INFJ Discussion: Ͳհҽ Աղժҽɾժօց| Recent cases (Rogan, Chappelle, Roseanne, Duggar, the Oscars slap, Depp v Heard)

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Cancel culture and societal biases, you say? This may be long but there’s a lot to cover if we’re going to attack most, if not all, angles. That’s how we roll. For those of you who can’t handle the truth or a differing opinion, as in “GI Jane 2” offended you too, click off now. Thanks for the 30 seconds of your view time- it counts toward YouTube algorithm so you rock. For the rest of you, for today’s session, we’ll be blazing some Durban Poison mixed with White Truffle. Here is your handy dandy chart for reference :

K, let’s hit it, folks.

Joe Rogan versus Spotify: This has to do with “racism”. I put that word in quotes for a reason. This is a case of some basic perusing very old material looking for something, anything to tarnish ones character. It seems as if this peruser, this Karen, couldn’t find anything else the public would bite on to turn against Joe. As a result, they went to old videos or posts and found something “racist” knowing recent movements like #BLM and advances in civil rights are hot trends right now. This, by the way, is what happened to that midget on 90 Day Fiance. Those of you familiar with Alina and Caleb know what I’m talking about. If you are familiar, the only thing Alina did wrong was catfish Caleb and poke fun at a few stereotypes that we’ve all poked fun at at some point in our lives. If you say you’ve never said a stereotype aloud, you’re a liar. Keep in mind, stereotypes are here for a reason; they didn’t just come out of thin air. Google the definition of ‘stereotypes’ and get at me. To keep it real, we do see appearances and things like color and race are characteristics of appearance. It’s a fact of life and you need to fucking deal with that.

Now, Joe Rogan. As of now, Spotify still stands by him and he hasn’t been canceled. His fan base may have actually grown from it. The only thing Joe Rogan did wrong, and it wasn’t saying the N-word a few times, was apologize for it. People have been inadvertently taught to not say truths, that human emotion and feelings and reactions hold greater weight than facts. People believe lies or withholdings of truths hinder people. They may hurt feelings, sure, but hinder, no. The truth, no matter how ugly, can only benefit you. It’s up to you to overcome it. In the 90s, I got bagged for giving some dude shit for making oriental eyes at me. My best friend, Shelley, cornered him in the music room and slapped his ass silly a few times. To cover her ass, she exaggerated and was all like “he called her a chink!” Well, the assistant principal goes something like “they’re just words. It’s like someone calling someone a big fat Irish man. It’s not something to get physical about.” At the time, I was all like “insensitive prick” because he wasn’t in my favor. But, thinking back, he was right. They’re just words. Sure, some people put venom behind words but sometimes we just say them if the situation fits. This whole racist thing has gone too far. Nowadays, if I dislike another woman for being an uber bitch, it won’t be because she sucks, it’ll now be because she’s black or asian or Middle Eastern or whatever. If one dude is just an asshole and punches another guy square in the jaw, it won’t be because Dude Number One is just a psycho, it’ll now be because Dude Number Two was of a different race. Besides, we’ve all said a slur that would be considered racist. All of us. If you say you haven’t, better get an extinguisher because your pants are on fire. Disclaimer: I’m not taking away from true race issues. I’m only seeing the other side to it and that is that not everything is racist or personal.

Dave Chappelle versus Netflix: Another case having to do with a sensitive minority. Dave Chappelle put LGBTQPNJKLUY+’s community panties in the biggest bunch. I can’t go deep into this one because, well, it’s simple- I’m Gen X and don’t believe in 9,736 genders and using all kinds of pronouns. Yea, your feelings matter but so do mine. People are too busy to have to walk on eggshells for you. If you look like a dude, and someone calls you a dude, don’t fly off the handle or cry. If you look like a butch (yea, sorry, like I said, I grew up in the 80s and 90s, and we said words like ‘butch’) and we squint at you in wonderment like “ahhh, hotdog? Taco?”, don’t take offense. If you were born a guy, you’re a guy. If you feel like a woman, you’re a guy who feels like a chick. And, guess what? That’s perfectly okay! You’re the only one making it a big deal. As for the related topics of transition surgery, I say chill your grill, Cousin Will, and think about it! You don’t need to go slicing and dicing body parts or taking pills that alter not just your sex organs but your actual brain when you could just own your shit and BE YOU.

