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Fucking passwords!~!!!!! Every fucking day I’m looking up, forgetting, resetting fucking passwords. Here’s a password for you: GodFuckingdamnit69$$!

Ads- I multitask and I’m constantly running to my phone to hit Skip. Ads are retarded. Some Youtubers make more on ads than small ad companies do, that’s how bad it’s getting. Thinking further on this, social media is just a space for people to display themselves and their fake lives like advertisements to coax the viewer to “look at me! Look at me! Look at MEEEEEE!” Look at my social media- yea, humble, thank you! My Twitter profile pic is just because I truly love my body and don’t mind showing a little of it on a hot summer day. But just because I think I have a cute face, hot legs, tight abs, the coolest nipples, and a sweet tan doesn’t mean it gives me permission to constantly focus on myself. We all have parts about ourselves that we’re feeling but I truly believe in allowing others to call you out on them instead of fishing for it which is what social media feeds that show mostly yourself are- it is fishing for compliments. Toot your horn once or twice in a while, cool. Toot it always, yuck!

15-seconds of fame. Encounter? Car accident? Discussion? Film it and post your side of it. Love that Edit button,y’all. Family vloggers, dudes teaching us about makeup application, gluttonous and gross mukbang, some chick cooking in her kitchen, people reacting to people reacting, petty blah blah blah. It’s out of hand. Everyone who’s no one literally believes they’re someone. Can I get an Amen, sistah?

Tik Tok Videos are fucking bizarre and so is making video thumbnails where you pose. This applies to YouTube too. Look at all the thumbnails then picture that person with a camera pointed at themselves, a filter light off-camera then posing stupidly 64 times just to get the right shot. Then you hop onto one of those apps that removes the background so it’s just you. At which point you filter the photo of you more so you really pop, then you hop on Canva and create a thumbnail centered around you. K, fucking weird, y’all. When you think about it, it’s so narcissistic and super bizarre. When I see channels who name their channel after themselves then you click on their page and see every thumbnail has them on it, it is such a turn off. The V goes completely dry and I end up chaffing myself.

Messy family who don’t do their part like if I cook for the family then someone should do the cocksucking dishes. If you want me doing the dishes, then cook. I’m not doing both just like you’d be an asshole if you had to do both. Or messy neighbors in a duplex who park like ass in the shared driveway or leave litter or cig butts I’m forced to clean up so we all don’t look like skanks, or where my lawn is always mowed and theirs is bordering on a cross between the Serengeti and the Amazon jungle. I bet new species have yet to be discovered in their shithole yard.

Control C and Control V shouldn’t be the choices- they’re too goddamn close together and too easy to fuck it up if you’re a speedtyper. My last typing test was 108 words per minute 100% accuracy. In my work, I do a ton of copy/paste. The fact that these two shortcuts- Control C and V- are too close together was poor planning on the part of the code writer for universal keyboards.

Farting and pooping in public. Gross and a half, y’all! Gag me (*vomits*). About me again, because it is my video, all my boyfriends asked if I fart, never mind believing I poop. No joke. Every single long-term boyfriend has asked if I fart and poop. Wanna know why, ladies? Take note. It’s because it’s gross and unladylike to do that around other people. Letting out a little poof as a lady is fine once in a long while but pushing out those blooorrrrpppp ones is just gross. If you do that around your dude, go pound sand and you’re nasty. Although farting and pooping are both in the same category, they are fundamentally different in several ways. To fart is one thing. To poop in front of your man or in a public restroom is super blahhhhh! Sorry, I just gagged in my mouth a little.

First of all, it’s so rude for me to walk into a public restroom and have to pretend I’m not gonna keel over from the aroma of your ass innards just to spare your feelings or embarrassment. How about you shouldn’t be stinking up public spaces in the first place?! We ALL have the ability to hold our pee. Thus, we ALL have the ability to pinch a loaf. If you are Prairie-doggin’ it, it’s a forgivable sin. If that log isn’t halfway out, leave your stank at home. Keep private matters private. Believe it or not, too, sometimes people can be uber attractive and one stinky misstep ruins all that glory. For example, a boyfriend I found sexy hot-housed me. He thought it was cute and, yea, I laughed. It was funny as hell. I’m not a prude. But, let’s be real, was it sexy? Ladies, to put this into perspective, take Paul Walker. Raging hottie, amirite? Now picture him with a crusty ass who hot-boxed you. Right? Now, all of the sudden, he’s Mr. Bean. Not so hot anymore, right? Old schoolers, you know this as the Dutch oven.

K, that’s my spiel. Disagree, cool. Agree, cooler. Until next time where we discuss, as promised, pedophiles and how to better understand and treat them. Only by breaking stigmas can pedophiles come forward without reprimand before it leads to something worse later. Then we’ll move onto hit & runs and why the running part is super understandable, as well as current & old cases to include Rogan vs Spotify, Chappelle vs Netflix, Roseanne vs the world, Josh Duggar vs a cold a family, and the Ukrainian-Russian War vs the Syrian Civil War. This Ukrainian-Russian War got me both in a state of deep sympathy but also mad disappointment in the hypocrisy of the human race.


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