. There will be lectures and knowledge dropped before they begin the execution. Things will be made clear and you will be forced to understand your wrongs before they send you off to wherever the punishment has led you. But say, in the next life, Destiny led you into an INFJ courtroom and your paths crossed negatively again, the punishment will be even harsher, the execution less swift. By punishment, we’re not talking jail. The prisons are overcrowded. INFJ knows there’s other ways of getting a point across and that humans can’t learn and bloom stuck in a cage full of toxic energy.

With INFJ, it’s two strikes and you’re out. If they love you, the chances are multiple, exceeding the mainstream ‘three strikes, you’re out’. Depending on who you’ve hurt and how far you took it, it’s sayonara sucker, go pound sand, do let the door hit you on the way out, bye Felicia, and here’s your sign. INFJ rock 5-inch stilettos and they definitely put the spiked heel to good use when necessary. Because sometimes in life, it is necessary. So, don’t fear INFJ and only love them if you can handle it, but do be prepared to fight for your life and rights to live it by your choice as much as INFJ is fighting for it. It can’t be a one-way street. INFJ refuses to do all the work anymore. It’s now their time. They are the puppet master and, yes, facts are most humans are puppets. INFJ can sway an entire jury their way. INFJ will call you out on your bull.

Life is a game- play it wisely. Until next time where we’re talking the INFJs conditional love. Sparkle bright, your lady Sadie peacing out.

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