Roseanne versus Hollywood: Here is supposed “racism” again. Hey, are we seeing a trend? First of all, to take the show she created away from her over one human moment is gross. Guess what? Cancel me, IDGAF but that lady really does look like Planet of the Apes. It isn’t racist. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen look like apes and they’re white. What now? Did you also know that some facial recognition software was pulled because it was deemed “racist” after identifying some black people as monkeys? It’s nothing against black people. They rock, duh. But I’m not the only one who sees ape-like facial characteristics; I’m just the only one admitting it. Oprah, for instance, she’s awesome but she looks like an ape. I’m not sorry because I’m not intending it offensively and because it’s true.

Josh Duggar versus the Duggar family: Another trend: #MeToo. How are these claimants defining words like abuse, attack, assault and rape? Should a curious sexually-confused man pay for that curiosity from his adolescence, and for how long? There was no rape, no assault, no attack, just copping some feels. Weird and creepy, absolutely. Utterly shameful, disgusting, perverted? OMG, yes!But does it warrant his future ruined and his faith in justice or rehabilitation shattered? The underlying factors are he was curious with pent-up hormones. His religious upbringing made it so he couldn’t really fulfill those desires with others. This is one of the short list of reasons why child p-word that rhymes with corn- which does exist, by the way- may not be harmful. Teal Swan agrees with me on this. If those with sexual curiosities toward children can’t speak on it without receiving understanding and without being punished, why would they speak up about their desires? Child p-word that rhymes with corn already exists and it absolutely shouldn’t. If it’s passed around a few sickos on the dark web, maybe they can just satiate themselves with those images so that they won’t be tempted to act on it. So many men watch crazy p-word that rhymes with corn and don’t act it out.

A random comparison is “beastiality”. In quotes again. But say a guy is so horned up he smears peanut butter on his cock and wants his dog to lick it? We’ve all seen or heard of this. This is weird but not unheard of. So the dog didn’t have a say, as in it didn’t go “I want to suck your dick, Master”. Some may say this is beastiality which, in many places, is punishable by law. However, it was just a few times, something private, nobody’s forever scarred from it. Should this horned up guy suffer for it or should he have been given other avenues of release, say blow-up dolls or fleshlights? The Duggar punishment may have been too large because he is human and humans should know better, right? Forget about things like upbringing and personal experiences. Perverts aren’t born, something in their environment just brought it to life. What we should be doing is questioning what, not crucifying as harshly as we do.

The Will Smith/Chris Rock slap: If you condone the popular guy with lots of power and connections to walk up to the weaker dude whose used to getting bullied and slap him in front of millions of people, you’re an asswipe. So often you see the really good-looking or the popular get their butts sucked. Look at YouTube. Find a good-looking blonde and click on her channel. Many times there’ll be like 20, 50, whatever number of subscribers with zero videos. They’re dudes horned up or other chicks following what appears to be the cool girl. Of course Chris Rock stood there. Of course he didn’t press charges or insist Will be removed. Not only would it be a hassle, it didn’t appear to be in Chris’ favor at the time. After all, the suave popular bully hit him on stage on live TV in front of Hollywood’s most famous people, people he may look up to, people he has to compete with, and nobody consoled him, nobody stopped the show to put Will in check. Instead, the audience laughed and clapped. That did not incentivize Chris to want to go against Will. It was obvious to him everybody was already on Will’s side. Until the public got involved. Then everybody turned against Will knowing the only ones who still condoned it were “in the club”. Can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right? Will holds mega power. He can blacklist you. Chris needs to eat. It was a risk to go against Will without a plan in place.

The Depp v Heard defamation trial: Again, my opinion will be unpopular but we don’t have enough time. When we discuss other recent cases in a future video very soon, we’ll add this one in there. There’s a lot I have to say about it and I’m not #TeamDepp either so it’ll be interesting.

All right, let’s close this session. I haven’t even hit all points but don’t want to make it too lengthy. Most people nowadays have short attention spans and who the fuck am I? I’m just some girl who lives in a mountain town with only 2,000 residents in New Hampshire who’s more comfortable behind the lens than in front of it. It’d be a waste of my time to create a lengthy video where most people will bounce out after 5 minutes anyway. It’s a waste of your time too. Time is money. Plus, I’m high. So, until next time, your lady Sadie peacing out.

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